MICHAEL ESSIEN – Field Or Bench?

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I might be attacked for daring to hint at the fading of this giant name but I venture with a lot of love.

It seems the field performance of our darling boy is giving way to his personal life. I would like to hear his name mentioned more for performance on the field that took him to glory because lately I haven’t heard much of him in that regard.

Someone might argue that his being on the bench doesn’t matter because he still gets paid for not playing. But we want to see him in action.

Considering that most Ghanaians are Chelsea fans because of Essien, I wonder if we will be seeing a massive shift in their Ghanaian support as he is rumoured to be movinh to Fenerbahce soon.

If you are not aware, Turkish giant Fenerbahce is reported to be interested in signing Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien out-of-favour to replace Emre Belözoğlu  who left for Spanish La Liga side Atletico Madrid…this is the part that kills me. Out of favour paa?

His bargaining power seems to have rapidly dropped as a result of several injuries he has suffered over the past months.  Although many people are calling for Essien to leave Chelsea to acquire more play time elsewhere is this the right club for him at this point?

What’s your take on this? Should we be concerned about the future of our man? Perhaps he will play longer if he transfers to Fenerbahce.

I may be a football nino but the name of the club doesn’t sound familiar to me. Isn’t he supposed to be upgrading instead of downgrading? And where does he go from there? Will the transfer make him more marketable?

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  1. despite am a fan of chelsea ,i must say Roberto Di Matteo hate Essien ,he is better than some players in the team but they play .

    1. @27calibre (O_0),Well One di matteo is stupid came at the end of season won the CL after that begged for 
      The job and now trying to create a young team by getting rid of the old players and the ones that has been injured 
      For a long time we will make a huge mistake if this Turkish team takes him I’m a arsenal fan but football ain’t football no more 
      Now days its all about the mullah 

  2. Why does the coach hate him so much? Me I think he should even resign before his name goes completely down.
    But this is juju at work . They warned him to stay away from akosua puni but he was too in love. I am sad for him.



    1. @Betty(Miss Ghana), why have you let juju eating into your head soo much,come on ,when will ghanains stop believing in such things ,there is up and downs in every ones life ,africans always blames juju instead trying to do their best next time or train very well to gain,juju works as you believe in like india will have the best players in the world ,desist from believing this kind of juju thing.

      so will you say C.Ronaldo ,Messi ,Drogba and co uses juju ,wake up africa

          1. @27calibre Jus discuss ur Essien n leave him alone n to de one that cited de example abt JUJU he/she must be living in de 10th centruy hun???????bt lol ope u gud?

            1. @Constance, did you get me or you did not am seeting an example for the juju believers,any way do you own messi?