Are Ghanaians Just Too Lazy To Think Or We Simply Lack Creativity In Business/Entertainment?


Being creative is synonymous to being ‘artistic, original, ingenious and imaginative’. This piece is not by any stretch suggesting that, the entire Ghanaian population do not have creative prowess.

If that was the case, there would have been no need to write this. I am sure by the time you finish reading this, you would perfectly understand that, some bit of creativity must and do exist in Ghana for this article to make sense.

Am I the only who have found enough reasons to question the innovative nature of our Ghanaian minds? Probably at this stage, the answer would be YES.

It seems a greater part of our existence as Ghanaians, stretching from our Business models to Entertainment concepts depend on the creativity of only a few.

I perfectly understand and appreciate ‘trending’ and economic benefits associated with several businesses engaging in common enterprises. However, what I have over the years recognised among Ghanaians go beyond any economic or ‘trending’ argument. It seems we are too lazy to think differently and venture into daring enterprises.

If you have ever questioned yourself as to why most Ghanaians seem to enter into a particular business when things are a little good in there, and then the moment someone comes up with another (that looks great), we all run in there until we all become sellers without consumers, then you have in some way spotted our non creative nature.

Do you remember the Communication Centre boom in Ghana? When almost every street in Ghana was choked with these outlets? Few ingenious people started this, and then every household had one, until literally we all became ‘Comm Centre’ operators without customers.

The ‘Comm Centre’ era did not last for long. After few people made bold steps into the world of Internet Cafes, the floodgate opened. Without any strict regulations and failing to learn anything from the Communication Centre era, we all built Internet Cafes behind our houses and offices. Those who had the vision were crashed down. Soon, the business was worth nothing.

Then when mobile telecommunication was gaining strength in Ghana, certain imaginative individuals ventured into what we called the ‘Space To Space’ enterprise. As usual, within few months, every major road in Ghana was decorated with umbrellas with children sitting under them, engaging in ‘Space To Space’.

Must I tell you that, history repeated itself and supply quickly exceeded demand? The only people who benefitted were the children, they had the chance to go back to school.

Should I proceed to talk about the ‘Ice Water’ and ‘Pure Water’ days? What about the home made soap days? Have you forgotten the Lagos and Libya travels, when almost every household had someone on his way to these places?

If you are not aware of what the current boom is in the Fashion sector, then let me tell you, it is all about being a fashion designer or coming out with a clothing line.

The sad part of it all is that, most of these fashion designers or clothing line owners are ripping off the creativity of the few people who kicked started the market (same designs but different names and probably colours).

Let’s quickly look at our Entertainment industry in the above light. I clearly remember when every young girl wanted to be a TV presenter and then it all moved to becoming an Actress. It seems the Entertainment calendar is flooded with several concerts. Everyone is an event organizer or has an event lined up. It is event boom and soon it will all end as the pockets of patrons get dry.

For our music, the moment something start selling well, everyone becomes an expert in that. Ask yourself this, do we currently have musicians in Ghana or azontonians?

Where lies our creativity as individual Ghanaians? Must we always follow the same line and crash the hard work and creativity of those who decide to put their mind to work? Where is our individual uniqueness?

If I would have to answer my own question, I will say, I think we do not lack creativity but we are too lazy to think out of the box.

What do you think?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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gibson george says:

Very well said.

davidnkrh says:

preach on. lots of people need to be enlightened

Extroshi says:

Chris, this an honest piece. I laughed as I read it cuz its very true. We don’t seem to be brave enough to venture into lasting ventures, but only start fastcash-soon-to-die businesses like the tye and dye, comm centre, space to space, etc. Its high time we move beyond normal and ascend to the ‘abnormal’ but the question is: Who will start such renaissance?

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Nice!!! I think this thing has existed for too long.We have always been copy cats and the funny thing is we copy blindly.Cold countries will wear winter boots for the weather..Ghanaians would wear it simply because its a shoe and forget about its significance..Blackberry came and people were rushing over the fon as if it was a treasure.Its an inheritance thing, and I doubt if it will ever change.

nana ama says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), hahaahah now is on iphone and android lol bb is deadoooo lol see some even have to sleep with old men just to get these phones… my grandpa always says elephant me elephant you esuro wu na esuro mi so why would i wanna copy the life style of miss b knowing too much i cant be in her range?? we seriously need the spirit of contentment paaa in our system rather than following the crowd aka minsumikahun children.

