Magazine Fab: Becca And Sarkodie Cover Glitz Africa Magazine

Sarkodie And Becca Covers Glitz Africa Magazine

Sarkodie And Becca Covers Glitz Africa Magazine

With many blogs, online magazines and outlets breaking news and producing great daily content, I have always wondered if people buy Magazines anymore. But the fact that they are still being produced somehow means that there is still a market for conventional magazines.

Two of Ghana’s talented and biggest artistes- Sarkodie and Becca have covered this month’s edition of Glitz Africa magazine. We all know these two to be hard workers and huge earners.

Sarkodie received a BET award  just  a couple of months ago and Becca released a banger ‘No Away’  just a few months  ago with the undisputed champion of Hip pop in Nigeria, MI. The road to success has not been easy for this two though.

In the magazine, the two musicians have revealed their challenges and triumphs in life, especially in the music.

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The magazine also features Amakye Dede, D-Black, Eazzy, 4×4, Stephanie Benson and Jon Germain.

What do you think of the cover?

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  • maame

    i wish sarkodie would take off his shades for once. y u be rick ross?

    • Ed

      @maame, lol

    • Endowed

      @maame, lol me too but nice magazine cover though

    • @maame, lol ashawo men wears shades all the time lol is meant for starring women secretly 

      • Edlola

        @nana ama, oh charle ashawo men paa. Sarkodie doesn’t deserve this

      • dericka

        @nana ama, yea sarkodie is way better than john cus i kno he’s the 1 u referring to buh this wearing of shades all the time can affect their eye sight too so they must check dat. as for john it looks like u hav a beef with him paaaa so wat haappened nana ama? did he cheat on u too?? just askin oooo lol

        • @dericka, john and i cool hahaha just cant tolerate his playing games lol

        • @dericka, how can i lol have issues with john when am lol inlove with his skills i beg he cheated on couple of girl i know here in DC and it serves them right

          • Edlola

            @nana ama, hein he did? I don’t John will ever so that

            • Edlola

              @Edlola, I mean I don’t think he will ever do that. He is too much of a gentleman

          • Edlola

            @nana ama, I don’t think he will ever do that. he is too much of a gentleman

            • @Edlola, hahahahahaha how can a serial killer labeled himself as a killer?? edlola please he’s a fast guy in the game, also gives them what they lol deserves.

          • Edlola

            @nana ama, hope we are taliking about the same John.hmmm…

            • @Edlola, John dumelo is what dericka stated,,, why are you related to him?

          • Afrak

            @nana ama, ask her again. Answer, are you related to him

            • @Afrak, lol she sound like shes here to defend him hmmm afrak i swear these celebrities do loggon here with fake names just to write good stuffs about them selves.

          • Edlola

            @nana ama, yes, I am related to him is that your own. Why do you people spread things which aren’t true. Leave John Dumelo ooo. He has done no wrong ooo,

          • Edlola

            @nana ama, di wo fie asem

    • B.B

      @maame, i heard he’s shy thats why he always wear shades.

  • N

    Ei Becca looks awesome and s*xy!!!

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    They look good together..

    • Edlola

      @Adjoa Nbaaso), hmmm… but I agree

  • B.B

    I really like Becca’s hair, i always want to see how she styles it. They both look good.

  • ThickMama

    yep Chris sum of us stil buy glossy mags. Lol..u get 2 keep em n read it anytym if u 4get sum tin. I buy newafrican woman mostly,.d online ones need a bookmark n its annoyin if d link is dos 2 luk awesome