Video: Talented Efya Performs ‘Cigarette’ For MsYouTV11 Comments

Chris-Vincent A. Febiri
Posted on 10 Sep 2012 at 7:38pm

Talented Ghanaian songstress-Efya sat down with MsYouTV in Nigeria and she performed a wonderful live rendition of her single ‘Cigarette’…

I have always said that, this chick is talented and she is wasting the talent…I hope she gets the bigger platform soon! Her voice is amazing…She needs that higher push!

Check out the performance below

Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

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  • Constance

    Well its meant 4 herself lol she shld take de advice first kk


  • Dr Miyagi

    Love your voice some nice sweet voice but keep working on your vocals you got a bright future in front of you


  • uu

    lyk’em tytlz Chris…..TALENTED 3FYA….RIGHTLY PUT……. I WONDEY SOMTYMZ Y PEOPLE WOULD EVEN COMPARE BECCA TO 3FYA……..chyk z a biiiiiiiiiiiiiggggg deal, hu eff z BECCA..??


  • `madam social

    i’ve always loved efya


  • naa asheley

    nice one Efya…


  • Solomon

    what will we do without Nigeria.
    Absolutely nothing.


  • mother

    hmmmmm .am wondering why she cant still find a producer to help make just one abulm ..yet she is all over the place …..smh ….


  • kwabena

    am glad our artists are starting to go to that country to show them how it is done not all this rubbish they sing and call music……..our actors have done it and they are now the best in africa and nobody can contest with them and now our musicians are making the move to take over that country thats nice am proud of efya


    Solomon Reply:

    Do you really believe what you wrote up there?
    Maybe you need to check the number of nominations,Nigerian have in the channel’o awards,and we are not even south-africans.
    We are unarguable the best entertainers in africa.The only reason we embrace ghanians is because we are not petty and small-minded,and we love west-africa.


  • lovely

    ghana peeps why can’t u all appreciate nigeria for once, without nigeria, hunger would have killed ur so called celebrity back there in ghana


  • gosh

    her management team r not helping her at all