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Miss Malaika Girls
Miss Malaika Girls

This photo was recently taken when the 10 finalist of the Miss Malaika Ghana competition embarked on their first task by visiting some of the excited tourism destinations in Ghana.

The moment you look at the photo, a particular person (something) comes straight to your face. It seems that is the first thing you see…(Atleast from my chair, that is what catches my eye first).

Anyway, let us know what comes straight into your face when you look at the photo.  Just take your eyes off the photo, look at something around you and then re-focus on the photo…

I hope it is not my mind playing on me…LOL #justthinkingbad

Miss Malaika Girls
Miss Malaika Girls


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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  1. Lol why are some wearing shades when there is no sun shining and was that a forest or a zoo some if them are short paaa

  2. I see naa ashorkor in the middle. but why are these beauty queens so short? ghana. it’s bad they are not even pretty enough to be beauty queens.

    1. @Betty(Miss Ghana), madam atleast the malaika girls are pretty…..check out the miss ghana girls,that one is saaaad,including yvonne okoro’s sister….but u mean to tell me,we dont have beautiful/pretty girls in ghana to represnt for beauty pageants??? daaaaamn

      1. @honey, are you trying to say okoro’s sis is ugly? lol will say she’s the best and prettiest among them all, tho everyone looks in their own way but this girls are too dry  for viewers and judges. hmmm

        1. @nana ama, nana ama my sister cm’ooooon,dont tell me u think okoro’s sis is pretty(ok i’ll take the prettiest among them lool) but not pretty lool aahh suuaaa!!! ghana those of us here(abroad) shld go home and start representing loool

      2. @honey, I havent seen those ones yet. It is bad how they pick such ugly girls. I get shy when the world sees them. They have to start going to the market to choose the ladies there because they are prettier. Yvonne’s sister? Let me go and see them. do you have a link where i can see their faces?

        1. @Betty(Miss Ghana), facebook sha lol go to yvonne okoro’s page,she recently posted a link to her sister’s facebook page.