Defining The Grounds: Why Roseline Okoro Should Not And Would Not Win Miss Ghana 2012-PART 2

Roseline Okoro-Left

Roseline Okoro-Left

I have been busy (travelled to Paris) and have not had time to address the absolute misunderstanding some commenters have displayed in relation to my recent article ‘My Thoughts: Why Roselin Okoro Should Not And Would Not Win Miss Ghana 2012’.

I am told the article was discussed on PeaceFm and because I was away, they could not reach me to substantiate on the piece.  I have listened to the discussion that took place on PeaceFm, Miss Ghana’s publicist’s reactions and I have also read Yvonne Okoro’s gobbledygook reaction to my article…

From the comments on GhanaCelebrities.Com and the discussions that have taken place on several platforms, I think the substantive issue I raised in the piece has not been fully understood, restraining the seriousness of the matter to only Roseline Okoro’s candidacy/surname…

I firmly stand by my initial arguments. I will use this piece to give those who clearly do not understand and have chosen to use her surname (and her being a Nigerian) only as the main issue to get things right…

I am extremely delighted that my initial article which touched on a dicey but necessary issue gaining grounds in the running of beauty pageants such as Miss Ghana has gotten the deserving attention.

Using Roseline Okoro’s candidacy, I questioned the legitimacy of her participating in Miss Ghana 2012 and possibly proceeding to win.  I did so on the grounds that;

I do not have a problem with her citizenship as a Ghanaian but the question is, is she a Ghanaian ENOUGH (for the purpose of Miss Ghana) to contest and win?

I will break down the foreseeable problems and floodgate this issue would bring to Miss Ghana if it is not well addressed.

Let’s look at this;

  • If a Chinese couple migrates to Ghana and have a child in Ghana. Even though both of the child’s parents are pure Chinese, by birth, she would become a citizen of Ghana. If this child lives with her Chinese parents in Ghana till she is 19, would she be able to contest in Miss Ghana, win and represent Ghana at Miss World? Would her representation be embraced by Ghanaians? After all, she is a citizen of Ghana right?
  •  I have a bi-racial friend (mixed race) in Ghana. Her father is pure Russian and her mother is a full blooded Ghanaian. She was born in Ghana and have lived in Ghana all her life.  She is also a Ghanaian citizen. Can she contest and win Miss Ghana and proceed to represent Ghana at Miss World? And would Ghanaians accept her representation? After all,  she is in the same pot as Roseline Okoro (the only difference is, her father is from Russia instead of Nigeria).
  • Are we saying, as long as a person is a citizen of Ghana (and has lived there for  some time), she  qualifies to participate in Miss Ghana?  Are you telling me that if a Ghanaian comes to Europe and marries a white girl (18 years) and brings the person to Ghana.  After  years of stay in Ghana, such a white girl when 24 years can contest for Miss Ghana and win and proceed to participate in Miss World on behalf of Ghana?  Would Ghanaians fully accept her representation?  After all, she is a Ghanaian right?

Contrary to what some people think, it is not all citizens of Ghana who can become a President, Member of Parliament or hold certain public offices in Ghana . If you are a citizen of Ghana, and also a citizen of another country (dual citizen), you cannot hold certain public offices.

This is where my notion of ‘LESSER’ citizen sets in.  A lesser citizen of a nation is a citizen who cannot enjoy FULL rights of that country by virtue of certain limitations placed on his/her citizenship. (Example; dual citizens in Ghana, non-natural citizens in USA, etc).

Why is it so? After all, the person could have been born in Ghana to Ghanaian parents but may just have acquired another citizenship in addition to his/her Ghanaian citizenship? This is because the law has been defined to categorically state which ‘type’ of Ghanaian citizens can hold certain public offices. ( I am told Roseline Okoro is a dual a citizen). Why can’t beauty pageants held in Ghana also define their rules for us to know exactly who can contest and cannot?

What does Miss Ghana say? Which type of Ghanaian citizens can participate? If they vaguely say every citizen of Ghana who has lived in Ghana for considerable years, then they are opening up a floodgate…And Roseline Okoro’s participation would become a contemporary precedent.

Let me chip in this, I have read Yvonne Okoro’s reply to my first article and I find it absurd that she stated that ‘she is an African’. When did being an African become a nationality? This is the sort of problem I am talking about here… Why can’t you boldly state your nationality? Does she write ‘African’ when filling any form which asks for her NATIONALITY?

Until Miss Ghana organizers clarify which of the Ghanaian citizenship holders can contest, win and proceed to represent Ghana at the Miss World, this Roseline Okoro’s fiasco would open bigger problems and uncontrollable floodgates for them.

For those who are parading their ignorance by saying, my only concern is that Roseline Okoro is half Nigerian. I would like you to know that, I have always and would continue to question the way and manner beauty pageants are being run in Ghana if I find their rules and practices to have potential long term disasters and confusion.

Last year, I similarly questioned the legitimacy of Yayra Negro’s win as Miss Universe Ghana 2011 after she contested in Miss USA as a Minnesota representative and did not win.  And then came down to Ghana to be crowned Miss Universe Ghana.

The rules and lines must be clear.

On Roseline Okoro’s surname, this is what I stated;

I hope I am not the only one who has seen the ridiculousness hidden beneath the name ‘Okoro’ as the winner of Miss Ghana 2012 and Ghana’s representative at the Miss World 2013 pageant.

If you are an innocent Ghanaian looking through various names of representatives to fetch who is representing Ghana at Miss World, I am certain you will think Ghana is not participating no matter how many times you would read pass the name Roseline Okoro.

