Photos: Okoro Sisters Grace Guinness VIP Launch in Ghana

Nowadays, award winning Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro does not go out to any public function without her two sisters; Elizabeth and Rosaline ‘Ngozi’ Okoro.

This practice has almost become a norm now. There is nothing wrong in ‘stealing’ some of the spotlight of their sister especially when Rosaline is in the race for the coveted Miss Ghana 2012 crown.

GhanaCelebrities.Com spotted the actress and her sisters at the launch of Guinness VIP inside Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra over the weekend.

The Guinness VIP is the official club for Guinness drinkers who are above 18 and want to share their passion for life and football.

Football fans in Ghana can register via and engage each other in a chat with friends and talk about football.

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  • Daisy, London

    Okoro to be a Miss Ghana? That will be the day Nigerians will laugh at us that we can’t even find a single gal beautiful enough who’s 100 percent Ghanaian to be Miss Ghana. But then again Miss Ghana ain’t what it used to be and generally pageants are a lame form of measuring a woman’s beauty. Methink one Okoro is enough in the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry. If their surname was Ghanaian as in their dad being Ghanaian, it would have it a bit more acceptable. People vote for the full Ghanaians. You know how Nigerians see anything between themselves n GH as competition. This one an Naija gal.

    • Edlola

      @Daisy, London, Oh get off that they are through and through Ghanaians. They own Ghana passport , don’t they?please,please…

    • zena

      @Daisy, London, yvinnecwanta to be like our ghana Super star but she can never be like her. She is trying so hard. She looks like a witch

      • Henry

        @zena, I think u meant to say Yvonne okoro. She is a copy cat I don’t like her she takes her accent to so annoying.

    • @Daisy, London, Well their mom is a ghanaian and you should know that by now, As ghanaians we always bond with our mom side more than dads.. I dont see none wrong with her contesting and winning, after all she’s the prettiest and smartest among them all, you can verify this by watching their entire interview video’s.  Funny thing is they dont consider them selves to be naija’s those girls loves ghana to the fullest. Daisy please lets appreciate her for her good work. thanx  

    • Kay

      @Daisy, London,That is so racist (For  lack of a better term) Daisy..Black on Black hate…they got Ghanaian blood running through them right? They are very much Ghanaian too and will vote for her if she has wits in addition to her beauty from the contest!!!

      • @Kay, Thank you so much i reason with wise ones like you.. 

  • awura adwoa

    make-up never on point okoro……u girls are beginning to look lyk some sort of clowns….not even confident enough with ur beauty which will obviusly shine with a lil polish……pls do something aba it….just not right…

    • @awura adwoa, wow wow wow lets see a picture of you and your make up on.. Please why the hatred on the okoro’s?? 

    • Dr. Miyagi

      Bodamfuo Woho Tan Tan be@awura adwoa,

      • @Dr. Miyagi, hahahahahaahhaahha good lol 

        • Dr. Miyagi

          Looool@nana ama,

          • honey

            @Dr. Miyagi, lmaaaooooo miyagi is craay lool….anywayz miyagi as for this one i no gree with u lool u know she daaaamn right about that make up,i realised the okoro sisters take make up too seriously and they need to tone it doown a lil bit…..anywayz looking at trhis pics u can spot the real star in a heartbeat loool love her shoes,they look like walter steiger..(yvonne okoro)

            • @honey, hahaha but awura adwoa could have said it better… why call someone a clown for putting on make up?? 

      • ato

        @Dr. Miyagi, good one there ,bros hope you gud.

