Confidence Haugen To Launch Accessories Label “Konfidence” In Ghana With A Big Celebration On The 9th Of September 2012


The anticipated event will see the launch of a brand that will soon be a household name in Ghana. The Konfidence label was founded with the concept of designing a sophisticated line of shoes, bags and accessories to meet the needs of today’s modern woman from the lady who prefers to rock her Konfidence totes to the office to a smooth transition to evening wear clutch bags.

The brand takes inspiration from global current trends illustrating the beauty of excellent craftsmanship and finishing. Konfidence first collections boast of a palette of vibrant bold colours and touches of African prints paying homage to her cultural roots. Trendy and Sophistication defines the KONFIDENCE Label for the free spirited confident woman.

Delicately symbolized by the golden butterfly logo. The label launched in 2012 envisioned by Ghanaian socialite, and renowned entrepreneur Confidence Haugen, is designed to add colour, class and sparkle to every woman’s wardrobe.  Like the butterfly, colouful and free spirited, the Label draws inspiration from the vibrant Ghanaian culture and scenic environment, a cocktail of contemporary designs infused with traditional fabrics.

This approach is elegantly defined in the Konfidence label through the use of Ghanaian authentic Kente fabric, and traditional African print from Ghana, carefully mixed with satin, innovative materials, and crystals, which gives the pieces a true sophisticated edge. Each piece tells its own story identified by their unique Ghanaian names. The variety of styles and colour ensembles makes the label unique as a Ghanaian brand that caters for the corporate woman, the sophisticated woman, and the young fashion savvy.

The label focuses on key accessories in both casual and occasional ranges for women, including shoes, handbags and purses. The Konfidence label looks to grow into a lifestyle brand that caters for both men and women accessories.  The label is made with pleasure to ignite the feeling of confidence into a state of being. – Especially for the KONFIDENCE customer.

The event will see an array of Ghanaian celebrities in attendance including special guest invite from the Big Brother Africa 2011 to mark the launch of Konfidence label, take place on Sunday the 9th of September 2012 from 5pm.

GC Staff

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Breastlina Atwee Naa Fofo Nufuor says:

Evidently All EWES ARE THIEVES. They are born THIEVES.. ITs in everyone of their bloods. I mean look at confidence, TYpical Ayigbe

cristalblack says:

ok if these are what she is going to sell then very good cos they are nice I want some already and good luck to her. i hope she doesnt turn it into some whorwish things though.

tina says:

@jessi you know am not quite regular here but am wondering,is this what goes on here,i mean for a minute i thaught all these strong words of insults are coming from the owner of the BLOG,i mean apart from him who has any right here to atack anybody for saying his or her mind?wow this is interesting.

Sha says:

@jessi wat a long paragraph do you think she care abt you think he’ll no cos you are no match to her if you have personal issue with her face her yourself and stop disgracing women who are trying to work their way up .confi doesn’t need your permission to live her life so better catch your plane and go work lo desperado .do something so we know who you are darling all top female women have bn called name,beyonce,Madona ,Diana prince so work hard life is survival for the fittest if u can’t fight shut up her s*xuality is none of your business gosh u r so idle to be focusing on her like this we don care ll we need is quality product made by African women make ur own let’s us see ,

Dr. Miyagi says:

I could shake your hand right now well spoken once again thank you @Sha,

jessi says:

so once again am this and that and everything for saying my mind ha?great so what i expected to see was intellegent questions like do you know this woman personally?or if i know anything at all about lets deal with you,sarah,you say what?we are gossiping and badmouthing while she is what?going to the Bank?and you think am begging to eat or what?i have only one thing to say to you,money and wealth is good but good name is better than all the riches in the world,and not all that glitters is gold.@ sweetmother ,you asked a very intellegent question,what are you doing where you are sitting?well now am sitting typing to you,after which i have get packing and fly first thing in the morning to turkey to work,and if you want to know what i do,then come again and i will tell you,and to nana ama,its not the first time that i am being called names like chimpanzee or my mother or father being insulted here and i refuse to respond because these insults come from people that i dont consider important and i dont even know them,what ever they have against me i dont know and honestly i dont lets see,who else?oh thats all, the rest are not important and i will not waste any minute of my time on them,but i still stand by what i say and no amount of insults will get me to say what you think i should say,i will say what i know for a fact,and if you dont like it then well,as chris has said ,take it to the lord in prayers,you can also stop reading my comments or better still quit coming here and go and open your own website and see if you will find me there,intellegent people ask intellegent questions not to insults all because you dont agree with me and you think that makes you a better person?i dont think so.when Edem was interviewed about all the bruhaha that went on between him and this confi woman,his answer was simple and short,and that was (be careful of people you think you know or trust?he was warned but i guess he ignored it,until what happend did is only unintellegent people who are quick to judge you without asking what you know or the reason for your comments,i am who i am and i say my mind and if you think you are better,and more intellegent than some of us here, then prove it by making good points and intellegent comments,but if the first thing that comes out of your mouth is insults,then am sorry you are classless,what my father will call wasted generation.