I am confident and believe the issues I have raised are legitimate and they need immediate clarification.  I am ready to have meaningful discussions and defend my reasoning on this issue with any reasonable person who can spot the existing ambiguity in merely saying ‘any citizen of Ghana’ can participate in National pageants like Miss Ghana.

When I marry a white girl and she becomes a citizen through the marriage, and then she decides to compete for Miss Ghana, then you will see the wormhole we have opened by not firmly and precisely stating who can and cannot…

If we did not address this issue some time back with Yaya Negro and others,  that does not mean we cannot address it now.

Yaya Negro, Miss Universe Ghana 2011

Yaya Negro, Miss Universe Ghana 2011

Yaya Negro, Miss Universe Ghana 2011

Yaya Negro, Miss Universe Ghana 2011

Few months ago, Yvonne Okoro was honoured with a Distinguished Achievement Award at the 2012 annual Nigeria Excellence Awards, chaired by Ambassador Musiliu Obanikoro, Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Ghana. The award ceremony, which took place at the La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra, was to honour Nigerians who have lifted their country’s flag high with honour in their various fields of endeavor in Ghana.

The ceremony brought together high-profile and distinguished Nigerian citizenry in Ghana who received awards in categories like Lifetime Achievement Award, Business Excellence Award, Business Personality Award, Regional Integration and Leadership Award, Community Leadership Award, Sports and Entertainment Award and Outstanding Student Award.

And is this the same Yvonne Okoro talking now?


Caution: If you have not read the entire article, no need to comment…State and express your opinion. No need to insult others who do not agree with you.


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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Spyder says:

wow! can’t believe poor intellectual people can possible post comment and make assumptions, without critically analyzing their thoughts before letting it out their a**…
The article is well noted for extensive scrutiny by people who are well vexed in law and not random speculation and opinions.
I am ashamed at most of you. What are we turning this country to? What right to we have to judge, when we have legal platform to obtain concrete information to trash out this issue….
The main question should be: who is a full blooded Ghanaian? and where has it been stated in our constitution before the implementation of the 1992 constitution? most of you blowing your horns, may even not be Ghanaian, if there should be records to trace back your ancestors. According to history, most people migrated from the same country you are criticizing. Is it the Ga’s or some of our Muslim brothers/ or even those who have changed their name just to attain citizenship in Ghana. especially the Liberians in our music and movie industry.
Please, you cannot justify these infatuations by mere names or action, cos some people are sheep in wolf clothing. You cannot tell what is in ones heart,not until you observe and be with them for a long while.
What good would criticism and and jealously possible bring us? We are fighting against racism, but even we ourselves cannot control the edge to denounce and reject our own flesh and blood. What then was Dr. Kwame Nkrumah fighting for? The unification of Africa to become as a mighty nation. How are we to achieve this if, we cannot for a second think about the sacrifice made by our forefathers to open the way for us to be privilege to interact with those who believed are superior over us?
I can go on and on to sharing my ill-fated remorse, but it will achieve nothing but to escalate what has already been said.
I would plead with ya all to reconsider your stance and let think of how best we can unite and have great impact to other nations.

Akua says:

A big shame this is so racist and discriminatory. Next time the organisers should state that they want only full blooded Ghanaians if that is their problem. What if a contestant has a white mother and ghanaian father and bears a ghanaian name and has lived her life in Ghana? Would U disagree with her winning because she doesnt look like a full blooded ghaniaian? No wonder a mixed race girl has never won any pageant in Ghana even though they used to contest especially in miss malaika.. This is a big shame this would not even be an issue in other countries. Im so shocked that this is happening in Ghana. A very big shame

Mr Dont Suro says:

the soon we get ridd of these nigerians the better, Ghana is not safe anymore

Dior Cherie says:

When is this miss GHANA contest coming on, we are watching closing?

cynthia says:

People please stop this, my Dad is a Fanti and my mum an Ewe. Because my dad is a royal, my elder brother cannot be crowned chief since my dad didn’t marry from his hometown. I also had an issue at my mum’s village recently when i wanted to build on my Grandma’s land. In this village u cannot buy land because the whole land belongs to the people, therefore the head of a particular clan you belong to will give you land if you want to build. I was asked to stop building, now, Fanti’s inherit matrilineal while Ewes patrilineal meaning at my mum’s side i belong to my dad and vice versa. this is what happened, the whole family had to move to my mum’s village last April where in my Dad’s presence together with the members of the clan present, i declared that i want to be from my mum’s place. however i cannot be a queen there because my father is not from there. Libation was poured on my behalf with lots of blessings and we are on the project now. very soon when we complete the village will have a clinic. I agree that i don’t have to become a queen of the village to make an impact. Bassically, i’m an ewe now although my Dad is a Fanti. Even with tradition, i was given the chance to choose, if the ladies want to be belong to both countries, then i’m sorry they have to be ready to lose some important things. life is full of choices, you can’t belong to two sides at all times.

Prince Owusu Banahene Sarkodie says:

guys i think you are diverting from what Chris is trying to say here, all he meant was if Okoro win the award it wouldn’t sound like a Ghanaian but as a Nigerian so the organizers should take a second look of it and the guy is on point too, there’s no need of u insulting each other about this, after all we are all under one roof which is AFRICA, lets try to respect ourselves cause we are all grown up

The Okoros are somewhere chilling and here you are arguing and making them popular, i will say, lets leave everything to God and see what will happen and lastly, be proud of who you are and where you come from, God bless you all

Daisy, London says:

And for all you doubting Thomases who don’t believe that the average Nigerian is so egoistic they think everything good fro Africa must be from their confused country, check out this link. Read the comments and note how some people argued about the name Okoro and how Yvonne is really a Nigerian. Imagine if an Okoro wins a Miss Ghana. We wont sleep. Seeing that they’ve made it clear that Ghanaians are ugly. Check the link joor (in my dirty Naija accent).

