FASHION: The Pull Down Dresses & The Dresses That We Have Squeeze To Fit In, Are They Really Worth Wearing?


Yes, as people we all want to dress to look good, so that when we step outside, others may look at us and be blown away by our sense of fashion. But is dressing to look good to draw attention the same as dressing inappropriately to draw attention?

My answer to that is “NO”. I can understand the fact that most people like to keep up with fashion, and as such they tend to wear anything new that comes on the market. What is the point of wearing a dress, and having to pull it down at every step that you take?  Or wearing a dress that doesn’t fit where it seems like your body parts are all falling out of the dress?

I have seen some ladies wear short dresses that are made of spandex which they have to pull down every step they take.

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There is difference between a fitting dress and a tight dress. The fitting dress is when a dress fits perfectly and beautifully exposes your curvy body that is if you have any.  A tight dress is when you don’t fit in a dress, but you force yourself into fitting in it. Here, every sing part of your body is about to EXPLODE!   To me, that is torture! 

Most ladies pull down their dresses at every step they take because if they don’t, the dresses will slowly move up their thighs and practically expose their private parts.  Others wear clothes that they could barely breathe in.

So my question is why wear something that makes you feel so uncomfortable?

Some real fashionistas actually believe in making excellent use of what is already in their closet and still look classy.  Or buying clothes that actually fit and look great on them, but not necessarily what is in style.

Fashion must be fun, comfortable, classy, but certainly not a hassle.

Honestly, as a woman I sometimes feel embarrassed when I see the way some other women dress.   Granted, I am not perfect when it comes to dressing, but I believe the flaws I have in fashion are much more acceptable than what I often see with other women.

Some of us women need to put some class in the way we dress, so we can become classy and not trashy.

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Thank you all for your comments. It is what keeps me writing, so please keep them coming.

this type of dressing is not news any more ,Ghanains are use to it,even children are use to it ,noo one is giving them attention,the men who gave them ATTENTION are those who are CONFUSE in head.

Hmmm fashion my …….. These are ugly chimpanzees in human clothes I’m sure that’s not how her momma raised her up “decorated monkey” even though she is at fault and we still have to blame us man for making our African ladies  dress like that that’s what majority of them wants for the girls to flaunt it 

Hahahahaha loool I was tired last night spend like 3 hours in the gym so I couldn’t be bothered @nana ama,

these are fashon disasters and these women thinks they look nice boi i am going to be a fashion police in ghana and just bang them all up disgraceful

Ha! Good that you came up with the question. I went to a church programme earlier this week and an apostle said that something related to a woman squeezing herself into fitting a dress which shows her breasts. It is a demon/contrary spirit that is doing that and in the physical it shows you outwardly what type of woman it is!!!! Simply put, it’s a demon that is using that women to do that nonsense!!!!