PHOTOS: All The Glamour & Fun From Stephanie Benson’s Birthday Party, Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Samira Yakubu, Ama K Abebrese, Okyeame Kwame,Pascaline Edwards & Several Celebrities…

Ghanaian international singer, Stephanie Benson celebrated her 45th birthday party on Thursday at Rockstone’s office in Accra, and as you can see from the photos, all the stars and family came out!

Family and celebrity friends such as Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Ama K.Abebrese, Pascaline Edwards, Okyeame Kwame, KOD, KKD, Trigmatic, Raquel and others were at the party to support and wish her well…

Oh yeah, and her husband was there too…

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As usual, GhanaCelebrities.Com was out there to capture the fun in photos for you guys…Over 150 photos for your eyes! 🙂


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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  • inchristalone

    ohhhh ghanaians and fashion,it saddens ma soul.most of them need to be arrested for causing such a fashion faux pas

    • Dr. Miyagi


  • Dr. Miyagi

    Looks like they all had fun out they all looked beautiful in there own way but as for KKD dude stop with those shade and sit somewhere your time is up act like a grown man and those cartoon glasses hmmm only you know where you bought it from, AMA k again and again short hair does not fit you at all please stop that and that dress when are you going to get it right for once or does someone need to put bentua in your behind to lean or what as for miss jackie you need to stop being camera shy cause we all know your not your beautiful girl I give you that but as for your dress hmmm don’t really know about that with big red moshino belt? Where did that one come from, Juliet I’m not a fan off you but your make up way to much someone should have wiped some from your face and put it back inside the pot way too much but the most beautiful girl blinking out was jackie (only her face )

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Dr. Miyagi, @Dr. Miyagi, I agree with u on Ama k’s air..One way hairstyle and makes her looks old.For Jackie, for a second, I thought it was just my eyes.That belt cheapens the whole outfit.Girl, I wouldnt be suprised if ur son asked u to put on that belt and u did just to make him happy.For the birthday woman , too she has too much going on with her.Look at raquel’s outfit…Most of the fashion was terrible..

    • jeff

      @Dr. Miyagi, oH Bro, say that again ooh

    • jeff

      i like how Jackie blended that outfit with the moschino belt but Ghanafuo s) nne3ma mu a, 3y3a y3n twa so, ppl rock moschino aNd zara items more thn anythn in Ghana now, its like how ppl will choose a BB than an Iphone 4s or smethn. smh

  • ThickMama

    erm Miyagi.*raisd eyebrows.* wen since did Jackie get 2 u?..u knw wat i mean?

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @ThickMama,if am not nice to her than will get attacks from left and right feel me cause when it comes to her her fans can even commit murder 

      • honey

        @Dr. Miyagi, lmaaaoooooo…im done withu meeen

        • Dr. Miyagi

          Hahahah are u divorcing me now loool@honey,

      • B.B

        @Dr. Miyagi, hahahahahhahaha………….ooh Doc, forget about those “Jackie’s die hard fans”  they cant do a thing! 😉

        • Dr. Miyagi

          @B.B,ahahaha LMAO your right about that, have to say that she got the face but her way of dressing S U C K S for real how can she dress like anti Aligantus think adjoa smart needs to teach her some fashion sense 

  • cici

    moschino??really??not feeling these pix

    • Dr. Miyagi

      Is that really you cici lol I wonder where she got that Moshino belt from they haven’t been making anything for the past 14 to 18 years@cici,

  • 27calibre (O_0)

    the party was classy i am soo impressed with the maturity

  • BIZ


    • @BIZ, its her husband

    • Well 4rm wat i saw everybody reali did had a lot of fun n its all looks lik its Ama K tats turns 45 rather than Stephanie n gosh she reali look young.She n her sis re very lucky n I love em 4 tat….some of de fashion was hummmmm…no comment n GH celebs n weaves abaaaa…n wats up wit tat BELT Jackie is wearin??????????U say u want 2 b a celeb n u actually wore tat BELT 4rm de house OMG my lil niece here will not even do tat no wonda u guys re LOCAL CELEBS….@CHRIS those re de shit u shld b talkin abt abt rather then stressing urself up abt Nadia kk u c de BIG BELT Jackie wore?im sure u style her ryt??????hehehehehe…so funni…its reali been a while since i saw smtin lik tat hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  • Amoah

    Juliet top looks good on her!

  • dede

    Ghanaians  really need to learn how to dress and stop bleaching -- start taking notes from our Naija brothers and sis -- Jackie i give you a C+ for effort and for the moschino belt but you wore it in the wrong way- e no be by force!!!