  • Solomon

    @Daisy, London,
    i think its the other way round.
    Ghana are the ones always trying too hard to compete with Nigerians,and when they can’t,they begin to malign us.
    A lot of Nigerians never knew of these so-called rivalvry,until some group of ghanians came and hijack some of Nigerians chatting sites with anti-Nigerian propaganda.
    As for yvonne okoro,she is not Nigerian,as she does not have the Nigerian mentality and ideology and so cannot fit in with us,due to the fact that she grew up in ghana.
    She is lucky to be raised in ghana, and not Nigeria,as she may have been overshadowed by better actresses.
    She was born

    • GHBabe

      @Solomon, Why do you nigerians always try to the play the victim card. you guys like to talk trash about other people but you hate when people retaliate. maybe unlike you nigerians, we ghanaians like to talk based on facts and evidence and the evidence is quiet clear.You guys are certified haters period!!! go to all these so called nigerian websites and see how much you guy make senseless mockery of us. that stupid condescending attitude typical of you nigerians. you guys intentionally create topics denegrading ghanaians for your big mouth nigerians to feed on., nairaland, and naijapals are my evidence. you guys have attacked us virtually in every aspect of our lives and even to the extend of calling the citizens of ghana ugly. when we retaliate you turn around and call us hater, really? you guys even call south africans ugly for no apparent reason. i mean imagine a nigerian calling someone ugly funny? it seem you guys are the only africans that think that ghanaians and south africans are ugly. why? beacuse you hate competition. you guys are so engulfed with this typical “Naija no dey carry last” saying that you tend to hate when someone is doing better than you guys. you guys hate south africans simply because they have developed their country and getting all worldwide attention. you wish that with that oil money and large workforce, you had atleast been able to develop your country closed to theirs. you guys hate ghana obviously for many reason. From the fact that ghanaians are peaceful and dont have to worry about issues with Boko Haram to Obama coming to our country instead of yours to Blackstars making African proud in the world cap, to us having 24 hr electricty when majority of places in ur country cant even boast of uninterrupted electricity for even a day. i can go on and on. i think you guys need to learn to humble yourself because frankly you guys are stupidly arrogant. you guys are so arrogant and boastful that i guess you tend to forget or ignore problems in your country , no wonder problems in your country has compounded that ur government doesnt even know how to deal with them. Instead of you guys concentration on the problems of the majority, you guys are busy boasting of Dagonte, Nollywood , Dbanj, geneveive, Psquare when the majority of your pupulation continue to suffer. i guess you think we dont know about Nigeria right? thank God for technology.I am not saying you shouldnt be proud of their success but that doesnt guarantee you to look down on other Africans like a lot of you do. Former UN secretary general was ghanaian, and one of the great NASA scientist here in the US is also ghana, Ave Kludze. there are also lot of ghanaians in the diaspora making us proud but we hadly talk about them because we see it as an individual success and not as a collective success. Maybe until we turn every ghanaian into the next Kofi Annan or Ave Kludze or Oswald Boateng, we are still going to keep calm and support those who have made a legacy for themselves but we are not boast about them, and i ll suggest you are your people do the same.


        • honey

          @nana ama, lmaaaaaaooooo laaaawd im dying….eeii nana ama this na too serious oooo. look the trouble daisy don cause hahahahahahaha

          • @honey, lol naija folks don’t respect lol is best we straighten them 

  • style3ny3yaano

    i have a feeling that she will win misss ghana simply because of her famous sister. she doesnt deserve to be miss ghana since she is not fully ghanaian. and the other sister looks like a drag queen

    • @style3ny3yaano, asem ni why all these harsh words… well you could have contested for it if you are too good to win. She’s a ghanaian blood rocks twi like crazy and doesn’t even know a thing about naija please leave her alone she deserves it.

  • awwww the pretty sisters!! roseline please bring home that throne

    • Dr Miyagi

      @nana ama,they are indeed beautiful i should have been in between and make a wish 

      • @Dr Miyagi,hahahaha lol yes maybe the youngest will do for you.

        • Dr. Miyagi

          Lol I will rather go for 3 strikes all 3 of them@nana ama,

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    Soo adorable..Who is the eldest then?