Mike says:

@Daisy, London, you are a BIG Liar

i read all the comments and they never insulted Ghanians .. please leave the OKOROS Alone

Hmmm, guys please it seems you are all deverting here, what Chris meant was the organizers should take a second look of her name incase she wins Miss World how it will sound thats all and the guy is right, where from all these hates and insults, lets all behave like grown ups here, all these will not take us anywhere so please, one thing is after everything we are all under one roof which is Africa, am sure the Okoros are somewhere enjoying and here we are wasting time and making them popular, lets leave everything to God and see what will happen, but please, i end by saying, just be proud of your country, God bless you all

Big Chief says:

@Maame Yaa, it is obvious that you and your ilk are so fixated and obsessed with your hatred of Nigerians that it is a waste of time to reason with you; each time you are caught out in one fallacy or deceptive argument, you come up with another even more ridiculous argument/analogy thus creating a merry-go-round; I no longer have the desire to continue shouting to the deaf. Note that the totality and fulcrum of all I have been saying is for you to demonstrate how Rawlins is more Ghanaian than Roseline, and no one has given that answer for the simple reason that they are both in the same exact position. By the Constitutions of both Ghana and Nigeria, Roseline qualifies to be both a Nigerian as well as Ghanaian citizen and is “dual” in that sense, and same applies to Rawlins, Obama and millions of others worldwide. But like Obama and Rawlins, Roseline has not exercised her option of taking up her Nigerian citizenship; she has only activated and exercised her Ghanaian citizenship whose passport she holds. I do not see of what relevance to this discourse is your “ALLEGATION” that Yvonne (not even Roseline) told someone that her father is Nigerian which would entitle her to Nigerian citizenship if she wants, (but which she has not taken up), while her mother is Ghanaian which also entitles her to Ghanaian citizenship and which is the one she has taken up. She is entitled to two (dual) but has only taken up one (single) but it does not matter to you since you have a pre-determined position which no reasoning can shift. By your logic, Yvonne accepting an award from the Nigerian Embassy in Ghana makes her a Nigerian citizen. President Obama, while Senator, visited his Kenyan grand mother severally and on one occasion was shown going to his late father’s farm and decorating his father’s grave. Indeed, shortly after the Presidential elections in 2008 which he won, the Kenyan Govt sent troops to guard his Grand mother and half-brothers for some time. All these were popular fare on CNN at the time (if you get CNN in Ghana). Still no one has accused him of being a Kenyan citizen for the simple reason that he does not hold their passport. I guess that kind of reasoning does not make any meaning to Ghanaians anyway cos you live in your own world and are immune to the civilised ways of the rest of the world. And yes, Chris-Vincent can confirm that my IP address is from Naija, so except your “word of mouth” gossip has placed Roseline/Yvonne in Naija within the last few days, there is no way they could have been using my device to comment on this blog. THAT IS IT FOLKS: am done; can’t continue arguing with the deaf (and dare I say, DUMB)

Evelovia says:

its high time ghanaians stop giving the national titles to this confused dual citizenship cock and bull story tellers.

Evelovia says:

i dont know why Roselin okoro shold hav been selected in the first place, she and her sister want to be celebrities, why only in Ghana, how can one collect an award yesturday for raising the nigerian flag high and the next day, a sister of hers will come claiming a Ghanain title? i know nigeria to be a fatherland and as such only inherit paternally, even though they have a Ghanaian mother, the okoros are nigerians due to the traditional laws of their land. Can a name like mine Araba Kwansima be a miss nigeria? they wont even allow it in the first place, so the nigerians and the ghana/nigeria fans should be realistic and stop being biase

Big Chief says:

@maame, please educate me (and don’t fail to reply): how is Roseline a dual citizen and Rawlins is not? Rawlins has a Scottish father and Ghanaian mother; Roseline has a Nigerian father and Ghanaian mother. Rawlins has never on any official document claimed Scottish nationality and does not hold their passport; Roseline has never on any official document claimed Nigerian nationality and does not hold their passport. So what exactly makes Rawlins more Ghanaian than Roseline? You people just accept inane statements without evaluation. My previous two comments in which I highlighted these fallacy were not published by Chris and this one probably will not: that is the height of cowardice if opposing views are censored. Lastly, Roseline certainly looks more like your average Ghahaian girl than Rawlings looks like an average Ghanaian man. To the rest of the world other than Naija and Ghana, Okoro will sound more Ghanaian than Rawlins

Maame Yaa says:

