Gospel & Secular Musicians Collaborations. What Are Your Thoughts?


Lately, Ghana music is witnessing a new revolution with gospel musicians and secular musicians joining forces to make songs. Unlike in the western world where gospel artistes can perform alongside secular musicians, Ghana used to be strictly different.

The kind of songs gospel artistes in Ghana churn out are mostly performed in the church auditoriums or programs organised by a church or Christian body.

So if a gospel and secular musician record a song together, where does the song go?  The club or the church?

You probably must have listened to lots of recent songs featuring gospel artistes and Hip Life or High Life musicians or those we call secular musicians and wondering what’s happening.

I must confess that, personally the trend is annoying. Isn’t it annoying and hypocritical that musicians who use indecent, s*xual and war lyrics in their songs are being allowed on songs which are purely meant to praise God, console believers and help in the propagation of the gospel?

Who are we deceiving? I guess it is all about the money now right?

What are your genuine thoughts on such collaborations?

Herty Borngreat featuring Trigmatic – Kano Seyaa

Herty Borngreat featuring Sarkodie – Bebree


GC Staff

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Ayekie says:

Personally i have never liked herty bongreat’s so called way of gospel n her collab with trig n sarkodie to me was okay since both men are both great musicians but for her to have and name her top 5 hiphop artistes in ghana including d black and kwaw kesse and to the extent of singing their songs, then i wonder what her playlist looks like and what her husband who is her a pastor thinks of it.

about 98 percent of gospel songs are not gospel songs ,most of them are reggae and highlife songs,by telling your life story and what happened to you is not gospel,when we talk of gospel songs its mainly the word from the bible.these days its money ,fame and etc,thats why they are incorperating the circular music ,if you listen to don moens gospel songs youll know what i mean,this man always has a bible on his piano when performing ,think again

PapaZee says:

They are different messages conveyed by gospel music, which may include the following; Thanksgiving, praise, worship and adoration, songs reaffirming faith in christ, salvation, the birth of christ, and songs which simply narrate a bible story (thus in the end glorify God)…The question is what is not gospel about Herty’s song. she is purely singing a song of thanksgiving and testifying Gods goodness in her llife…and sarkodie is this song is doing same
…..Don moen sings songs of thanksgiving too.)
In understanding what gospel music is we must be careful to clearly distinguish the style of music from the content of music….Don Moen as u clearly pointed out is a world acclaimed gospel musician whose songs ranges from Reggae, ballad, soul, Pop beats,,,those are just styles of music….the content is what makes the difference!!!!!! so there is nothing wrong if our gospel musicians use highlife beat or reggae…….This song is a song of thanksgiving to God (with a testimony of Gods goodness to both singers)…..it is therefore Gospel…..unless of course we say Gospel is a song that only preaches salvation message ….or lifts bible quotations verbatim….!!!!

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