LIFESTYLE: Where Is Ghana?

Last week I got the shock of my life when a fellow black woman on the train asked me the odd question-Where Is Ghana?

I was seated on a Train from Holland to London, well dressed in my African print when a black woman who sat next to me initiated a conversation. She mentioned that she loves my dress and that the fabric looks expensive.

After explaining to her it is an African print, I added that back home it is not that much expensive as it looks. She quickly asked; where in Africa are you from?

With a smile on my face, I proudly answered, GHANA.

To my shock, she asked, where is Ghana? I think at that moment, I must have disappeared and reappeared in my seat.

So there are people in Europe of my colour who do not even know where Ghana is situated.

I did not want to sound rude so I calmly answered; Ghana is located in West Africa, it is the first country south of the Sahara to have gained Independence.

Questions upon questions followed. I tried my best to give out as much information as I could to this woman who may be in her late 30’s.

When the questioning was getting too much, I interrupted her by saying; may I ask where you from? She mentioned that, she is originally from Cameroon but she was born in Holland.

To cut long story short, I got off the train very satisfied that I have been able to proudly tell someone about Ghana but then I was also shocked that in this era of internet, people seem not to know where Ghana can be found.

When I got to my sisters place in London, I borrowed her laptop and I found out that, over 6 million people each year Google the phrase ‘Where is Ghana’.

I guess the woman was not alone.

What is the shocking question you have been asked about Ghana? I will surely like to know!

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Solomon says:

Ghana the small country.

Ball so hard miss dior says:

She was born in holland, and shes never been to cameroon or what? Its one thing to be asked these questions by white people and another thing to be asked by an african, so shes trying to say shes never heard ghana in her household, from friends or family, am giving her the side eye on this one cos ghana seem to be popular than most africa countries. I have been asked if we have cars in ghana or ride on donkeys or camels smh

Sir Nart says:

I was a victim to this very question on several occasions and i did my best to explain my beloved mother Ghana.
And please pals, don’t ever made mistake to use Nigeria in telling someone about Ghana cos of their record worldwide less they’ll think Ghana is also like them… Hmmm

Dave says:

@Sir Nart, Stupid Ghanaian; what good records do you people think you have over Nigeria: Medicine?Sports?Education?Infrastructure?Business?Finance/Banking?Music?Art?Entertainment?Why will you always believe that the name Nigeria is synonymous with crimes afterall there are more crimes in US and S/Africa than Nigeria.I don’t blame any of you at all because you have not been to Nigeria before.Lagos state economy is bigger than the whole of Ghana economy.the internet is there for all to check and confirm this. For your info nart, Nigeria has made a lot of positive marks in the western world than all other African countries. Infact as at today, there are more Nigerian students abroad than any other african countries, 32,000 Nigerian Medical doctors in the US alone (as at 2010), so many Nigerian Business men have pact with their western counterpart in the areas of telecom, food, housing, banking and finance, agric, health care, automobiles etc.This is just to mention a few.

kwabena says:

South Africa and nigeria (for obvious reasons if u know what i mean lool) are very well known countries from africa. We are also known to some extent aswell but not as much as those two but whenever i get that question of where is mother Ghana which i get sometimes i just asked them do u know Nigeria which in most cases they’ve heard about (again for obvious reasons lool) and i just say Ghana is next to nigeria but we are the good ones lool…..
but cameroon???? oh please that camerounian girl must be joking and finally why do people keep confusing Ghana for guyana is it not suppose to be the other way round i mean we are much bigger and much more popular than that tiny island……….i need an answer pls

nat says:

@kwabena, they are not confusing ghana and guyana. They know guyana but not ghana, and since both countries ‘sound’ the same so they think it is guyana i mean.

nat says:

most of the time when people ask  me, they usually think i  mean Guyana  and i keep correcting them. finally, i give up.  But the most annoying part is when they (whites) tell me my english is good for someone coming from africa, i just feel like telling them F off

B.B says:

@nat, “………….oh your english is so good for someone coming from africa”, i feel you on that one. i’ve heard that before too.

nat says:

@B.B, i just tell them’ we have schools in my country you know’, then they answer ‘ i bet you have’. i just shake my head and reply back ‘you need  to get out of this country more often when you’re on annual leave’

biz says:


bobby says:

that lady is very stupid. ghana is more well know then cameroon. i think ghana, nigeria and south african are the 3 top well know countries of sub sahara africa. lets ask people where is cameroon?

sarah says:

hehehe i have heard that question several times. where is Ghana i always have to explain to them that its in west africa. some people think Africa is a country so they dont bother to know if there are countries in the continent

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