Sha says:

Hello Haters of confi work your way up if you can’t own a club own church to prove your  holiness by the way@jessi confi has a charity called project smile and last year she spent her time with five children ward as her xmass gift.   and she doesn’t blow her own trumpet.mind you she also visited Kenya for jiggers campaign .so shut you big mouth and work on your image let us google u for being an entrepreneur and or somebody go confi girl power’

ThickMama says:

i lyk confi,she s a damn gud bizness least she better dan amber rose..keep laffin all d way 2 d bank my dear. Mwaah

Betty(Miss Ghana) says:

I do not like confidence for obvious reasons. But the sandals, full shoe, clutch, they look gorgeous and if I can afford them, i will definitely buy them. I hope the price won’t be too high sister confi…
And even if she is copying it, isnt the whole world copying? duhhhh! if those in the pics above are hers, then they look nicer than similar ones people are making. keep going gal.

Miyagi says:

@Betty(Miss Ghana),awwwww

tina says:

@jessi,you couldnt have said it better,she is also a lesbian,i wouldnt want my younger sister to go anywhere near her.

jessi says:

@tina, Being a lesbian is old news,she is not a celebrity because there is nothing about her to celebrate.what she is,is a business woman thats all.the only credit for that one is not hidding the fact that she has a child like some that we know.

Dr. Miyagi says:

@jessi,worry about your chimpanzee face cause you look very scary celeb or not your nobody BIG MUMU 

27calibre (O_0) says:


Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahahhahahhahahaha looooooool your killing me @27calibre (O_0),

sarah says:

@jessi, ooh tina and Jessi while you girls are badmouthing cofidence she is lauging her way to the bank and you girls are just bitter for not owning a bentley and achieving things in life. Do you gossiping girls have an ambition in life.

27calibre (O_0) says:

Confi keep the spirit high and achieve your dreams.
i cant wait to buy some of the bags and shoes for my girl friend,strictly on the Ghana product.

jessi says:

I personally dont consider this woman a celebrity,infact she shouldnt be here at all,how did a strip dancer and owner of a club thats is full of half n*ked women including herself be celebrated.what has she done for our soceity?what has she contributed to our country apart from the ashawo promotion night clubs that she is running,petronised by public figures mostly men whom we hold in very high esteem,who leave their wives at home and goes to her club to be hooked up with harlots..Am waiting to hear and see her doing Humanitarian projects like what juliet has recently done and things like what jackie has also done,that is given back to the soceity in a form of scholarships to needy but brilliant kids and soo on,maybe then she will be considered to be a celebrity,but for now,she doesnt fit into that catigory.

27calibre (O_0) says:

@jessi, shut up your big mouth,you are here exposing your sagging breast and you are the same time calling a woman who has achieve alot in life a prostitute,ugly looking thing like you.
learn to appreciate good things and stop hatting people who are making it in life.

jessi says:

@27calibre (O_0), and who are you,introduce yourself

Dr. Miyagi says:

@jessi,he is your father nonsense have respect for your elders useless chimp take you hating indian mama face
Somewhere else waakye looking like

Dr. Miyagi says:

No matter if they doing the same thing or not one thing yiu guys are not realising is that one they tired of all those china stuff second they are creating jobs third they trying to put african trend on the map keep doing yiu miss Confi 

nana ama says:

@Dr. Miyagi, good point boss but your insult was kind harsh by calling her a chimp…. i feel you should at least apologize… yeah i like how they creating jobs in the country stuffs like this contributes to the economy in so many ways.. 

Dr. Miyagi says:

 @nana ama, with all due respect for m to apologize to will rather jump inside the lagoon something that l never happen when she behave and apologize to Confi. than maybe 
I will apologize to her than until than nada how can she come here and make a such a statement that Confi shouldn’t be here she always try to dig into peoples life like she is sort of angel 

Rocklyn Love says:

@Dr. Miyagi, dont be harsh y??

Rocklyn Love says:

Anyways me like dem styles….. keep it up gurlfriend

27calibre (O_0) says:


Dr. Miyagi says:

Eiiiiiish Punchline paaa nii, hahahahaahah boy you got me laughing all the way hahahhahaha I’m going to save this page so that each I time I need to laugh all I will do is read your comment @27calibre (O_0),

27calibre (O_0) says:


Sweet Mother says:

@jessi, madam what have you done from where you are sitting?

naa says:

the lil clutch in the last pic is originally design by Alexander Mc queen so its like stealing..from someone and adding..your own twist to it, why can’t she come up with her own unique style and design for people to appreciate her effort, sorry i’ll pass not for me good job tho!

Amma says:

Hope it wud be worth it! Don’t know why all the African designers lately are doing the same thing over and over again. Bt anyway am waiting to see . Kudos Konfidence!

Constance says:

@Amma, u ayt ma dear I was jus abt saying de same thing same OLD thing n very soon we wld making mistakes as to ‘who we re wearing’ lol COPY CAT

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