Yvonne Nelson Covers The Red Sheet Magazine

I am not sure if people buy these magazines out there in Nigeria. There seems to be millions of them with same faces and information…

Anyway, Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson and Nollywood star-Susan Peters are the cover girls of the latest issue of  ‘The Red Sheet Magazine’. Both women look stylishly glam on the covers…

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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@pat, what is all this ellyperry thing?huh. are u the founder? u seem to like the site so much.

@Martha get a life. I hope they wrote about she trying so hard for dbange to put her name in a song and by that she has given her pu**y to him.

@Stella,Another konkonsa girl lapol where you there is it your thing she is giving away nonsense 

#teamkonkonsa has arrived what’s next she slept with a sheep or desparate to date a footballer bunch of monkeys  

Yvonne is de most beautiful n s*xiest actoress among ghana actoresses, she is not short n pampee like sam 1 so de dwarflike actoress normally pays money to chris to spoil yvonne? Yvonne doesnt hv time to read those prako comments by Chris? Yvonne will nva love dis short writter chris dats why he hates her

@Martha, yvonne is trying to hard to be like Jackie and Nadia but she can never be. She is not pretty and she is very dirty I know her way back in school.  This is a sack cover. Is she bleaching?

@AMA,Rubbish who says she want to be like them are u here konkonsa girl stop making up stories 

@AMA,@Stella, why you all hating on Yvonne?? Goddamn cant we let her be? well everyone looks good in their own way. Her role in movies are always to be bad and doesn’t define who she is… Talking about being dirty back in school of cuz we were all dirty during our elementary to high school years so what is so wrong with that?? Seen her lately? Am sure dirtiness is far and beyond the actress… stop hating and cherish what our country has. 

You done chopping your fufu hahaha I always new you where a smart girl for her to come here and write rubbish like she knows her in person hmmmm thays some jealousy I smell there don’t mind that @nana those two adjoa smart twins talking crap I just smell jealousy between themama,

@AMA, at least we all know how Yvonne looks like, can you upload a picture of you for us to see? NONSENSE! 

@AMA, take a look at ur old pics and u cud see a massive difference in urself so u dnt expect her to be the same as u claim she was back in school.even with her dirty nature which u claim u knw of,she’s still make some recognition for herself.

@Martha, you sure about that?the article neva said anything bad about Yvonne though so why this comment?

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The newspaper are more expensive than these magazines,and millions of newspapers are sold daily.
So,i definitely do not know,where you were told that majority of Nigerians couldn’t afford it.
You definitely must be among those who believe that ‘70% below poverty line’ I.M.F. fallacy.

@Solomon, Info from CNN… try to look it up on youtube. They are sold for $ 3 and the everage house makes $ 300,- a year!!! And pls, I said most people, not all of them!!!! 🙂

@Amoah, CNN isnt the most credible source, plus the $300 a year analysis doesn’t take into account the model of a heavily monetized and black market ridden economy such as Nigeria. 

You though it was nadia while the headlines says Yvonne Nelson (stop that lie) get some eye drops or something cause your not making any sense at all and is she bleaching for you or is it your skin if that’s what makes her happy than let her be just worry about yourself instead of starting drama you can’t handle #imjustsaying@maame,

Eeeeeeish slow down girl gosh you didn’t have to insult her like that its only a comment its not like she insulted yours or what@atLizzy,

@atLizzy, this language doesn’t befit a lady.pls be a bit polite next time.our mums are not part of this topic. so pls, lets leave them alone cus in as much as u wudn’t want anybody insulting ur mum,dnt run those abusive words on someone’s mum.Thanks.

whether they buy the magazine or not, Yvonne the diva Nelson is on the front page of the magazine. she has made something out of her life unlike some pathetic ones out there who wants her downfall. Insha allah that will never be. she will keep on growing and growing and growing while her detractors will always stay stucked in the sand. hahahahahha. well done yvonne. you are known worldwide, a star, has money,famous, very beautiful. sleek, tall, nice legs, nice figure, you look good in all your dresses. you got the swag. unlike some people who are short and look dwarflike with some looking like they have white or is it called candidisis. they will never get you in their family. they wish, but alas that will never ever ever be. keep on keeping on. let those who are jealous of you go make soemting out of thier pathetic lives and nonentities self.

@Dr. Miyagi, I watched wanna be and I think nana Akua stood out with her brother sammy sometime I don’t get u guys @ all if she did well in speaking twi may be it goes to tell you that she is proud of her native language on like the other actors who pretends that they can’t speak twi wit all this fake accent I loved her in wanna be and rain she is on top of her game she will pick award for this movie trust me cos there is too many wanna be is in gh.

@Tedd,She will pick up what award kaii boy she must be your family member if not than you fall for goat with make up it was a roll they gave her I’m sure they others would have done the same if they had the same roll 

, Yvonne on a front page looks boring. They should have used someone else they both look ugly. Don’t they see the uniqueness in the front cover of there other colleagues

Yvonne just has height apart from that she is ugly and dumb. She isn’t beautiful Jon Germaine Sid if u see Yvonne in the morning you would vomit, cos she has so many black stuff on her face and uses make up to cover it. 

@Victor, I heard that to, and that they went to Nima and no one could recognize her. He also said she is so jealous of her fellow actresses Nadia and especially Jackie that led to her ban. I hope she has changed for the good.

@dionne, LMFAO.i cud see u’re a big fun of her.its true though.if we cant appreciate her pls lets nt condemn her.Have any of u ever had the opportunity to stand before a camera?pls give it a try and u will knw what it entails.To all the beautiful ones out there on GC who claims she{Yvonne} aint beautiful,when are u bringin some pics on “WOW FACTOR” for us to see ur beautiful faces/body.Pls let her be!!!!.

