The One Man Churches: When God Calls You Into Ministry; Does It Mean You Should Establish Your Own Church?

Recently, I have heard some musicians turned pastors because they believe God has called them into it.  I have also seen and heard many people that have all gone into pastoring because they feel it is their calling.  When you look around Ghana, USA, and the UK, you will find many different churches with very unique names.

I feel so happy that God is calling all these people into ministry because Jesus was concerned that there may not be enough preachers to reach out to the world, so he told a story about that to us in the Bible and actually cautioned us to pray for more people to work for God.  Matthew 9:37-38 “Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

The laborers are coming in great numbers, but it seems they are not willing to work together. Almost every person who believes God has called him/her to minister ends up opening his/her own church. My question is that, for all these one man churches, who do they account to?  Are they in the ministry to really do God’s work or they are there for make money?

There are so many churches that have been established for decades and centuries, and are doing great things around the world. These churches always need pastors to work for them. So why is that some of these people who have been called into ministry don’t go to work for one of these churches? There are Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Assembly of God, Pentecost, Apostolic, and EP churches.  I don’t believe that everyone who is supposedly called by God to minister must establish his/her own church.

These pastors of the one man churches are co-founders and overseers of their churches, and they account to no one.  Of course, there have been some churches that began as a one man church, but have substantially expanded across the world.  Some examples would be International Central Gospel Church, Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministry, and Royal House Chapel.  But in general, most of these one man churches don’t expand because some of these pastors just look out for themselves.  I have seen many of these one churches fail miserably especially here in the USA. To them, there is no accountability of the funds that are raised to do God’s work, so they misuse it.

Let us all pray that truly if God is calling these people into ministry, he should also touch their hearts, so that when they decide to open a church, they can use it for the right purpose, and not for their own personal gain.

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m/s says:

this is the same question i have been asking myself and m sister.  no they dont need to extablish their own church but they can go in the name of the same church they go to wherever they are going because it is the same teaching, same doctrine and the same God that they’ve been taught so what makes u open ur own church with different name on the church. when paul was in corinth, he was taching them about the same god and when he left the church to timothy to handle it, he went to tessalonia to teach them the same god that he was teaching the corinth . but nowadays men want to establish their own church and get more people and the the more people come in, the more they get their money hmmmm awuarde hu y3n mmobo wai…

GC Staff says:

@m/s, That is so true m/s. And have you paid attention to some of the names they give these churches? Very interesting indeed.

yellooooo says:


Dr Miyagi says:

I call them money makers easy way to make money these people can even turn a school or car garage into a church all i can say is #godiswatchingthem 

GC Staff says:

@Dr Miyagi, Though not all of them may be in for the quick money, the pattern and behavior is making these one man churches very questionable.

Dr. Miyagi says:

@GC Staff,that’s true

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