Photos Of The Final 10 Delegates Selected For Miss Malaika 2012

Ama Ampofo

Below are pictures of the top 10 delegates selected for this year’s Miss Malaika Ghana pageant.

20 delegates went through various grooming to help their speech delivery and confidence on the stage.

The final 10 selected for the next stage are Aisha Walon, Frances Ackles, Edlyn Nuno, Emmanuella Enyonam Dotse, Bridget Sharon Cofie, Ama Ampofo, Regina Anne Dei Van-Helvert, Sonia Leeyen, Sadia San*si, and Rosemary Anima Awuku.

The next stages would present the most exciting challenge to the 10 finalists who would try to impress the general public and the judges on their chosen charity tasks.

The public would vote for their favourite finalist on short code 1757 when the series run 8:00 p.m. every Sunday, on GH One.

Aisha Walon

Anima Awuku

Edlyn Nuno








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  • naa asheley

    Nice…. Sharon made it!!!..By the way, she’s my friend’s friend lol..

  • Terminator

    Dem no dey bee kraa

  • zena

    i like Ella, Sadia and Sonia though I dont know them. Especialy the last girl’s picture, Sonia. Her make-up is flawless and really pretty. The rest of the girls have too much pimples and marks all over their bodies with some hiding their faces with large hats.

  • don

    who is she ppl she look good can i have her

  • don

    i mean d black girl ok