@Big Chief, yvonne(her own sister) complicated issues for her on her emotional response to Chris. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I never made a single comment on the first one. I didn’t like the first argument cos I thought Chris was attacking her but after reading Yvonne’s comment, I started to rethink about the whole thing. It took her a long time to respond whether she was a Ghanaian or a Nigerian (could it be because she just took an award meant for only Nigerians?). On top of that, she said it doesn’t even matter cos she is an African!!!
Ask Roseline if she has ever told her friends that she is a dual citizen and then we can continue from there. If she did, i
s she not educated enough to know what a dual citizen means?
The African continent is somehow unique in it’s own way of doing things. Oral Tradition and Oral History are very common in Africa and it’s transmitted from generation to generation by WORD OF MOUTH. With no documentation, Africans believed and still believes in oral history, whilst OT/OH as a legitimate source of African History used to be very controversial in the west.
Don’t be confused, I’m still on track! Just want to let you know that documentations are not given much emphasis in Ghana and Africa as a whole. I don’t even think ghanaians have national IDs besides voting IDs which are manipulated anyways.
Does Yvonne has a Nigerian passport? If not, then how did she win an award meant for only Nigerians? Go and ask Roseline about the dual citizen by WORD OF MOUTH. The Okoros see themselves as Ghanaians when the need arises and Nigerians when neccessary. Which is which? Talking about Rawlings, you sound like you don’t know much about the history of Ghana. Are u sure you are not Okoro herself? I’m just asking! Rawlings’s national identity was questioned and it lead to the murdering of the three Akan judges who were sitting on the case. He later came to power through coup.
Ghana is about to crown Miss Ghanageria!

Big Chief says:

@Maame Yaa, is that your answer to the issues I raised? God help me. According to you Ghanaians rely on word of mouth (gossip) and not official documentation for serious issues. Lol. For your info, Chris can take care of your usual blackmail that everyone who opposed your inane views is an Okoro in hiding, cos he can confirm I have been commenting on his blog long before this Okoro controversy

Maame Yaa says:

@Big Chief, Wait a minute!!! Holy Jesus!!! Don’t put words in my mouth. Read to understand before you apply your bogus logic. Word of mouth and gossip are two different things. One is not a synonym of the other and CANNOT be used interchangeably. (what’s your level of education? I’m just curious cos my 11 year old sister can differentiate between the two!). By the way, gossip can be factual. The oral tradition part of my comment was to give you an idea about what I mean by Word of Mouth! She told her own story (with her own mouth) to her friends without showing them documents. Look, if Obama has told anyone that he is a dual citizen before competing, they would have nailed him with that info; It’s called evidence by word of mouth (it came from his own mouth). Consider this scenerio; John’s mother put $10 on the center table and went out of the house. In her absence, John (who didn’t see the money) put on the fan so hard that it blew the money away and mixed with the trashes mom has gathered. When mom returned, James (John’s brother) has also come home from school. When their mom realized that the money gone, she called them both and questioned them. James said that he just entered the house so the mum said John must have taken it. James, who knows his brother too well, said John didn’t take it. Then John on the hand informed james and mom that he took it. Should mom believe James who said his brother didn’t take or should she believe John who said with his own mouth that he took it?
Now my question is; should I believe Okoro who said with her own mouth to her friends that she is a dual citizen or you who says she is not? Oh about that ridiculous phrase, “usual blackmail”; you sound like someone is murdering your doggone a**. Do you know the meaning of usual? where and how does “usual” apply here when the first and last time I used that rhetorical question(you need to learn about that too!!!) on this forum is the response to your previous comment? I know very well that chris can trace IP addresses but I also know that he cannot trace whose hands are typing. If I allow my lil sister to use my moniker to comment, you think Chris will know that?

Nana Akua says:

@Maame Yaa, Am pretty sure u didn’t get Yvonnes’s statement of her saying it doesn’t matter cuz she is African..!!
Yvoone has been interviewed so many times on her nationality. She keep telling them she is half Ghanaian , half Nigerian. Am sure this is the millionth time she has been questioned abt her nationality. Obviously yvonne is human jus like us. And we as human hate been repetitive. She keeps repeating herself all the time. N she was right wen she sed she is African. cuz at the end of the day thats all that matters .
Lemme give u a scenario, in lets say ma mum is Ga n ma dad is Ashanti n the media keps questioning me abt ma ethnicity. i always tell them am half Ga n half Ashanti. At some point i will stop repeating maself n jus say after all am Ghanaian n thats all that matters at the end of the day. POINT-BLANK-PERIOD!!

Nana Akua says:

@Nana Akua,Yvonne****

the ish cray says:

@Maame Yaa,you are so good, give it to them, blockheads nitwits

Big Chief says:

LAST WORD on this matter: Chris-Vincent Febiri owes it to himself to come clean with the real reasons he is attacking the Okoros because his hidden agenda is clear from his inane attempt to explain away why it is not a problem for Rawlings to be President of Ghana but Roseline Okoro cannot aspire to Ms. Ghana. He says Rawlings is different cos he holds a single citizenship. What hogwash is this? How is Rawlings, whose dad is Scottish, a single citizen of Ghana and Roseline whose dad is Nigerian a dual citizen of Ghana? Roseline Okoro does not hold a Nigerian passport same as Rawlins does not hold a Scottish one. Roseline was born in Ghana, went to school and has lived all her life there. Now we hear outright and fabricated lies like wearing Nigerian jerseys during Nigeria-Ghana matches just to shore up an unsustainable argument. Rawlings is Scottish: even though he does not hold the passport, he is entitled to the passport and would immediately get it should he apply. For Chris the “LAWYER” who knows no law, a dual citizen is who holds passports of two different countries at the same time. Obama is not a dual citizen simply because he does not hold a Kenyan passport, otherwise he is as Kenyan as Jomo Kenyatta. If you are a journalist, be fair and factual and not just abuse your powers by hiding behind a computer to write trash and confuse very simple-minded people who just jump on the bandwagon of base emotion to spew stupidity. Roseline Okoro has a choice of two nationalities: Ghana or Nigeria; she has chosen Ghana over Nigeria and should be judged on that alone and not be subjected to twisted falsified logic

lone wolf says:

loool look at you trying to sound smart on a f***** TABLOID website!..ur a robot. go to a forum where actual thinkers are trying to solve actual problems and stop putting people’s personal business out on the internet. stop fuelling the fire and wake up. i dont want to help cris make any more money by hitting up his website so i probably wont reply your next comment…but leave your number here if you want, ill call u and we could do this on the phone since you are so comfortable putting personal stuff on the internet…… oh maame.. u sound educated 2…..smh lool Chris u see what you are causing? in fact you are the genius everybody else is retarded!

