Do You Still Remember Ex-Doe’s Diss To Reggie Rockstone and Chicago In 1999?

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Ex-Doe and Reggie Rockstone

The above is perhaps an ordinary picture of the originator of Hip Life, Reggie Rockstone and an old soldier of Hip Life Ex-Doe, but it speaks volume and says a lot especially if you remember the early days of the Hip Life genre in the 90s.

If you were not born when Hip Life was birthed then you probably don’t  know about what I’m going to talk about. So let me take you down the memory lane.

In one of his several hit songs ‘Maba’, Ex-Doe took a swipe at the originator of the genre for his constant use of ‘Oseikrom President’.

According to Ex-Doe, that tagline was very weak and loose for someone like the ‘president’.

This is how Ex-Doe attacked Reggie Rockstone on ‘Maba’ in 1999.

//Rasta wonti reggae wose wo y3 rapper// (Rasta can’t speak reggae; you say you are a rapper)

//Me die menim se wo ye dancer// (I know you are a dancer).

He went on to tout the grandpapa in his second rap.

//Wose wo fre woho President wonsoa won te wo resident wanhwe a mede wo beto internet ma obiaa ate wonka. (You call yourself President; you don’t live in a residence…)

Ex-Doe didn’t stop there; he extended the attack to his former group partner, Chicago.

Perhaps acting as their father and as a sign of maturity, Reggie ignored him but Chicago made sure Ex-Doe got his share of the diss.

He sampled the ‘Maba’ beat to pay him back in his own coin with ‘Wobeko’. It was interesting to see the battle of words on several platforms. In the song, Chicago made public some of Ex-Doe’s concealed secrets.

After several years, Ex-Doe has spoken to Hitz FM and explained his attack. He said the grand papa’s line was “loose talk in Hip-Hop”, which needed to be responded to.

Reggie reacted to this interview by tweeting  humorously on Twitter to ask if Ex-Doe’s comment was a bait for him to respond to gain publicity especially when his career has dwindled.

At the launch of ‘Back in the Day’ concert to bring back the old Hip Life artistes who started genre, the two graced the event and were seen exchanging pleasantries. At least after many years, everything has been laid to rest “let’s move on brother”.

Listen to Reggie Rockstone’s ‘Plan Ben’



Listen to Ex-Doe’s ‘Maba’



Listen to Chicago’s ‘Wobeko’

Ex-Doe and Reggie Rockstone

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  1. Lol that’s some old school no matter what people say I have to say that ex-doe had balls that time by the way where is he now