LIFSETYLE: Charity Is Not Meant For Our Celebrities Alone, You Can Help Too…

My daughter’s college mates

My daughter’s college mates

If you ever thought that charity work was meant for our stars alone; then please think again. As citizens of Ghana, we can all do some sort of charity work in one way or the other.  The important thing to remember is that, every little bit given to these charities go a long way to helping the needy!

I recently solicited some funds for my daughter’s college mates who went to Ghana to help provide clean water for some villages in the country.  Because I played a key role in raising funds for the students, they provided me some pictures of their trip which I am more than happy to share with GC readers.

When you think about all the numerous orphanages across the country, it is obvious that waiting on our stars alone to donate items when they celebrate their birthdays or some special occasions isn’t enough.  We can all contribute to helping these kids in our own special ways. If you live in Ghana, you can find time to spend with these children; you can take some grocery items to them or donate some money to them.

If you live outside the country, then whenever you are blessed to visit Ghana, please consider sending some items to some of these orphanages.

I began this practice of sending at least two big boxes of used clothes home to donate in 2002.   Since 2002, each time I visit Ghana I ship out used clothes and shoes that belonged to my children, nieces, and nephews to give out to kids who walk the streets in my neighborhood almost half n*ked.   I always feel proud and joy when I see  the smiles on the faces of those who receive the items.  I pay for the shipping costs and all other expenses out of my pocket.

However since 2009, I have increased the quantity of these items to actually include provisions as well. I have also decided to send them to orphanages  instead of giving them on the streets.  There is money involved in doing so, but I try to do the best I can because I am not thinking about myself alone.

I visited Ghana in 2011 and while there I told my friend who lived in Sunyani that I had some items that I needed to drop off at an orphanage in Madina.  My friend pleaded with me to bring the items to Sunyani since most donations don’t get there due to the distance.  I was reluctant because that was going to be an additional trip and expenses for me.

Well, upon her constant plea, I decided to take the things to her.  Time wasn’t on my side as it was my last weekend before returning to the USA.  I took a trip to Sunyani on a VIP bus via Kumasi and safely.

I stayed over at my friend’s house, and left the things with her because it was a weekday, and she didn’t have time to go with me to drop the items off at the orphanage.  I was scheduled to leave on Friday to prepare for my trip back to the USA the following week.

My friend assured me that she would drop off the items on a weekend when she is less busy.  Well she was true to her words, and on Sunday after I left Sunyani, she took the things to the orphanage and even bought some bread along with the items.

She also provided me with some pictures during the visit.  I felt so much joy when I saw the excitement on the faces of the children who knew they were about to have some change of clothes, and other things.

With the high cost of living in Ghana these days, I believe every little contribution to these institutions can help a great deal. So next time you have an extra, don’t forget the children who have none!

My Friend Donating My Stuff

My Friend Donating My Stuff

My daughter’s college mates

My daughter’s college mates

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B.B says:

Am deeply touched!

My mom always advice me, ” dont tell yourself you are waiting to get rich before you start helping people” There are a lot of people who need help and believe me, you dont have to be rich to help.

May God bless all those out there giving help to the needy. 

Dr. Miyagi says:

I did raise this topic two years back that 25 pounds s month from esch person will help allot of people  bsck home so atleast the once having hard times can appricate the good work we are doing i realised that allot of ghanaians forget where they cane from once they make it to europe or western world i love this topic because i hope some people will start waking up and do something about if i purchase allot of clothes slippers etc from primark ir other shop and send it home each month just to help the once that need it life is short given something back is always a blessing so think about it dont only say it but do it as well as for GC the amount of money you make a month im sure you can set up a donation and help others as well 

27calibre (O_0) says:

@Dr. Miyagi, you have spoken well.

i will be glade if GC organise that so that we can contribute to do that for the needy ones bless is in giving.

Dr. Miyagi says:

Thanks bro you make allot of sense if they really want to do this than they need to raise the flag@27calibre (O_0),

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