Celebrities Endorsing Political Parties – What’s The Way Forward?

I’m not too sure about what the wife of former Ghana Black Stars’ captain, Tony Baffour and Ghanaian actress Kalsum Sinare Baffour was thinking when she recently graced the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Special Delegates Congress in Kumasi.

But what I’m exactly sure about is the fact that, she should have had a second thought in relation to her display of political affiliation.

Really – what is wrong with an actress supporting a political party? Kalsum is not the first movie personality offering her support to a political party and she will not be the last person either. NPP had lots of followers in the entertainment industry same as CPP who even had an actress recently vying for one of the Parliamentary seats.

All the entertainers offering or endorsing a particular party have people who follow everything they are involved in – you can call those people fans. The fans do not necessarily support or have to support the party that, their favourite celebrity support.

I know it’s a bit difficult if your favourite entertainer is on party A’s platform and endorsing them whiles you prefer party B. It is not a good feeling.

I have been a strong advocator for political tolerance and a call to end the discrimination against people who do not belong to the political party that we go with in my own small way.

In Ghana, we claim to have a growing democracy, yet we find it difficult to accept someone else’s party affiliation without subjecting them to name calling, needless insults and discrimination.

It would be absurd for anyone to publicly state their political affiliation because of what is expected after such a disclosure. Kalsum was perhaps born in to the party like the other actresses who may have a soft spot for the other political parties but then, I admire her boldness in coming out strongly.

Most people will be smiling with her but deep in their heads; they are subjecting her to different kind of insults for merely declaring her love and support for a political party different from theirs. The question is; must all Ghanaians join the same party?

Should movie producers who believe in other political parties deliberately ignore or sideline her because of her political affiliation and not think of what she will add to the movie?

The Nigerian Movie Industry popularly called Nollywood is huge enough to accommodate all actors and actresses. So when a particular producer or production house sideline or decide not to use a particular actor, the said actor can rely on the next available production house.

In 2011 in the history of Nigeria’s elections, lots of celebrities, both musicians and movie stars publicly declared their support for their current President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Clearly most of them had done that because of the financial benefits. However, some genuinely believe in the man and his party hence the support and endorsements.

Like I stated earlier on, the Ghana industry is not as big as their Nigerian counterparts, that’s why it won’t be a problem when movie stars endorse a party in Nigeria but suicidal when the opposite happens in Ghana.

We must learn to recognise entertainers with their talents and not their political colours. After all a well nurtured talent stays on forever whiles elections are seasonal. Let’s get out this ‘pull him down’ syndrome because he doesn’t support our party. It’s sickening.

I might not be NDC or not interested in politics but Kalsum has every right to join and associate herself with any political party of her choice. I will be happy to see more endorsements of political parties by celebrities as the general elections get to its zenith.

GC Staff

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Comrade says:

i think is ok. we always compare our democracy with US and we will agree many are involved in politics but that should not divide us. arnold swasinager is a celebrity and politician, same as wyclaf n many of their kind. this is not the first time in Ghana we saw many endorsing NPP and NDC…so we must move on. happy for you been bold to come out Mrs. Bafour is she not part of Sinary Family? do many even know that man Alhaji Seidu Sinary? the man who brought Fathia Nkrumah to Dr. Nkrumah, all his family are NDC and people should not pretend. is just like JB Dankwah family…long live our Celebrities! long live Ghana!

Constance says:

well I don see tis too be a problem cos we seen several others n u Chris u didnt bring it here so y tis lady? beside GH is a free country n every1 has de ayt to do wateva tat pleases him/her…

Dr. Miyagi says:

These two woman are very beautiful even though they look old I like them

27calibre (O_0) says:

i dont think this is important ,every one has the right to join every political party even though i dont vote and will never vote .
the person who wrote this article even has his own polital party so what the BEEF…


Akos says:

@27calibre (O_0), true talk

Betty(Miss Ghana) says:

Koby! She be your sister? Did she not know people will see her there?

koby says:

the way forward is they are also human beings like any ordinary person. we should allow them to have their freedom.. they also have rights……..you same people create these problems. why do u have to publish the picture for the whole to see. you do this to create confusion. so now what do you expect from Ghanaians. ? you are waiting for people to criticize her and make her feel bad right?

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