Photos + Videos: Dinner With Celebrity Radio Presenter-Bola Ray & Wife, Gasmilla And Great Friends…13 Comments

Chris-Vincent A. Febiri
Posted on 30 Aug 2012 at 7:44am

Celebrity Radio Presenter and Media Mogul-Bola Ray has been in London for some days now. Primarily, he flew in for Empire Entertainment’s ‘Ghana Meets Naija‘ concert.

Wednesday night (28th August, 2012) at London Docklands where the posh waterfront Yi-Ban chinese restaurant is situated, a locked-down dinner (I prefer to call it food feast) was held.

Present around the large table covered with bottles of fine wine and food were Bola Ray and Wife (Dorcas), David and his Mrs, Azonto King-Gasmilla, Anokye and myself…

Over dinner, we talked and share ideas on several issues such as World Health, Entertainment, Celebrity, Ghana’s Polities and social welfare, the disproportionate class systems in Ghana, etc…

It was fun, and I guess you can see why I need the gym :-)

Check out the photos below


Check out Gasmilla’sVideos Below If You Do Not Him

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Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

Chris-Vincent is a Freelance Blogger/Writer, Founder and Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. He is a “witty” writer who wrote several award winning articles/debates during his Secondary School days at Adisadel College. To develop his writing skills, studied Communication as a major with Sociology and Law at Newham College Of Further Education, London. Currently, he holds a degree in Law (LLB), Diploma in Para Legal and, he is a postgraduate Law student majoring in International Human Rights... He is the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege'. He also blogs at www.TopVincent.Com. BBM pin: 7C7331B2. Remember "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence".... Click Here To Hire Me

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13 People Complaining...

  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Sweety

    24 Total Comments

    Wow plenty food like that? You guys must have had too much fun.We need some food down here in Somalia you know lol


    Vote -1 Vote +1jessi Reply:

    @Sweety, you are in somalia?how is it there,we are thinking of visiting there,are you a Ghanaian?


  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Dr. Miyagi

    8437 Total Comments

    Lol Chris normally I don’t complain about your topics but 1 did you forgot to turn off your HD on your Ipad or what? Next time download “HD flash” on iTunes it’s free to support it cause picture quality are really bad normal HD makes the quality look a bit funny, and second was this the new Chinese restaurant in Elephant Castle or the big on on the main road before the round about , 3 next time try and record them more instead of the food lol cause your eyes was too focus on the food 


    Vote -1 Vote +1Chelry Reply:

    @Dr. Miyagi, Awww! you again, anyway it was the one at the bus-stops…


    Vote -1 Vote +1Dr. Miyagi Reply:

    @Chelry, hahahah what do you mean by me again hahaha where you there as well, I used to love that restaurant


    Vote -1 Vote +1Constance Reply:

    @Dr. Miyagi, yep i agree wit u on tat de pics were vry bad it was even better if he hadnt brought it on here Chris of all plle I knw u can do better so tis shld repeat itself


  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Constance

    133 Total Comments

    Chris u re very funny bt I wldnt mind u kk Im gonna stop comment here since u ve refuse to put some of my comments here then u shld be sayin bye to me then


  4. Vote -1 Vote +1zena

    75 Total Comments

    me too. whenever i comment it doesnt get on the site> too bad for GC.


  5. Vote -1 Vote +1zena

    75 Total Comments

    ME TOO


  6. Vote -1 Vote +1Daisy, London

    12 Total Comments

    Stupid website. Whenever I log on here I get bombarded with noisy adverts including a whole episode of cartoons. You can’t even concentrate. Very rude. 


  7. Vote -1 Vote +1zena

    75 Total Comments



  8. Vote -1 Vote +1Joseph Midnight

    206 Total Comments

    Daisy, i agree with you.  Those stupid popeye cartoons should be removed.  They are so annoying.  They are playing as i type!


  9. Vote -1 Vote +1B.B

    2374 Total Comments

    Did you guys consume all the food? There should have been pictures of before and after of the food.


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