Maame Yaa says:

@lone wolf, Next time you want to comment on my comment, hit the damn pink button and not the black one because I want to make sure the goddamn gibberish was directed at me so I can respond accordingly. I didn’t know it was a crime to sound smart on a “tabloid website”! It’s that the reason why you have chosen to sound like you have a donut (instead of brain) in the coconut you call head? I will prefer to be a robot than to be a momotonous invisible cartoon like you. why are u still running your hands here like diarrhea if so jealous of Chris that you don’t want him to make money? U are trying so hard to be wise, but your stupidity is written all over your face.”[ I’m] putting people’s personal business on the net”? Did you bump your head before writing this comment? Because the last time I checked, these girls had fan pages where they identify themselves as PUBLIC FIGURE!!! You know what means?! We are here talking about a miss Ghana crown and there you were talking about some godforsaken contributions to Ghana by the Okoros…

al says:

why is roseline’s middle name not included just like the other finalists.i thot she was roseline ngozi okoro

al says:

which passprt do u usually travel on. its a ghanaian passport that is why the last time ur passport was with a european embassy for visa u were assisted with a ghanaian travel cert at the gh ministry of foreign affairs to travel to naija. u wrote ghanaian as nationality while fillin this form the photocopies are available at

al says:

yvonne okoro the last time ghana played naija u wore a naija jersey

Ball so hard miss dior says:

@al, really, this is why ghana cannot move forward cos we accept n tolerate every bullshit. majority of ghanaians are hypocrites n timid they are afraid to speak their mind n tell the truth. smh

Evelovia says:

@Ball so hard miss dior, i agree with u completely, ghanaians are timid and tolerate and bullshit which will not be accepted in any other country except Ghana, how can cawards make anything good for themselve, this is not about racism or something. this a matter of fact. a so called dual citizen does not deserve a national title. period

Evelovia says:

if the organizers do not know who can contest for the pageant in the first place then they are ignorant and do not know what they are doing, that is how come Ghana is always at the bottom of development, it seems all our leaders always dont know what they are doing bcs they lack plans for the future.

Jtoni says:

Big chief before these evil people start to hate themselves, they will say I have been sleeping with Nigerian vagina, eating bitter leaf soup, neighbour nearly married Nigerian, kid sister nearly became Nigeria and so on and so forth. Inferior feeling Ghanians have an inalienable right to hate Nigerians but not to discriminate against a fellow Ghanian sister. For the females I know why, you must be attractive to even audition for the contest in the first place. It has nothing to do with being half Ghanian or some BS.

Big Chief says:

@Chris, Jessi and others: I just can’t resist responding after I had made up my mind not to bother with you small minded insecure fools. Everyone knows that Ghanaians have a chip on their shoulder once it concerns Naija; your inferiority complex and jealousy is no longer news; but still I am taken aback by the level of hatred and bitterness. The twisted logic and satanical attempts to justify the indefensible is sickening. People on here even attempt to deceive themselves by claiming neutrality: I eat Naija bitter leaf soup; have Naija boyfriend and neighbour and such similar crap. It does not matter that John Jerry Rawlings, a half caste of Scottish ancestry with a scottish sounding name could ascend the highest office in Ghana, but when it comes to ordinary common pageant all hell, bitterness and venom is let loose: of course the issue is not a foreign sounding name but NIGERIAN sounding name. All the people pontificating here would see nothing wrong if there was a MR Ghana contest and Majid Mitchel won it as long as he is not Nigerian. The good thing about this whole wahala is that our eyes are opened fully to how local and insecure you people are. Continue to live in the stone age. Lesser citizen, bi-national full Ghanaian, half Ghanaian- indeed. Lol

Maame Yaa says:

@Big Chief, we thank you for the insult!!! I’m sorry to inform you that your brain needs a check-up so bad. The difference between J J and Miss Ghanageria(okoro) to be is that, the former is not a dual citizen but the later is. get that!!!

George Nelson says:

Chris Vincent, I am still waiting for your reply on this one, please don’t chicken out

Endowed says:

All your points your giving right now don’t make sense

Ephya says:

Don’t mind dem Chris…Yvonne Okoro herself is confused..I have already commented on anoda site so no need pouder.i support u 100%…ROSALINE OKORO,WON’T N CAN NEVER BE MISS GHANA 2012!!!

Nana Akua says:

@Ephya, in ur wildest dreams n fantasies..!! jus keep tlking cuz tlk is cheap!! Roseline Okoro is using all her abilities, her intelligence n beauty to compete for this pageant n i look forward to seeing her wearing the crown!! go on Miss Ghana page n see for urself! she is by far the best in the pageant!! she got it all.

Dr Miyagi says:

@Nana Akua,dont mind her, her comment reminds me if the old ghana cedis wortless

YD says:

I find your article very interesting. My first question is :where where you when she was passing the differents steps before the final?

You wanted the buzz, you have it ! If you really wanted to complain about the rules of the pageant you would have use a different title and produce several names of contestants choosen in all the history of Miss Ghana to prove your point.
Yes beauty pageants need to be more careful but you should’nt have put it that way. Not now. Your article just look like an attempt to avoid this Okoro girl taking the crown. Even if it is not your real intention.

