Why Do These Award Organizers Fail To Inform Ghanaian Celebrities About Their Nominations?

I am not going to go into how I feel about the countless Awards being organized to reward mediocrity and make the pockets of certain individuals full.

But I am still trying to figure out why these organizers outside ( and I am also referring to organizers in Ghana as well) choose to rubbish our Ghanaian entertainers all the time by failing to inform them of their nominations. And why do our Ghanaian celebrities also allow themselves be treated like this?

Forgive me for my language but that is exactly how I feel whenever I hear that another Ghanaian actor or actress was not informed about one award or another, let alone been given the opportunity to grace their so called star-studded events.

Maybe some of these celebrities need these accolades badly and would rather shut their mouths and let this sort of thing go on. Why can’t these African awarding bodies learn from their international counterparts and afford these celebrities some respect by informing them about their nominations?

At least that would even afford the celebrities the courtesy to make the decision to grace the award ceremony or not. If I were an actor, thank God I am not I will tell  it in their faces to shove their awards in the rears.(Bleep!). Okay, rewind maybe not in that rude way because I know some journalists would certainly have a field day with that one.LOL!

See, I always say that actors and actresses do not owe it to any of these organizers and awarding bodies. If you are good, you are good and it will show in your works or performances.

It is time these organizers get their acts right or someday somehow some celebrities would choose not to show up at your supposed star-studded events and oh what a day that would be. Maybe your awards would be awarded to the chairs and bleachers at the venue.

Basic courtesy; officially inform people when you nominate them for a prize or an award! Is that too hard to do?

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  • Ed

    Say that again Chris

  • ato

    who are you to tell who or who deserve some award at some particular time? and did you say mediocrity ? i pity you. would you have said the same if its given to jackie appiah alon? mind you thre are better ACTRESSES than jackie appiah. you dont tell who deserve what.

    • Dr Miyagi

      @ato,hmmmm mr ato back to make noise again

    • @ato,no one said anything about Miss’ jackie here okay so chill.

      • Ball so hard miss dior

        @GC Staff, This is how sick he is, he didnt even read the article and is mouthing off, i feel very sorry for him. some weird sicko thats who this boy is.

    • Ball so hard miss dior

      @ato, Check into a mental institution dude, you have some serious issues, jackie’s name wasnt mentioned and you about to have a heart attack, your madam at the makola shop you work needs you, the world doesnt revolve around the albino ofri gato girl you champion for alright.

    • Akata

      @ato, Ato did you even read the article…boy!!! you are deviating from the whole topic what are you talking about…gush…. next time read before you write…dont write from your shallow brains…demn it… or better still dont come on GC.

  • Dr. Miyagi

    I don’t care about this topic cause they will never learn anyway all I care about is my sweet lovely girl nadia aka first lady your so beautiful miss moi, 

    • @Dr. Miyagi, seriously oh c’mon

      • PAT,

        @GC Staff, she’s the best beauty, -undefeated!  jealousy will kill u!

  • Endowed

    it seems that these this anywhere you turn there is some awards being organized for Africans by Africans I am not saying this is bad but mostly people or projects they award are mediocre. Those who deserve it are never awarded. OMG I heard Golden Icons now have an award show my God is this how to earn quick cash these day because I’m def missing out.

    • @Endowed, oh yes but they do, Endowed, do you any info on Golden icon you want to share.please do.seen the nominees list tho