OBS: Boyfriend Stabs His Lover To Death After She Didn’t Tell Him She Had HIV Before They Had Sex

This is sad…As much as I feel sorry for the boyfriend-Larry Dunn Jr, I still think stabbing your girlfriend to death because she did not inform you of her her HIV status is not the way forward. The questioned I asked myself is; what would I have done if that was me?

What would you have done if that was you?

Anyway, read below for more….

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A man confessed to stabbing his girlfriend to death because she did not tell him she was HIV positive before they had s*x.

‘She killed me, so I killed her’, Larry Dunn Jr, 36, told officers in Dallas, Texas, after the body of Cicely Bolden, 28, was found by her two young children returning home from school.

The 28-year-old was lying n*ked from the waist down on her bedroom floor bleeding from two stab wounds in her neck.

Ms Bolden and 36-year-old Dunn had recently started dating. He later told police that when she confessed to having the virus she then told him it was ‘not that bad’.

He became upset and walked to the kitchen to get a knife which he used to kill her with, according to police.

Neighbor Latoya Arnett, who called 911, told Kens5: ‘All I know is, she didn’t deserve it and her kids didn’t deserve to see her like that.

‘She was a good mom. Loved her kids to death. I can’t imagine my kids seeing me like that. I know it hurt them.’

Police say Dunn cooperated fully with their investigation.

During a recorded interview he admitted the crime and revealed he burned his clothes afterwards and dumped the knife in the garbage at a waffle house.

Police later recovered the weapon.

The father of Cicely’s son, Jeff Busby, told Fox that Bolden had contracted HIV within the last couple of years. He is currently looking after her son and daughter.

Speaking about Dunn, who is being held on $50,000 bond, he said: ‘I hope he rots in prison. She did not deserve this.’

Ms Arnett said she went inside the apartment and found Cicely lying on the bedroom floor.

Earlier that day, she claimed, she had seen Dunn arriving at the apartment.

Stuffed teddy bear toys have been laid outside what’s now a boarded-up apartment in Highland Village Drive with candles lit in memory of Ms Bolden.

Check out the video below


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.
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  • Constance

    Well this is very sad but de lady too didnt try she shld ve tld him b4 de s*x..although wat de guy did wasnt good I knw at tat point in tym he was so vry mad but shldnt ve dont tat tho.Both re guilty tho….SO SAD

    • Cheryl

      @Constance, Can you speak better english than that? Geez

      • Dr Miyagi

        @Cheryl,what is your problem are we in a English classroom people like you need to stop moaning 

      • Constance

        @Cheryl, look u re vry stupid to say such a tin n by de f*cking way y wont u come n teach me hun???????? look u re a fool again come my way again n I will teach u u fool….wat’s ur own?????Did I force u 2 read wat i wrote??????????????Nonsense u re soooooo damn ass stupid ok b4 I wld even c u attended those stupid schools I dare u ass to reply again kk

        • shyshantelle

          @Constance, you do sound stupid. spell your words right if you can. @ cheryl their is nothing wrong with being smart and being able to spell. 

      • shyshantelle

        @Cheryl, i totally agree. I can barely follow what her dumb ass is trying to say. 

        • Constance

          @shyshantelle, as to weather de two of u re de same person i dont gave a damn abt wat u think cos u re USELESS n wldnt waste my tym n u bitch

        • Constance

          @cheryl, who even want to ff stupid fool i wrote tat 4 myself nt 4 a fool lik u bitch

    • Dr Miyagi

      @Constance,it is sad yeah but both of them where wrong 

      • Constance

        @Dr Miyagi, i knw ryt n ALL DIE B DIE lol sad tho.

        • Dr. Miyagi

          Don’t mind her you can tell that she had nothing to say don’t make people like her you cup of thee stay @Constance,

        • Dr. Miyagi

          True that@Constance,

    • shyshantelle

      @Constance, if you have something intelligent to say or not your stupid spelling is silly as hell. Who wants to communicate with a person that talks or types like that. From one black woman to another you sound stupid and ignorant. You come off really hood and not  in a good way. 

      • Constance

        @shyshantelle, u re de biggest ve eva seen n i will cont to write lik tis all de modafka ot der get me yeah i dont gave a freak abt wat think cos u all can come n lick n ass 4 all i care dump ass did i write it der 4 r modafuka ass hole f*ck u all

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          @Constance, u fool is it GC im goin to show hw intelligent im? stupid fool its a blog so who cares abt weather u get wat i said or not pathetic fool lik u n 4 ya info did i tell u tat i needed to communicate wit u hun?

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  • Exodus 21:24
    eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,

  • biz


    • Dr Miyagi

      @biz,your very stupid to ask me that question how can u ask me that if i have never been in his pisition

      • Dr Miyagi

        @Dr Miyagi,position

    • shyshantelle

      @biz, it’s not a crime to contract aids but it is a crime to know you have aids and not inform your partner.