@maame, lol i dont think she’s bleaching tho is  her make up lol too much for her skin….. even if she’s bleaching thats her own wahala now 

@nana ama, Dnt mind who ever said that.celebrities make money be their looks so if she thinks bleaching is gonna help her,why won’t she go for it? for i knw she wudn’t do that “Jealous one’s still envy”

@maame, are u serious? u thought Yvonne was Nadia?  Miyagi is right, u need some eye drops or better still a new set of eyes.

Yvonne is trying so hard to be where she is not.  Has Yvonne ever won an Amaa award before? She only gets those ones that our not recognized and paid for. She can’t act to save her life see the rubbish acting she did in wanna be , nana aka did better than her.

@Nana aba, can u act? do u av wat it takes to act? if u do why nt go into it? afterall we need alot of pple in the industry cos we’re tired of the old faces.

Welk its good for her i love one of her new movie Titled “wanne be” with prince david and that fake miss ghana girl  Nana A. from germany and i have to say that yvonne plays his best overthere and whole story describe nana akua all the way lol back to tge magazine why so many headlines on front page 

@Dr. Miyagi, Yeah, I watch that movie “wanna be” and it was good, I actually think Nana A. did well when she speak Twi.

@Amoah,hhah agree with you on that she did well on twi langauge was suprised as well and a bit of german but whoever produced it did a good job but hve to say that the character Nana played describes her all the way lol

@Amoah,  the Sankofa magazine did not sell up to 100 copies according to the editor of the magazine on rainbow fm he said it during his interview, I hope this guy would be able to sell with Yvonne face on it. 

@Mensah, I listened to that interview he said no one in London wanted to see Yvonne on the cover and they lost alot of money. It was hard to sell and it was on the shelves of shops for a really long time. 

@Mensah, I don’t like Yvonne I can’t stand her acting and dressing. Yvonne has never made me cry in a movie she has no emotions and is so flat. She should stop acting and look for another career

@Amoah, Yvonne is a terrible actress she has never improved, Acting is not about height it’s about making we the audience being able not to get off our sofa in order to see what next. Yvonne thinks its about  height she isn’t beautiful as well and acts the same in all her movies

The majority of people in Nigeria can’t afford the magazines, but the people behind those magazines make maney as people actually pay to be in the magazine!!! So at the end of the day, it’s a big business…

@Amoah,Amoah stop talking out of your butt crack. Millions of Nigerians buy and read soft sell magazines, and newspapers everyday (Hardly any African nation reads more newspapers than Nigerians, and am talking ratio wise not population). When I say millions am talking of about approximately 45million Nigerians which is about a quarter of the population, before you slag of a whole nation, get your facts right. Tosser.

@K.S.E,So you couldn’t have explained in a nice way so far as I know Amoah is a girl so how does 
That make her a tosser DDR get your facts right seems like you just described your self Join
Kwasia school of epileptic (K.S.E) that’s what your name stand for right 

@Dr. Miyagi, So what exactly brought you into this Miyagi? She made an assertive and misinformed statement and I responded in kind. If you want her number or want to shag her then ask her directly and stop trying to be her mouth piece to impress her. I dont need to tell you what K.S.E stands, you got it awfully wrong though.

P.S: Isn’t Miyagi off the Karate kid flicks dead???

Shag her do you hear yourself I thought you where smart but I guess another dumb maggot want even waist my time on you do your self a huge favour and wank yourself to death you C U N T that’s what you are I rest my case on you@K.S.E,

@Amoah,maybe you and i will have to try our hands on that too cos i wanna make money as well.dnt you? i knw the entire GC crew are gonna advertise in it especially Dr Miyagyi for he is my target market.hahahahahahha

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@Dr. Miyagi, hahahaahahaha lol that movie is nice lol nana akua should be eliminated yo lol she fitted into that role lol wannabe indeed

Hahahaha they gave her the right roll I was laughing all the way and I notice that she is not fine at all with her 18 inch flat ass @nana ama,

@Dr. Miyagi, with your level of intelligence and the exquisite language you exhibited in your last response to me, am sure you lost a brain-cell or two.

I guess its been passed on to you cause your argument is pointless just remember spiteful words can hurt feelings but silence breaks your heart like I stated in my first. Comment join the Kwasia School of Epilepsy (K.S.E) cause the more crap you put up wth is the more. Crap you will get from me @K.S.E,

@nana ama, please visit ellyperry.com a new celebrity afaair gossip news. We are giving away H&M giftcard and win

@Dr. Miyagi, neva watch the move before but why do you say fake miss Ghana girl..curious!!!!

Loool because she is not because of the movie but she will do anything just to get famous apart from that whoever produce that movie gave her the right role it fits her lifestyle all the way@christine,

@Dr. Miyagi, This article is abt Yvonne nelson not nana Akua Addo pls live her alone………………………………………………… You are here worrying abt her and she is driving all the big cars and making it happen for her. You are just a bitter soul who need some one to slap the heat out of u. Nana Akua carried the movie wanna be tell me wat did Yvonne do? Huh plssssssss all that makeup e even miss zuh did well then miss bleaching her own friend Yvonne okoro said it in a open place that she has bleach period.

Hahahaha lool slap the what out of me? Lol you write allot of trash you know your driving expensive cars so what hahaha do you think when you drive an expensivecar than. Your the ish or what dude u got allot to learn in life the girl is ugly and her roll fits her fine if you don’t like it than your happy to come and slap me loool (if your man enough) lucky
GC has blocked me nd that all my comments are  awaiting for  moderation.@Tedd,

Yvonne looks horrible on the cover. She looks like she is trying  so hard to be where she is not. The other girl to looks ugly but better than Yvonne. They shouldn’t have used Yvonne for it, big mistake.