  • Anna

    I liKe yVOnNe’S ShOEs

    • @Anna, i know right the okoro girls are so full of life.. haters drink your haterode 

      • `madam social

        @nana ama, lol i never knew we had a drink called haterode lmao

        • @`madam social, hahahaha is for haters abi lol maybe we can mix some for those hating lol

  • kwabena

    please someone who’s full name is yvonne chichiniyerere okekerekere okoro is not Ghanaian to me……..does that name sound Ghanaian to you??? for all i know she could be a full nigerian born in GH and lieing that her mum is Ghanaian kmt i have nothing against her but the fact remains her full names are nigerian and she’s not one of us……in Ghana we are proud of our names and someone who doesn’t bear our name is not acceptable so she her sister can’t be miss Ghana…….if she wins now thats how the nigerians will come and start saying they are running Ghana

    the other day she went on internet saying happy independence day to nigeria referring to herself as “us nigerians” pls kmt thats why i love my jackie, my yvonne, my ama K, my martha ankomah these are full blooded Ghanaians not all these van vicker and okoros who will betray us at any slight chance they get

    • Dr. Miyagi

      You got issues dude@kwabena,

    • @kwabena, wabon s3 ekro wai hahahahaha 

    • GoldenGurl

      @kwabena, Damn if you were White you’d be KKK 😀 this is wow shocking serious go and rethink your mindset. Black on black hate is a VERY sad thing. It’s wen I started dating a man from Ghana I learnt how ppl from Ghana so hate Nigerians wow 

  • kwabena

    thank you i got issues but unlike you i will protect and defend my country with my last drop of blood before some ppl sneak into our mist claiming to be one of us and then sell our country to their own never when they get the chance i will never let that happen

    • Dr. Miyagi

      Hahahahaha you sound worst than a fool listen to yourself stop making noise okay your not making sense protect your country who do you think you are since your protecting your country how come you allowed those asians and nigerians to come and stay there stop your nonsense okay@kwabena,

    • @kwabena, lol did you doubled read what you typed before posting?

      • Dr. Miyagi

        I wonder@nana ama,

  • B.B

    well, its better for her to be  with her family than some so called fake friends.

    • @B.B, very true…. is better that way than some so called friends hmmm lol no names

  • Na wa o…. the way Ghanaians love to claim people with less than a quarter Ghanaian blood in their veins or DNA.
    The ‘Okoros’ are Nigerians through and through, but since they were born and bred in GH,they ‘ve acquired that ‘Ghanaian thing’. It is only when either of these sisters marry a full blooded Ghanaian husband, that’s when Ghana can truly claim them. But I can bet that’s never going to happen. These ladies will all marry Naija men, who wante to bet?
    So,Ghanaian children bear their mothers name and nationality? Can someone please help me define the true meaning of the word ‘B^stard? Cos it’s beginning to look like Ghana is full of them,

    • Dr. Miyagi

      Dude shut up your mouth I’m sure you where so ugly at birth that your mum just gave you away to the most useless and ugly okada driver @Nword,

      • @Dr. Miyagi, ‘Monkey no fine,but him Mama like am’…that’s the Ghanaian story,UGLY children that can only be loved by their mothers. Thus, you all bear yo mamas name…LOL 

        • Dr. Miyagi

          Fooolish boy u talk allot of trash you know but I don’t blame you at all cause its Only InNigeria you’ll find a student of Mechanical Engineering doing his I.T. in a Police station so I do understand where your coming from “ogachimp”@Nword,

        • @Nword, wo maame tw3 mary go round wati aboa funu hahaha

          • Dr. Miyagi

            Don’t mind that Dog he needs to look at own Yoruba girls.. With make’ up like dey were raped by a gang of horny Crayon@nana ama,