Why should the organizers let her in the competition until the final and then make her loose now,  just because of authenticity and lesser citizenship and other blabla?

What if her Nigerian father was a “Anderson?” a “Thompson?” a “Nelson?”  Nigerian, Kenyan south african and even Ivorians are bearing those names.

Is it Miss Ghana or Miss authenticity?

If it is Miss authenticity then, you should retrieve all the people with british and american names, forbid fake hairs and european clothes.

You want to be authentic? Do you really think that the so called frontiers of Ghana are “Authentic”. White people gave it to you. As they gave dual citizenship. 

Please you cannot come at this point of the competition and write such an article. It is not fair.  

Nana Akua says:

@YD, Wud retweet this piece if it was twitter!! Is done!! u cudn’t have sed it any better!

George Nelson says:

I see this piece as irrelevant and ill-timed, please do a piece on environmental awareness. A “witty” writer indeed, who wrote several award winning articles/debates in Junior Graphic during his Secondary School days at Adisadel College. I did mass communication and journalism and this is unfair reportage because you did not allow the readers to draw their own conclusions, which a good piece always does.

When Walter Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Parade, was a young reporter, he did the same thing and acknowledged his mistake years later. ” The article I wrote was accurate, but I don’t think it was fair. I had gotten the facts right, but I was not right” said Walter Anderson. What did he do accurately that was not fair, he wrote an articles and in it he described a woman as an ” unmarried mother of five”. The woman’s son called Anderson after the story appeared and asked him. ” Why did you write it?, Why is it anybody’s business if my mother is unmarried”.

Its not anybody’s business if Ms. Okoro is a Nigerian name or not, write your story with the facts and let people draw their own conclusion if she deserves to be crowned or not, and not telling people why you think she should not be crowned. My Mass Communication and Journalism lecturer calls such piece unfair reportage, just acknowledge your mistake rather than coming out with PART 2, we dey wait for 3

biz says:


Dr. Miyagi says:

1. No one is hating on them 2.they paid allegiance to her former country 3. They taking advantage of this situation 4. They being hypocrite about this are you sure your okay? And what has ashawo life got to do with this? @biz,

maame says:

I get what Chris is pointing out but Ghana is not the only country allowing stuff like this. I remember seeing olympic athletes (representing USA…) with typical nigerian names. Okoro is a nigerian name but shes already in the competition so lets just leave it as it is. all these comments will only affect the poor girl in a negative way. She sees herself as a ghanain thats why she didnt audition for miss nigeria so lets support her and may the best contestant win.

Dr. Miyagi says:

Nice one@maame,

chris says:

Seriously Chris !!!! you are one damn dude. 

Kos says:

Chris… you’re forgetting one simple key element here. RULES. It doesn’t matter where you think she’s from -- it’s really about the rules of the ‘contest’ her sister is entering. She has a dual citizenship. IF the rules of the pageant allow one of dual citizenship to enter, THEN it’s fine. 

Your example of marrying a foreign lady is valid. BUT if Miss Ghana Pageant allows one of Ghanaian citizenship to enter no matter where they were born, then your “wife” can enter. Even though there might be protests that she’s not Ghanaian enough, it’s still allowed. Some examples of dual citizenship that have been allowed to enter “contests” based on their “rules”. Obama, Schwarzenegger, Rawlings -- even Kevin Boateng with his dual citizenship can either compete in the World Cup for Germany OR Ghana. Again, because the rules of FIFA allow it.

So IF the rules of the Miss Ghana Pageant allow it, then it’s fine. No matter how Nigerian she is, she’s still a Ghanaian by law.  

And that is what I am asking, what are the rules? I asked for the rules and went forward to state what will happen or the floodgate that will be opened if the rules say ‘any Ghanaian citizen’…Also if the rules say ‘dual citizens’, I stated the possible floodgate…

As much as you have gotten what I am putting across, you got it wrong with FIFA, you can only play for one national team so Kevin can never play for Germany again…(I stand to be corrected on this since I am not a football expert).

No one has said she is not a Ghanaian citizen, have we?

Kos says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

Are you stating that the Miss Ghana Pageant should change their rules to NOT allow for dual citizenship contestants? Or you’re merely inquiring what the rules are? A post titled “Why Roseline Okoro should not and would not win Miss Ghana 2012” is a bit harsh than just a mere inquiry, no? It leans towards the former.

In the US, a US citizen cannot be president unless they were born on US soil (I stand to be corrected on this as well). But that is their rule. In the Miss Ghana Pageant, if the rule is that any Ghanaian citizen can contest, then it’s allowed. Possible floodgate? Why? They are citizens too, no? Again, seriously… floodgate??? Nothing against Miss Ghana, but I don’t think foreign ladies would be tripping over to enter this contest because they have a hint of Ghanaian citizenship.

It doesn’t really matter if Kevin Boateng cannot play for Germany again -- point was the “RULES” with his dual citizenship. If the rules state that a player with dual citizenship can play for either country (either for one national team or not), then so be it. It’s within those rules, so it’s valid.

Also, NOT implying you said she’s not a Ghanaian citizen. You stated she is a Ghanaian-- and a Nigerian. I’m saying the same: She IS a Ghanaian and Nigerian BUT (no matter her Nigerian citizenship) so far as rules go for the Miss Ghana Pageant, she’s allowed. I’m merely answering your “question” that was “mistakenly” put out as a harsh statement however personal your opinion might’ve been. 

