Ama K. Abebrese Set To Take Over Ghanaian Television With Her New Show ‘A Day In the Life’

Award winning Actress, TV Presenter and TV Producer-Ama Konadu Abebrese who has in the past interviewed UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, rocker Mick Jagger, football legend Kevin Keegan, Akon, Ziggy Marley, Idris Elba, Harrison Ford, Rihanna and several international super stars is set to take over the Ghanaian Talk show market.

Ama K. Abebrese who began her TV career in the UK has been off mainstream television as a presenter for 3 years to concentrate on her acting career.

The love for what she knows how to do best seems to have dragged her back to television. Starting next week, Ama K. Abebrese will be returning to TV as an experienced presenter ‘cruising’ through her new lifestyle show-A Day In the Life.

When GhanaCelebrities.Com asked Ama K. Abebrese what  ‘A Day In the Life’ is all about, she said ‘ I spend a day with different celebrities and personalities, recording and documenting their interesting lifestyles and activities’.

Since there are several lifestyle shows currently airing in Ghana, we also poked Ama K. Abebrese to find out if her talk show was bringing anything new or special to the various Ghanaian lifestyle show lovers.

According to Ama K., her new show is “ not your average lifestyle/talk show as the show gives an insight into the guests. You get to see them from the morning to the evening and see what an average day is like in their lives”.

Catch Ama K. Abebrese and her distinguished personalities each and every Sunday (starting next week) on VIASAT1 at 8pm


Ama K Abebrese On 'A Day In the Life’ Set With Funny Face

Ama K Abebrese On ‘A Day In the Life’ Set With Funny Face


Ama K Abebrese On 'A Day In the Life’ Set With Okyeame Kwame

Ama K Abebrese On ‘A Day In the Life’ Set With Okyeame Kwame


Ama K Abebrese

Ama K Abebrese


’A Day In the Life’

’A Day In the Life’



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  • Congrats Ama and kudos on the hard work! The show sounds interesting and wish I was in Ghana to watch the glimpse into the lives that your show will provide.
    It sounds fabulous and one to watch! Cute poster too.
    Glam kisses,

    • 27calibre (O_0)

      @Marian, dont mind miyagi and co you are cute in your natural way…
      eii but your hair and your school niform hmmm

      • Dr. Miyagi

        O’boy up ith you, by the way did not insult her  @27calibre (O_0),

        • 27calibre (O_0)

          @Dr. Miyagi, cool Oo ,just been busy of late ,what about you ?

          • Dr. Miyagi

            I’m cool bro just enjoying the Carnival here in london its bank holiday today so no work @27calibre (O_0),

            • 27calibre (O_0)

              @Dr. Miyagi, thats cool ,have fun bro(:

            • christine

              @Dr. Miyagi, dnt chill much nt feeling the carnival so i have been indoors since mornin.

            • Dr. Miyagi

              @Christine, lol left already things where getting ugly again and it was boring waist o my time

      • @27calibre (O_0), she’s a black beauty woman who insulted her? lol miyagi only said they look alike and ama k aint ugly is just her hair issue.

  • B.B

    Thats nice to hear. Have a successful show Ama.  But hmmmmm, that hair style! 

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @B.B,what she needs to go is go back to the saloon and fix her hair than start her new show cause she us not looking much differce from marian who commented first

      • @Dr. Miyagi, hahahahahahahahaha lol at u’r comment lol maybe she’s related to marian lol u never know.

        • Dr. Miyagi

          @nana ama,Hahahaha. 

    • @B.B,hahahaha damn was just going to comment on her hair style.. i think long weave fits her most lol… 

      • 27calibre (O_0)

        @nana ama, i think you guys are jealous of @miriams hair

        • @27calibre (O_0), no lol we not talking about miriam but ama k abebrese 

  • ato

    more grease to your elbow .  girl.

  • 27calibre (O_0)

    keep it up Ama ,we are behind what you do best.

  • Betty(Miss Ghana)

    Ama, it is a bbbig shame that you can never listen to anybody. Is this not the same nburses hairstyle people have been saying everywhere? what at all are you using that wig to cover that another style cannot cover?  or is  your juju inside this nurses wig? ei! emom paa! The dress she wears for the advert is nice. where she is wearing a yellowish skirt and something like a jacket. its pretty  compared to how she usually dresses. Me i wont say anything about ama again. she should continue fooling herself thinking she knows all.  mtchew. wearing african print doesn’t mean look bad because african print is very nice.

    • @Betty(Miss Ghana), lmao her korlebu lol nurses wig lol as in enkani titi human hair

      • christine

        @nana ama,bkerful oooo. korle bu nurses go catch u.dnt say i didnt warn u.hahahhahah

        • Dr. Miyagi


    • christine

      @Betty(Miss Ghana), LMFAO,can’t help it.hahahahhahhaa. wo b3ku me.dun knw why she likes this kind of her so much. whoever told her she looks gud in those is deceiving her.hahahahhah. u’ve really made my day.

      • @christine,hahaha am sure her b/f likes it lol so we should let her be lol… is called adwoa yankey hair style.. easy weave

        • christine

          @nana ama, you guys are really interesting.Ama K will not be happy with you ooo.Adwoa yankey paaaaaa.hmmm.3y3 as3m ooo.hahahahaha

      • @christine,,hahaha am sure her b/f likes it lol so we should let her be lol… is called adwoa yankey hair style.. easy weave

  • C.

    I’m glad she has gone back to being a tv presenter.I’ve watched her on OBE TV for a couple of times back in the day.

  • Tedd

    I really don’t like her she is too much in ur face kinda of gal who is every were and want attention like nana Akua wanna be. The two of them c make good friends o.

    • Betty(Miss Ghana)

      @Tedd, Eii Ted, if she catches us we are dead wai. But she is really everywhere in your face. But she speaks well unlike most Ghanaian personalities. 
      Nanay Ama, she is the matron of the korlebu nurses.
      But seriously, we have to report her to the hollywood people who do makeovers. They should tuu her wiigi for us. Hehehehe.

      • @Betty(Miss Ghana), hahahahaahahaha lol is called quick weave lol

  • maame afia

    wow daz  so nice. I hv always love Ama K. presenting way back on OBE tv. It is a shame i cnt watch dis new show bt wenever i visit gh i wld watch it. Gud wrk girl!

  • Amma

    Go gal! Hope it wud be worth it!

  • nice concept

  • ThickMama

    see, i lyk u bt dat hair got 2 go…its wack! Der, i said it.

  • naa asheley

    Looks great………..  All the best Ama.

  • kagarmy

    keep pushing………… ur tyn………..

  • Rocklyn Love

    Very nice congrattss