  • wow beauties. I never new she had sisters. They look so much alike

  • Solomon

    where do i start from?
    1)we dont play the victim card,and we are not afraid of competition that is why can come and dominate you in your country,and all over africa.
    Truely Naija no dey carry last.
    2)we dont hate on ghanians.
    Even i was never aware of these ghana rivalvry until some ghanians attacked with anti-nigeria propaganda.
    Why dont you see us hating on cameroon,togo and ivory-coast,despite the fact that they are closer to us than ghana?
    If we were hating on you,why are your entertainers gladly welcomed and taken care of in Nigeria?
    3) majority of Nigerians are middle-class citizens,and are not suffering.
    I definitely hope you are smart enough not to believe I.M.F/WORLD BANK statistics.
    3)yes,it is true that we can be Quite arrogant,but who wouldn’t?
    We proud of our achievements as individuals and as a country in the face of difficulties amd challenges.
    I definitely do not apologize for that,and even though some Nigerians may look down on some people,they should treated as individuals and not branding the whole nation as ‘proud’.
    3)The reason why we see the success of Nigerians im the diaspora as a collective success hs because when they committ crimes,the whole nation suffers for it.
    I am definitely sure you ghanians stereotype Nigerians based on the actions of one or two Nigerians.
    Why didn’t you treat them as individuals?
    Why did you make it a collective thing?
    We share both the good and bad achievements collectively.
    That is the Nigerian spirit.
    4)we are not envious of ghana or south africa in anyway.
    These are the reasons you mentioned:
    1)ELECTRICITY:Nigeria generates more electricity,than ghana.
    The only reason why ghana enjoys more power,is due to the small size of your country.
    Nigeria is damn too big,but we enjoy18-22 hrs of electricity,which is not bad.
    We are improving,amd we will get there.
    2)peace:ghana is more stable because of small size and few linguistic differences.
    Nigeria has a population of 170million,with over 400 ethnic groups.
    What do you expect?
    We are doing well compared to other african countries,and if there was unrest in ghana 2moro,Nigeria will be the one mobilizing ecowas forces to restore peace,the way we did in ivorycoast,liberia,and currently mali.
    3)south-africa’s prosperity is white-induced.
    The blacks there are just like a poster or a figure head.
    Nigeria the second largest economy in africa is the true face of black prosperity.
    P.S:The coming of obama to ghana is no big deal.
    We have had various american presidents come to Nigeria before.
    Besides,he later invited president goodluck to washington specially.

    • GHBabe

      @Solomon, if the coming of Obama to Ghana was no big deal why then did you guys bash us at your various website?Damn!Even Kenyans were quiet. Hmm! isn’t it ironic that you guys know how to mobilize and restore peace in other african countries like you claim but you don’t know how to mobilize and restore peace in your own country.And which US presidents visited ur country? is it Clinton or Bush because as far as i know they visited Ghana too

      • @GHBabe, please leave this naija rat alone don’t even waste your time… they claim we not smart but yet want to be around our social media smh.. Don’t pay him no mind plss

      • Solomon

        1)boko-haram are a terrorrist group that lives within the country,and hide within the populace after carrying out their nefarious acts.
        Unleashing the full force of the Nigerian army would result in the loss of civilian lives.
        It would have been much easier,if they were operating from outside Nigeria.
        America would not have enjoyed good success against al-queda,if they operated from within america.
        2)Most Nigerians were not involved in this ghana bashing,when obama came.
        It is true that we were surprised,but we all understood the political message,he was trying to pass.
        So,it would be wise,if you treat those few Nigerians bashing ghana as individuals and not lump them with the whole nation.
        3)The presence of western presidents in Africa,is never a good thing.
        They are here to foster their interests,and most of the time at our detriments.
        It is not like we need their validation or anything.

    • Betty(Miss Ghana)

      @Solomon, Solo, first of all I hail you well well for this fine head wey you throw for here. But one question O boy this tin dey pain you no be small. Why ?
      if you are not worried about all these why did you take time to list all and shake like epilepsy go kill you before tomorrow? Ha!
      Even me, proper lagosian wey don claim Miss Ghana title for myself, I never shake. 
      Which kind unnecessary banter be dis na?
      I beg you get too much sense for this cheap insulting game the ghanaian and nigerian toys want to display for here. shame on all the nigerians and gahanaians insulting eachother. useless is your name.
      Solo, email me make we jolly dey go.

