Not Just A Pretty Face, Men Who Live In The West Prefer Women With Brains Than Beauty

This has been the case for some men including myself…I think  I have never been part of the era of beauty without brains. I have met and hung out with some super beautiful women in life, but the only ones I have kept real contact with are those that have brains-the super smart ones.

My friend’s have always said; Chris you know all the pretty girls but then you are always dating the average girl like ourselves. Most times, they add this…Wo fia Abayiefoa na eye wo…LOL. (I am not suggesting that you cannot be beautiful and super smart at the same time).

I guess it is nothing to do with the witches of my family.It is a preference which most western men have fully embraced.

Though many women will find it hard to believe, a new research suggests men increasingly value intellect and character in a partner over a shapely figure.

Apparently, traditional wifely skills such as being a good cook are also becoming less important to modern men, British scientists claim.

They say in Western societies where men and women are equal, interest in a woman’s appearance is in decline.

However, women now tend to be more interested in a man’s looks than before, and less preoccupied by their wealth as they are able to depend on themselves financially.

Dr Marcel Zentner, a psychologist at York University, said: ‘We found in societies like Britain, or especially in Scandinavia, men place increasing value on other qualities, like intelligence, rather than curvy figures or skill at cooking’. Source


To me, the best part of a relationship is to be able to have great convo with your partner. Being with someone that you can have intelligent Ontology arguments with and discuss subjects like the Cosmos, World Politics and others is what I look for and cherish…

What about you? What do you go for? Beauty or Brains?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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Frog says:

Beauty is like a visa which wld expire some day but brains are lyk citizenships is till death do u apart.I like women whose intelligence is lyk mine or above it that way ur children cld benefit from it

serwaa says:

I love them intelligent men and I think that is why I am in love with Chris. Lol.

From the way you write and advance your thoughts and arguments, I find that s*xy and intelligent .

So it is not only men who have seen the lightand therefore going for the intelligent women. We women of today like intelligent men too

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@serwaa, EHH Eno Serwaa that!!

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Enjoyed reading this…Its very true many matured men love smart women but don’t they feel threatened at certain point?

Dr Miyagi says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso),thats some good question your asking their but i think intelligent women are 100 times more interesting than dull ones! I think some men who might be on the controlling side don’t like the intelligent ones because they might present too much of a challenge to control. But a confident man who knows who he is will appreciate the gift of intelligence when it comes to a partnership 

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@Dr Miyagi, hmmm..Sweet!Luv it.

Dr. Miyagi says:

I am happy you do@Adjoa Nbaaso),

Dr Miyagi says:

It’s an interesting topic Still i can only speak for myself. I like a smart woman. The woman I date should have an intellect equal to or greater than my own. In addition, she should have opinions and be prepared to qualify them. I want to have interesting conversations. I want to solicit advice. I want to be partners. If her IQ is greater than mine, that’s ok by me but it should never be used to put me down or make me feel inferior, just as I would never want to make my partner feel that way. Going beyond that, smart, successful, strong women are s*xy as hell! “Time is the best teacher”

Constance says:

@Dr Miyagi, lol heheheheh…. tis one who’s qualify????????

Dr. Miyagi says:

Lool no comment hahha@Constance,

uu says:

That is sooooo damn true……we ghanaians are just blinded by a girls beauty.  We tend to ignore the inner beauty. 
“eii chale ur girl dey bee ooo….3nso na wona wonim nia wote ho”…….

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@uu, ahahahahha..true thou..That one is called “Outside gentility, home cry”

B.B says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), LOL

ticia says:

Chris… i got the brain n gud job ..will u married me lol

uu says:

@ticia, Will u “married” me? 

Semi-Cartermatic says:

lol Chris im with u on this one..

cristalbalck says:

actually this is very true most guys I have spoken to concerning this issue always tells me when they were younger and was playing the field, they went for pretty girls and didnt pay much attention to the brians as they wanted to just show their women off but as they grew older and wanted someone to settle with, they looked for the brains because that is what can help them get higher in life. there is nothing like a woman who has a bit of the looks and a big brain by your side they say. but the same time some men just wants somthing the world would look at. as much as this is true, people are different

Constance says:

lol wat do u mean by tat hun??????? ve Chris chased u b4?? im jus askin on this topic paaaa is vry serious tho.yes brains matters as well as beauty too bcos these TWO WORDS is hard to explain LOGICALLY becos wat one may considered UGLY is nice for someone n tat anoda may considered BEAUTIFUL may seems ugly for anoda u knw but in either case no sensible man wld want a woman tat hasnt got BRAINS tho.cos tat is goin to help em both attains success at de highest level…..Good day!!! But if I was a man gosh I wld go for both BEAUTY n BRAINS….

Edlola says:

hmmm Chris, you sure you are attracted to brains and not beauty? I am finding it hard to believe ooo.

Dr. Miyagi says:

Eeeey Ananse ntentan@Edlola,

Edlola says:

@Dr. Miyagi, lol

Dr Miyagi says:


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