Singing Couple, Yaayaa And Fritz Takes Their Amorous Relationship To The Public6 Comments

GC Staff
Posted on 11 Sep 2012 at 9:52am


Singingcouple, Yaayaa and Fritz at the launch of Guinness VIP in Ghana

Singing couple, Yaayaa and Fritz at the launch of Guinness VIP in Ghana

Most of you wouldn’t readily make out the couple in the pictures but after watching their videos; you would know that they are trying to climb the musician ladder with alacrity.

These are pictures of singers, Bertha and Fritz who were spotted in town recently by GhanaCelebrities.Com having fun of their lives and probably telling the world that, “we are an item and proud about it”.

Unlike the norm where stars hide, especially when they are dating each other, Bertha and Fritz are doing just the opposite by taking their amorous relationship to the general public.

Now known as YaaYaa, Bertha Bridget Kankam won music reality show, ‘Stars of the Future’ organised by Charter House in 2009 whiles Fritz also won Citi FM’s ‘Voice Factory’ in the same year and the two has since not looked back.

Check out the pictures. Fritz is bloating as Yaayaa maintains her natural body curves.

Singing couple, Yaayaa and Fritz at the launch of Guinness VIP in Ghana

Singing couple, Yaayaa and Fritz at the launch of Guinness VIP in Ghana

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6 People Complaining...

  1. -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Edlola

    99 Total Comments

    Isn’t me or Fritz looks funny in these pictures


  2. Vote -1 Vote +1ThickMama

    462 Total Comments

    u 2 hurry up n make a song ah! Lol


    Vote -1 Vote +1Constance Reply:

    @ThickMama, I wonda kraaa dey attend almst all events in GH n yet dey dont even ve a song tat i cld sing off head abaaaa n those tat comes out wit hot tones evry nw n then keep their composure at these events lol


    Vote -1 Vote +1ThickMama Reply:

    @Constance, lol gh 4 u oh…mayb dey wan finish skul b4 dey start makin songs. Cos i knw dey both got great voices..jst wonda wat dier managers r doin?


    Vote -1 Vote +1Constance Reply:

    Beauty n de Beast hun


  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Maame

    12 Total Comments

    Cause Efya also known as Jane has her name efya viral so  she also wanna be known as yaayaa. Lol welp wish them all the best in their love life. 


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