    • sarah

      @dede, ughh dede incase you dont know nigerians are no. 1 in bleaching plus ghanaians keep theire own hair. ghanaian women are natural, nigerians are to fake cause they have a lot of trash in their body, bleaching body odor what ever

    • 27calibre (O_0)

      @dede, are yoju f.u.c.k.i.n.g kidding me ,stop talking about bleaching ,when it comes to bleaching naija is at the top

  • ThickMama

    @Dr. Miyagi, hahaha. I cnt blve dat..since wen did u start pleasing jac kie fans.??. Ok. I hear ok..

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @ThickMama,hahahah my dear  don’t worry I will get them 
      At the right time 

  • sarah

    this stephanie is so fake, am not trying to hate. But everything is so fake about her, fake boobs, fake skintone, fake eyecontacts, fake accent. you can see she is trying to be so white badly. going with a white man to have biracial kids. i dont have anything against that but be your true african self. shes trying so hard.

    • 27calibre (O_0)

      @sarah, you are absolutly right ,yo have good eyes,no one spoted the fakeism(:

      • sarah

        @27calibre (O_0), am telling you because of this woman i couldnt watch the icons show, she was being twofaced and she just wanted to be in the spotlight. Acting as if she was an international star. oh please nobody knows her. she doesnt have class

    • kacey

      @sarah, why is she looking all pretty on the face n looking not so good on the legs?

      • jsexy

        @kacey,i thought she was half caste b4 i saw her legs,,,, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????????????

  • maame afia

    Pascaline Edwards is always looking delicious: she is old bt she rocks

    • B.B

      @maame afia, I agree with you. 

  • B.B

    Looks like they all had fun. I just wish Ama K can do something about that hair, it makes her look old.

  • Endowed

    wow talk of star studded Happy belated Birthday Stephanie

  • kacey

    who is she n why is she called an international singer? am in the state and I’ve never heard of her.

    • nana nketia

      Say dat again ooo,dats da hypocrazy of ghanacelebrities,even me in ghana has never heard her songs b4 so wot makes her international?mtchewwwww @kacey,

  • anniee

    whats up with raquel’s hair koraa? ahh!

  • Ball so hard miss dior

    Yo KKD still the finest all in all everyone looked nice, jackie beautiful as usual, of all the things haters cld pick apart on her the belt, lol, nice moschino belt btw.

  • Akua

    just a plain red belt would’ve done it jackie instead of this moshino belt. aaahh. And please stephanie, if u want to change ur face so bad, make sure u change the legs also cos they don’t match at all

    • kacey

      @Akua, OMG! u r right. those legs don’t match the face.

  • sii

    huh, she looks a bit like michael jackson???????????? or latoya jackson?

    • Rocklyn Love

      @sii, hahahahahahahahahaha Micheal jac
      kson either n a lil bit janet lol

      • sii

        @Rocklyn Love, lol hehe ino bi so?

  • Nanallicious

    Hey everybody, I just love your site hence i decided 2 join in, ya’ll make me laugh a lot, you are all so entertaining. I am in South Africa but love to explore other tribes and the way they do things. I hope this will be a fruitful journey with guys, much love……….

  • C.

    How is she an international singer cos I’ve never heard of her. Anways, the pictures are awesome. Jay Ghartey looking stunning. Jackie Appie looking fab!

  • C.

    What’s up with Raquel and her outfit? Seriously that girl with the white weave… that weave is a no no!!

  • serwa

    aaaawww love u amanda jissih

  • serwa

    amanda was on point .,hair n make up n outfit. sup with her n steve the womaniser. bryt will beat u oo hhahaha

  • serwa

    ama k n her ashawo life. dying for fame. amanda n her big boobs artificial boobs fromusa

  • jsexy

    When i saw her face, i thought she was half caste until i saw her legs. is it that she only rub the cream on her face and leave her legs or she only wants a white face??????? these fanta faces re becoming too much ooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • Abena

    In her case its called Fanta-Coca-Cola lol! she needs to start applying makeup on her lower body haba!!!! but seriously u guys are sitting here attacking Ama,KKD,Juliet and Jackie but please please pleeease tell me why isnt anyone attacking Raquel and those edges and half wig and we are not going to even go into the dressing Laaawwwdd have mercy!!!

  • why

    in fact, that fashion designer with the white weav nu adzen! Emuwooooooodzen papa! oh! Mercy! personal opinion, i think Ama K and Raquel has some resemblance for sisters or even twins in a movie.