    • Goldengurl

      @Solomon,Amen jere! I can’t just understand the need for random hatred. Well actually I can coz is obvious some GH ppl have severe inferiority complexes! SEVERE! What the heck does this article have to do with their origin being half Nigerian that the first comment was so negetive? Anyway allow them, low self esteem cant always be helped.

  • henry gyamfi

    hhmmmm As3m beba dabi……i dnt know why ghanaians are tolerating such nonsense in our entertainment industry……how can nija gur stand in for miss ghana…wahala dey for this country ooo……wats up with this okoro gurs n their makeups jess…..why are they tryin soo hard to be seen in public mcheeewwww……please ROSELIN OKORO…find sumwhere n sit wai let the reall ghanaians run this pageant….adzeennnnnnnnnnn….go to ur father land n do ur competition there….

    • @henry gyamfi, well she chose her motherland Ghana any problem??

      • Nana Akua

        @nana ama, Well said!! i wud RETWEET if this was twitter!

  • lilyy


    • Goldengurl

      @lilyy, say it again oo! Its such a shame coz hardly anyone has anything positive to say about the article. Like it’s Yvonne’s fault her father is a Nigerian man. Maybe she should publicly relinquish her Nigerian roots and satify the people of Ghana. Its too too sad.

  • Nana Akua

    Urm…Why are u guyz contradistinguishing ( be it inter racial discrimination) ??? Ghana n Nigeria are both West African countries and both colonized by the british, we are one body..!!
    Honestly, am starting to take this thing personal cuz ignorant pple like the ones above need to be enlightened.
    Don’t know why the Okoro’s r nationality bother yall a lot. They are TRUE GHANAIANS!! 
    JUST A REMINDER: In case yall forgot the definition of a citizen, is right here——>>>>>>>>a native or  

    naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it..!!
    Below is also a link of the constitution of the citizenship of Ghana.

    Therefore Her sister has every right to contest for the Miss Ghana pageant. Not only is she Ghanian but Beauty, Intelligence, Poise, Sophistication, Glamour, Compassion defines her! And the Executives of the pageant made a perfect choice!! Big Ups to them!! All the Best Roseline..:)

    Actress Yvonne Okoro is Just beautiful inside n out..!! Am sure yall knoe that..!! Matter of fact don’t hate what you can’t imitate..!N jus so yall knoe “Hating on them Only makes them famous…”
    Enough Said!!

  • arah

    Why didn’t Roseline join all the other Miss Ghana contestant to the launch? Is it because she wanted to flaunt her dress or heavily made-up face? I will be surprised if she made the winner.
    GC stop behavin like News 1 .. Stop this publicity stunt for this family who are soooooooo desperate for fame. Thanx

    • arah

      @arah, one more thing, they should stop wearing those bum pads everywhere they go.
      They should just accept who they are

      • @arah, They didn’t paid chris to published their pictures, he did… Why you sounding so jealous? looking at the next article shows she joined them to lunch but decided to take photo’s with sisters too…How do you know they wearing bum pads?? fukked them before???

  • Yaa

    Yvonne the make-up be toooooooooooooooo much. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????????????

  • Omo Naija

    I Am A NiGERIAN ND I’M PROUD That Makes me an African. Mumu ghanians use ur head if she wantz tew be kald a qhanian she wud ave said it point blank nt dt m an african” shoo! Who tawk say she be african. Buh wait o y ar u ghanians jobless na debatinq baselesly? D yvonne okoro no even fyn self make she beta claim dt qhana coz if she enta naija nobdy go even notice am becoz we’ve got betta talentz xo we definitly ave no use ov her hre. N.B ALL OUR NOLLYWOOD STARZ ARE 100% NIGERIAN! Sowe guys like we knw Naija Rocks! We aint takinq last. Nd i hear say van dae live 4 lagos wetin happun? Accra ahbi na akara no get space?