Big Brother Stargame Is Over But The Drama Continues-PREZZO TO MARRY GOLDIE?


Big brother may be over, but the drama continues…Couple Prezzo and Goldie, seem to be looking forward to a makeup as Prezzo disclosed in an interview in Nigeria.

Goldie and Prezzo’s relationship was one of the most controversial yet exciting attractions of the Big Brother game this year.

GhanaCelebrities.Com  is sticking to its promise of bringing you the entire scoop in the lives of housemates after the house.

In a press conference held in Ikeja, Lagos yesterday for Prezzo, the former housemate emphatically said;

‘My mission here is to look for Goldie. I have not spoken to her since the show ended. I came here for Goldie. In all honesty, I care about her and she cares about me. With God on my side, I pray everything works out well.”

Concerning his family back in Kenya, he said “I was married before, but now, we are separated. I had a baby girl with her and that is not the end of the world. Our divorce is in process; my baby mama has the divorce papers with her. “We have been living separately for the past three years. There is no relationship between us any more. I will tell Goldie that I have been thinking about her since I left the BBA house. I will marry Goldie; you will get the invitation soon.”

Looks like the romance between the two artistes has become a matter of love brewed in the BBA pot. Hahaha! The housemate also apologized for the bad ways he treated Goldie in the house. He admitted he had temporary paranoia and he wants to win Goldie back.

If Goldie accepts his proposal, the couple will not be the only lasting love story to have emerged from the BBA house. Congratulations to Big Brother for hooking up many hearts across Africa.

The unanswered question is…if you were Goldie, will you accept this proposal considering the constant contradictory statements and fights they went through while in the BBA house?

Over to you.

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Twinkle says:

What has that got to do with us? He can do whatever pleases him with her.who cares? mtchew

lela says:

The main problem is wil Goldie’s amily agree to this?
I rest my case

Pinto says:

U know wat I think about this guy..he has some serious unresolved crisis from God knows when..n to top tht up he pbly on weed too..which is pbly responsible fr his hallucinations n bizzare behaviour…

B.B says:

they had their own ups and downs but it was obvious that Goldie loved Prezzo and it wouldnt be a surprise if she agrees to marry him. 

Nana Ama says:

If i were Goldie, I will say YES because we all know Goldie is the only person who sees Prezzo’s perfections. But thank God i am not Goldie so i am going to say NO..NO. This marriage will be awful. It will be arguments with make-up s*x without any form of affection. Remember, they haven’t kissed yet…lol

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