Richard ‘Olele’ Kingston Says His Wife Was Spiritually Manipulated To Says She Is A Witch & Has Made Him Impotent

Is Richard Kingson really IMPOTENT? I cannot answer that question but after his wife confessed on Live TV saying she has bewitched him, many are asking what is next for their marriage…

If you do not know,  the wedded wife of Richard Kingston appeared Live TV saying she is a witch and has used her spiritual powers to end the career of her husband as well as made him impotent…

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According reports from NewsOne, Olele who was at T.B Joshua’s church when this took place has said, “he believed persons who wanted to embarrass him and sought his downfall actually used spiritual means to make his wife say the things she said about this manhood”.

Read below for excerpts from NewsOne

The two are currently blowing time in London and the celebrated goalkeeper said he believed persons who wanted to embarrass him and sought his downfall actually used spiritual means to make his wife say the things she said about this manhood.

It is difficult to know whether Olele was saying this only to save his face or he actually believed some people ‘spiritually manipulated’ the wife. Olele also did not comment on whether his manhood was intact or problematic. He simply said his wife was spiritually manipulated into a trance to make the scary confessions to a global television audience. Reports said Olele had gone to T.B Joshua’s church to seek the face of God about his personal challenges but the man of God asked him to bring his wife.


What do you think? Is their marriage going to stand? What would you have done if you were Olele? And why did they go to that particular church in the first place even?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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Sasssy says:

herh Kwabena did u seriously say stupid?? be very careful with ur words. how dare u put up such a comment! im begining to think ure the stupid one to say such a thing about men of God…..may God forgive u and ur descendants!!….ure so immature,gosh!!

kwabena says:

these stupid nigerian pastors decieving our people

mother says:

hmmmmmm ,this is just insane ….why should they even seen da man of God publicly to let all this happen . even if da wife is witch ,should they go publicly to a T.B Joshua for her to confess …..geeez this is embarassing and shame for Kingston and his family ..

naa odoley says:

He is facing th situation head on it makes him a real man

jessi says:

No my dear,one died at the fifth month in the pregnancy,it was seen by the scan that one
heart was not beaten but the doctors did nothing,i had to wait till i delivered few days after the eight month,according to the doctors its been medically proved that a dead baby in the womb causes no harm to the mother and since the other 2 were alive,they couldnt do force labour on me,so i had to wait to push all of them out with one dead.2boys and a girl,i lost one boy.As for managing i will say its good to have a mother and ofcause a husband too.

jessi says:


jessi says:

@jessi, hmmmm i see

jessi says:

@jessi,hmmm i see well you have done what a man is surpose too do,surport the wife.

naa asheley says:

@jessi, oh okay..anyways the blessing is still double double… congratulations dear

jessi says:

@naa asheley, thanks girl but its not easy with kids,you go talk till you are tired,and hey i have just watched the video,i mean the miss Ghana USA,congrates you did very well.

aku says:

but seriously i still think the woman was brain wash to say all what she said, if they stayed in the old church and prayed and fasted no body will make adverts out off the problems,they should advise themselfs,stay together and rise there boys,their marriage should n’t end becouse of such rubbish.

fausti says:

@ jessi wow you mean you have triplets?how do you manage with 3 that must be such a work for you.

B.B says:

I understand the story better now. What I dont understand is why he went there. What happened to fasting and going down on your knees to pray to God yourself?

jessi says:

yes what happend to fasting and praying?because it works, i mean i cant really explain what is it has done for me in full details but what i can say it i asked God for just one child through fasting and praying and He game me 3 at a goal,i remember the day my doctor did the scan and said they were 3,i turn around and looked at my husband and we both shook our heads and thaught the doctor was drunk or something,so fasting and praying does work,i have no time for all these churches and their wahala.

naa asheley says:

@jessi, Amen sister….Thank GOD for what he’s done for you…. blessing na triple triple ooo .children na triple triple na triple triple.. lol 

B.B says:

@jessi, awwww, am so happy for you Jessi. May God continue to bless you & your family.

nana ama says:

@jessi, God is good waaa trust me, you never go wrong when you fast and pray on your own. Sometimes he want to hear our cry to open greater doors….Needed to pass an exams so bad prayed and cried unto him even gave some offering to a ministry and guess what after receiving the results, made it on the top 10…. There’s no way i would have passed that exams without  prayers and fasting….Am so happy for your miracle… keep up with the strong faith in God/

nana ama says:

@B.B, good one bb now pray for me is becoming a disease dodo we need to pray for our selves or even with group members… we just cant depend on pastors for prayers.

Frog says:

How the marriage goes will really depend on both of them.
Also I will do what Olele is doing whether it is true or not afterall she gave birth to ur children and damage control is needed which can also be dangerous cos “if ur mother is dead and u keep telling ppl that she is sleeping u will be the one who will go hungry”
Lastly he shdn’t have gone to that man.There are more “wild” men of God whom he could have gone to for spritual help.”Too known” and “guy guy” has done this to him.

B.B says:

@Frog, so what do these “wild” men of God do? Speak to God directly on your behalf?

Frog says:

@B.B, whatever the case sometimes u need some intercessions.God uses Pastors to reveal things that we sometimes cannot see with our own eyes.In the Bible there are many instances where ppl went to prophets to seek the face of God.

B.B says:

@Frog, hmmmmm, even if that is the case, why cant it be between the pastor (and his  prayer team) and that particular person seeking help. Dont they think of the person’s reputation? anyway, i get your point. 

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