August 22nd, 2012

Photo Of The Day: Stephanie Benson, 45 And Still Rocking

Posted on 22 Aug 2012 at 4:36pm

Can you believe she (singer Stephanie Benson) just turned 45 years few days ago? I am not going to mention any names but comparing her to some of our young Ghanaian Celebrities, she looks too young for her age…

She will pass for early 30’s right? A real CUTIE!


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FOR THE LADIES: Your Makeup-Is It On or Off? Wear It Right…

Posted on 22 Aug 2012 at 4:11pm

Considering that almost all women love to makeup, and most importantly given how much horrible makeup I have seen both on and off GhanaCelebrities.Com-on regular folks and our ‘prized’ celebrities, I have found it imperative to share a few tricks to getting it right. You do not have to look hideous just because you cannot afford a personal stylist.

I must mention though that we all need makeup. Even though many women believe not wearing makeup puts a point across as to how beautiful they are naturally-I will tell you why we need makeup.


It protects your skin from harsh environmental conditions

When we step out, we are exposed to many harsh weather conditions. Your n*ked skin is prone to all the impurities flying around. These impurities attach themselves directly onto your skin and literally attack your skin. With no protective layer, they will irritate and eventually leave their mark.

It enhances and evens out your natural features

There is beauty in every woman but sometimes that beauty can be hidden under improper personal care. So start loving yourself a little and pamper that face.  Makeup will not make you pretty overnight but the right eyeliner can draw more attention to your gorgeous eyes.


We cannot separate a woman’s emotions from her need to look pretty. From lawyers through to celebrities to cleaners, every woman will choose a pretty look over a not so pretty one.

Makeup giving you confidence does not mean you are emotionally weak.

At least it prevents you from wondering if the person you are talking to is looking at the dark spots or circles on your face so you can focus on more important issues. We all need that boost here and there.

Bear in mind however that what works for lady A, may not work for you or Lady B. So when Lady A wears bright pink lipstick, perhaps you shouldn’t run to the shop for the same tone too quickly. (more…)

LIFESTYLE: Is It True That Beautiful/Handsome People Live Better Lives?

Posted on 22 Aug 2012 at 3:52pm

This article may be comical to some readers but maybe it has some truth. Less than a decade ago, BBC published an article citing a research by Dr. Nancy Etcoff, a Harvard University psychologist. Dr. Etcoff  mentioned in her book Survival of the Fittest, that attractive men and women are in advantage from the beginning of life. Dr. Etcoff’s work also cites that:

“Mothers are more likely to make a fuss of pretty babies. Teachers think good-looking pupils are “smarter and more sociable”. Police officers, judges and juries are more lenient towards beautiful people. If you break down in your car, the better looking you are the more likely someone is to stop and help you out”.

I have concluded this research to be factual.When I made an attempt to notice how people were treated in everyday life, my observations made me laugh when I noticed how quick men were to open doors for a beautiful woman or gawk at her in the grocery store isle.

I also noticed how job websites only portray an attractive person in order for one to apply. Likewise for men, I noticed how a handsome man is given more attention by female employees in shopping stores when in need of help.

In the cases of babies, I have witnessed people compliment parents with attractive children.

Lastly, I can believe a complete stranger helping a gorgeous damsel in distress when her car should break down-and then turning around to ask for her number!

In your opinion, do you think beautiful/handsome people live better lives considering the fact that, they tend to get a lot of favors and cut around things?

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Would You Do Anything To Climb The Corporate Ladder?

Posted on 22 Aug 2012 at 3:50pm

The corporate world is full of people who are willing to do anything to succeed.  Whether it is working harder than others, befriending the boss, becoming the office pet, kissing up to people, or promiscuity; others are willing to do anything.

It is evident that hard work pays off but I have witnessed the extent that others will do to succeed. I personally believe in working hard and not participating in extracurricular activities.  However, when is it okay to go further than hard work?

In my opinion, men have an advantage to climb the corporate ladder faster than women. Amongst others reasons, men are assertive, willing to work harder and longer hours, and compromise when need be.

On the other hand, sometimes women are seen as fragile, unwilling to work longer hours, dedicated to their families, and not aggressive. Better yet, while objectively looking at societal workforce, it seems like for women who do succeed in climbing the corporate ladder, many of them are unmarried, have no children, and are intimidating to others either due to their demeanor, education, or ability to rule with an iron fist.

Unfortunately, movies have shown the ugly side to climbing the corporate ladder as well. Though these are actors, many movies have truth to those who will steal, kill, sabotage, or take credit of other people’s work in order to advance.

Therefore, in this case would you do anything to climb the corporate ladder? If so, how far would you go to have that corner office on the penthouse floor with glass windows and a huge bonus?

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