New Music Video: ‘Vera’ By DBlack Featuring Joey B


Yesterday, DBlack premiered his anticipated music video for his smash hit ‘Vera’ featuring Joey B.

From weeks to months, the song has been enjoying rotations on radio, so the release of the video will as usual help music patrons who have fallen in love with the song to grasp the story behind the song.

The song is taken off D-Black’s upcoming sophomore album ‘The Revelation’.

Watch the video directed by Pascal Aka below.

GC Staff

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linda a. says:

wow! talent, creativity,swag. video fo the year for me.

owusuaa says:

Excellent work from DBlack

missme says:

i like dis song. is all over fb!

TheChuckylee says:

Yeah dat is my tune. I luv dis track to bits. Dblack was one of the guys I thought wouldnt make it in our music industry but so far I’ve been impresed.Kudos to him.

kukuaa says:

Sick video!!!!!!!!

27calibre (O_0) says:

i can see creativity in the music ,
any way vera what a badonka behind you ,hmmm this kind of women are the men killers.

charlie mii ba !!!

Endowed says:

nice concept you can tell he put a lot of time into it and Funnyface cracked me up at the end

Dr. Miyagi says:

Im not feeling this video at all looks so cheap and fake acting and is it me or has d-black got some funny turtle head and this is the vera you have been making noise about she is not fine kroaaaa ghetto girl with a big ass  tattoo on her arm is a big turn off your title should have been “Wo y3 akwolaa bonne paa but me d) wo Fokin” lol d-black your face dont look good when your crying k) num nuffuour waii 

Beat says:

@Dr. Miyagi, as for u and negative criticism when will somebody ever impress u meanwhile too u no say u no bi fine ugly strong face miyagi

Dr. Miyagi says:

LOOL what’s your problem hahahaha my friend gerr. Out from here. Can’t I speak my mind @Beat,

none of ur dem biziness says:

@Dr. Miyagi, u always complain. u dont no jack look at ur own scary face. ur ugly as hell stop complaining b*tch

Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahahaha your very funny,me scary face I’m going to let you of this time but will wait for the perfect time to get back at you until than enjoy your comment @none of ur dem biziness,

S3M3NHYIA says:


Dr. Miyagi says:

Wo y3 aboaaaa paaa gerr out with your trumu head who are u to tell me what and what you going to do about it@S3M3NHYIA,

S3M3NHYIA says:

@Dr. Miyagi,   eeewww! you are so brash! you need to polish up boy.

Beat says:

@S3M3NHYIA, from the way this miyagi insults people who disagree with him am very sure that is his character in real life very rude,ignorant and arrogant

Dr Miyagi says:

@Beat,you think so?

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