Can you re-read my article? I think I have broken it down enough on what it is all about…You seem to be asking me the same issues I have already addressed.( I have stated the reasons I wrote the piece-the first piece has 3 paragraphs looking at that).

It is coming to me like you have not even read the two pieces ! Go to the first piece to read and then follow it up with the second…

We have already passed the stage you are taking us back to!

lone wolf says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, i hope you are enjoying all the traffic ur getting for blog. waste of time… the okoros contribute more to YOUR country than you do..

Nana Akua says:

@lone wolf, U cudn’t have sed it any better!!! 

Maame Yaa says:

@lone wolf, waste of whose time if I may ask? Discussions like this are not meant for dimwits like you! If you want to make a point to well meaning people, you have to prove it. What do they contribute to the nation anyways? And how did you know they contribute more than him? Is it because they are famous or is it because you are a talented ass kisser? By the way, this isn’t about contributions to a nation by individuals/citizens. And even if it is, the Okoros would have been the last but one on the list of contributers because they save in Nigeria (ask her father)!!! STOP DIVERTING.

Jtoni says:

@jessi, This is shout out to the woman with the six pack. The woman who is afraid of contesting for miss Ghana. Van Vicker, Yvonne Nelson, Jacky Appiah, Nadia Buari no dey drink garri like jessi are now Nigerians because they are the best. The are mobbed every where they go because they are the best. No hating if you have six pack stomach as a woman. Jealousy will kill you. Ghanians are well respected and loved in Nigeria if they have something to offer not ugly hating b*tches. Once I love Nadia Buari because she no dey drink garri. You cannot blame her though. Go and contest for Macho Man in Nigeria.

TiffanyBabe says:

hehehehehehehe So Okoro has been exposed lol. She went for an award meant for Nigerian citizens and then she comes back to say, my nationality is African , all the Okoro family are Africas just to to trick us so her sister can go on with this Miss Ghana ambition.

It is not happening. Chris thank you, When I see you I will buy you KFC and don’t tell me you are on diet. Coming to London soon Proud of you and how articulate you are with your writings.

Jtoni says:

I am a Nigerian and we celebrate only the best irrespective of Nationality. Go to Nigeria and say bad things about Van Vicker, Jackie Appiah and I like Nadia Buari cause she no dey drink Garri! Rawlings is our brother. All Ghanians are brothers and sisters. Leave beauty contest for beautiful people. You know say me and you are handsome, so let’s contest Mr Six pack. Woman with six pack he he he he he I laugh in arabic.

jessi says:

@Jtoni, who told you Nadia no dey drink Garri,you see how ignorant and stupid you are?she dey chop naija d*ck but no dey drink Garri,listen to yourself,the girl herself has come out to say she dey drink Garri you too dey here dey talk what you know nothing about, go educate yourself before you come here and spit rubbish.

Jtoni says:

@Dr. Miyagi, Big ups to all those ugly Ghanian women who are angry for being miss Scar face, and using the internet to attack their beautiful compatriots. In Nigeria ugly women respect themselves and take the back seat, instead of coming out to embarass themselves with flimsy excuses.

Dr. Miyagi says:

Looool you and your big mouth hahahahaha@Jtoni,

jessi says:

@Jtoni, the same hands that made you,made all the ugly Ghanaian women you are talking about so if you have a problem then why dont you take GOD to court,for making ugly people including yourself,faceless punk.

Nana Akua says:

@Jtoni, lmaooo000000…Thnx for saying!!

pershia says:

Jx thought of dis…der r pageants (in america n london) for ghanaians ladies in d diaspora…might organise Miss GH-9ja one of these days…LOL…Rosline OKORO is welcome to contest!

ThickMama says:


Giza says:

I agree with you.Ghanians are very bias because her sister is in the limelight they are also trying to push her in.Ghanians always see people from other countries as Gods always worshipping them.Before you qualify for Miss Ghana both parents have to full Ghanians.We need to stop this shit now,always crowning outsiders as winners.

She-Meyor says:

@Giza, Oh Thank u. This is what I have been trying to say. Both parents have to be Ghanaian. Yet others refuse to see it that way. Like a twi person will say ” wote hor na y3 de wo sikan edwa nanka”. Perfect example of that saying.

pershia says:

@Nword, jerry john rawlings came to power thru a coup…he was l8tr elected into pwr…mind u, Chris wasn’t born then or he was jx a small boy…if not for dat, I’m sure he wud av definitely voiced out his opinion…LOL. Nw on a more serious note…y don’t u advise Rosline to contest in a nigerian pageant? U pple always fail or perharps deliberately ignore d actual argument…Chris (who has a british passport) is nt hating…he’s jx saying it as it is…whether d Okoros lyk it or not they r lesser citizens n dey cnt njoy certain privileges…if u don’t understand go n drink d Atlantic Ocean!

pershia says:

@bukky, my dear no one is hating nor discriminating anyone…we’re jx saying it as it is . Besides d fact dat its wrong to discriminate doesn’t mean we shd call a nigerian a ghanaian or an american a puerto rican…dnt get it twisted.

kwabena says:

exactly thank you for seeing the light my Ghanaian brothers and sisters

Nword says:

@Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Shame on you o o. Who represents a country more than it’s president? Is it not strange that Ghanaians idolize,respect and even worship their former President Jerry Rawlings who has scottish ancestry and bares NO Ghanaian name. Yet he ruled your pitiful country to his satisfaction and even killed many full blooded Ghanaians (with Ghanaian names) that he accused of corruption. Na wa for una o.
Look at you making reference to Chinese this and Russian that….does Miss Ghana wield more powers than the Ghanaian president?
You people should should confess that your grudge with the ‘Okoros’ is their ‘Nigerian blood’ and the fact that they have not come out openly to say, “I hereby deny my Nigerian roots,” or “I hereby choose Ghana over Nigeria.” That my brother is NEVER going to happen, the Okoros will always be proud of their Nigerian heritage same way as Arnold Schwarzenegger remained tied to his Austrian roots even though be became governor of California,
You have just taken Ghana’s percieved inferiority complex over Nigeria to ridiculous heights. I’m serious bro cos if these Okoros were half Gambian,Liberian or Obroni with a non-Ghanaian last names (like ‘Rawlings’) you wouldn’t be here complaining.