Osborne says:

nice piece. I love it.

koby says:

this world that we live in is very complicated….some people get the opportunity they dont utilize it .. others are very good in their field of work and they don’t get the opportunity .i have a friend who went to london for three months thinking the moment you get London , you can get money on trees. After three months when he realized that london is not treating him fairly he ran back home.
i also have a good friend who is a very good designer but there is no help nowhere. so he is now in school studying sociology . After school what happen next , being a teacher then forgetting about his designing stuff. let me use myself as an example. i wanted to be a comedian. i am very creative but after school i am at a bank. Africa (Ghana) we have a long wayyyyyy to go. no body is ready to help . we can talk nicely but in our heart it is black. i know so many people but mmmmmmmmmm. this world is really unfair.

Nancy says:

Chris I love this article, I just Love it… That sad part is that someone is going to bring out something reformed and chances are the follow syndrome will kick in again, which will not only collapse the creativity of the idea but will actually kill the potential of the product. I believe in “trend” but our people go overboard with it.

Afrak says:

You do have a point there but I ‘ll have to say it is not only with ghanaians but Africans in general. We copy the west. Nigerians copy ghanaians, ghanaians copy Nigerians. Don’t forget the upsurge of those entertainment tv shows on our tvs,the numerous awards schemes etc.

Kk says:

It’s just the same way as the night life biz has been killed now. All the customers now own clubs hence promotion of under age drinking etc. I remember as a young teen you needed to really work hard to enter a night club not to mention going to the extent of ‘forcing’ facial hair and all with good old Robb. Now if u don’t allow kids they will be admitted somewhere and your club becomes wack

KitKat says:

It is just not Ghanaians…but the whole African “race” and Blacks in general. We focus way too much on trivial matters while others (the Whites and Asians) are finding new and better ways to improve their surrounding and the lives around them. Until this vicious cycle ends we will always be “slaves” to others in the human race (both literally and figuratively).

christine says:

@KitKat, well said.Jah bless!!!

JAMES says:

First of all, Chris you have noted all those things well. When someone comes on in Ghana, everyone goes in for it. I remember when Tie and Dye came on, every mother I knew was doing it. Who will buy then?

We must begin to look at different things as people. We should be like bees, moving together and stopping together. Now, in my small town, it is all about pure water business, everyone is doing one so at the long run, no one is making any money from it.

Look at the number of award shows now, everyone is setting up award shows because few of them have been successful. we are too narrow minded 

Dr. Miyagi says:

@JAMES,you make good points 

27calibre (O_0) says:

what is worrying ghanains is follow follow syndrome becuase kwaku have a white shoe ,i will kill to have the same white show because he is getting an attention from the women ,i wont say i will add a black colour to the white shoe to make it black and white.
because ama did her wedding with a hummer ,weather my husband have money or not he must use hummer for our wedding this kind of thing is sickeness which will take a time to cure,this kind of behaviour has been channel to our businesses,culture ,our character just as the article is saying .

and secondly ghanains like discouraging too much ,instead of your ghanain brother help you to do what you are doing he or she will hate you he will stop talking to you just because he or she dont have the courage to do what you are doing ,this is also one of the factor which is killing our creativity.

Also ghanains have faith in juju more than themselves ,instead of them to believe themselves they will rather trust juju or a fake pastors, later on he or she will accuse her mum or father of bewitching him on his success.

Dr. Miyagi says:

@27calibre (O_0),good one in my view mostly small entrepreneurs are the ones who initiate big concepts in the world. Big companies at most times imitate small players and take the ownership of the concepts since they have the capacity to implement great concepts in their companies. In ghana most people who start a business lack in there they are not expierence in what they do they always try to follow whatever others are doing let me add this most ghanaians who start a business really dont focus at all majority do it just to show off they become greedy in a way towards their family snd there is where your points come in about the juju issue because of jealousy

nana ama says:

@27calibre (O_0), calibre and miyagi big ups ahhhh muy3 nyansah fuo dodo 

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