Ghana Movie Industry Can Be Lucrative – Former President’s Son, Edward Agyekum Kuffour

Ghana’s former President His Excellency John Agyekum Kuffour’s second son has also added his voice to the fact that, the country’s movie industry has the potential of being lucrative, if the needed investment and support are shifted to the direction and benefit of the industry.

Speaking to journalists after screening of the latest Ghanaian movie ‘Wrong Target’ to the media, Mr. Agyekum Kuffour said it is only when people show interest and offer their support to the growing industry that, it has a potential of being lucrative.

Describing the industry as ‘growing’ and doing well lately, he said he hopes to bring attention to the industry especially as a son of the former Head of State.

“I can’t stop being a child of a politician. I didn’t choose that. I was born into the family and it’s been a blessing. So if my presence here with that background [as the son of the former president] will help the industry, then so be it”, he said confidently.

Mr. Edward Agyekum Kuffour who appears to have developed a sudden knack for movies said the current crop of actors and crew memebers in the industry are doing marvelous.

Having shot couple of movies which are yet to be released on the market, he recollected how his journey to the movie industry all began and how he got a cameo role in the movie ‘Wrong Target’.

He said as a new actor, he was also auditioned before being handed the role to play as a friend and old school mate of John Dumelo.

He said he has a relationship with the scriptwriter, so after showing interest, he was invited to be auditioned.

For a son of the former president who ruled his [Ghana] country well for two terms of eight years and a second son for that matter, issues relating to movies would possibly be the last thing people will think he will pay attention to.

But Agyekum Kuffour who bears resemblance to his Dad said, being the son of a president doesn’t necessary mean, one has to follow the dreams of his father.

According to him, at this point of his life, he wants to do whatever he enjoys doing, which for now are movies.

Young Agyekum Kuffour as a child at Christ The King International School to Achimota Secondary School (Class of 1985), involved himself with stage acting, singing, poetry recitals and choreography which has seen him grow to a full fledge man to love the art.

‘Wrong Target’ features Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo, Crystabel Ekeh a couple of new faces. It was directed by Samuel Owusu Asare for Blue Ray Pictures.

It premieres on Friday, September 7, 2012 at the Silver Bird Cinemas, Accra Mall.

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Gud day people it indeed a pleasure 2 hear things like this.i ve always love the personality of my friend John Dumelo and so therefore there will always be a success

Betty(Miss Ghana) says:

I hope Yvonne and Kufours son don’t have any sometin, sometin going on. 

nana ama says:

@Betty(Miss Ghana), hahaahah lol she had their pic’s on facebook and some comments were getting too deep ooo

honey says:

lol its funny how yvonne nelson has come to stay in the movie industry,and frankfully speaking, not a good actor…to me she’s not,she cant act PERIOD!! that rhi there dont cut it for me.

nana ama says:

@honey, she’s not bad compared to FAKE OYIBO JULIET, NIKKI, AND NANA AKUA ADDO.. i think yvonne is great especially on the s*x scene and bad girl part… I love her movies tho lol maybe you just dont like her which is cool because we all have our favorites. 

CHALE says:

Looks like another substandard movie. We need more films like sinking sands and sting in a tale. We’ll get there though. 

@CHALE,You are yet to watch the movie yet judging it. Funny isnt it? lol just wait and watch it before commenting man lol

Sweetness says:

This looks like a good movie, I can’t wait to see it…. Kuffuor’s son is a great guy, I met e dude some weeks back and I was wowed by his humility and wits, he looks much better in person than in the photo and he has such a sweet spirit……..I couldn’t stop talking bat him whn I got home, I hope he makes a difference in the movie industry….I wish him all the best

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