Diamond and Gold are both precious minerals. If you mix the two into one mineral they would lose quality because they end up being neither gold nor diamond.

You can mould your perspective through the blurry tinted glass all you want and sidetrack the poignant issues being discussed into a racial circus.

The fact remains that the Okoros can not eat their cake and have it. You are either 1 or 0.

Ball so hard miss dior says:

@Joseph Midnight, This is the one time i agree with you 120%, also last time i checked it was Miss Ghana, not Miss Ghana/Nigeria pageant, period.

Akua says:

@Joseph Midnight, U are a racist shame on u. If u marry a foreigner and your child is not accepted as a ghanaian how would u feel? Shame on u!

Kwame says:

@Nword, exactly. Some people are really dense

cory says:

@Nword, am pretty sure, Rawlings didn’t have a dual citizenship.

Nana Akua says:

@Nword, true tlk!!  u cudn’t have sed it any better!! They so damn shallow minded!!! yall shud shut up n watch her wear her crown, cuz she is a goal getter n she is striving for excellence so yall shud take a chill pill. 
Roseline jus do ur thing!!!! Uhave God on ur side n Your family got Ur bac!! Thats all that matters! All the best!

bukky says:

No disrespect to anyone, but at this age and time, no one should still be playing the race or country card. My stand is, as much as the person in question contributes positively to the growth of his/her residing country, that’s enough reason for that person to be awarded whatever position they are running for. it’s crazy that when a white person does not like a black person, we say it’s discrimination. What do you call two neighboring African (black) countries hating on each other? If the producer of the pageant thought citizenship by birth was the problem, they would have added that criteria as part of the eligibility list. 

Eaglebabe says:

@bukky, is dat why you as a Nigerian auditioned to become Miss Malaika Ghana 2012 but didnt make it to the final 10??? Why didnt u go to Nigeria to contest for Miss Nigeria since you are also half Nigerian??? No disrespect to you too but i think this topic should be well thought through my dear….

She-Meyor says:


pershia says:

@She-Meyor, I cudnt agree wif u more…Yvonne says she’s an African..I won’t b surprised if her sis decides to join a pageant in South Africa or Ethopia…I’m sure she n her sis r suffering frm identity crisis..

HENRY says:

@She-Meyor, hahahahahahahah u r absolutely rite my dear…….not even am nfanti can bekum an asante king…..noway…soo the okoro family shld bounce….

She-Meyor says:

@HENRY, that is my point. but people are refusing to see the point. and we all should stop comparing it to other cultures. we should base our arguments on Ghana and not the world.

Kwame says:

@She-Meyor, i am a pure ashanti man and I can’t  become asantehene so what’s your point. Becoming asantehene is inherited. Think befor you speak

She-Meyor says:


HENRY says:

@She-Meyor, tell him ……mabe kwame dnt understand ur simple english…….de okoro family r not ghanaians meaning they cant cum n run gh 4 us period…….

She-Meyor says:

@HENRY, U r absolutely right. People do not see the long term implications if this girl should win. I was not even aware that a person with a Nigerian name is contesting for the title of Miss Ghana until I saw this article, and the sad part is that she was chosen to be one of the I think 20 finalists. And when u express ur opinion some inadequate thinkers insult u cos u have a different opinion other than theirs. Its a lot of nonsense going on in Ghana with these pagaents, and no one is speaking about it. Its really SAD.

James says:

Chris you deserve an award. You have broken it down well and have demolished Okoro saying she is African. What sort of nonsense is that? What do these people take us for?

The whole Miss Ghana thing is fraud and no one should even mind them. CHRIS WAKA WAKA

jessi says:

@James, yes ofcause,i have disagreed with him on certain issues here but as for this one,chris waka waka.

Maame Yaa says:

@James, Chris must be appointed to be one of the organizers. No kuluulu. Yvonne just crucified herself…hahahahahaha.

LadyBlunt says:

i am Nigerian and I know my fellow Nigerians will not accept a “Roseline Boakye” to represent Nigeria in any Pageant. If Roseline believes she is good enough, let her come down to Nigeria and compete with her fellow Nigerians. That she speaks “great TWI” is irrelevant. Roselyn can speak great Chinese for all I care. Bottom line,  She is not qualified to contest in the pageant- PERIOD.

Shame unto the pageant organizers if they allow her to compete and eventually emerge winner, it will mean that A, she has slept her way through, B -- Yvonne has slept her way through + paid handsomely for her sister to win. 

Nword says:

@LadyBlunt, Just shut up,YOU ARE NOT A NIGERIAN. Believe me Nigerians do not care about the name of whoever wins ANY beauty pageant. in 1996,a mixed race woman with a hungarian father and a diaspora Nigerian mother won Miss Nigeria. No one cared.
It’s only in politics/elections that i can agree Nigerians will question the identity of the candidates.
So please,take ur small Ghanaian minds out of here.

yes boss says:

@LadyBlunt,..common sense madam,they both have dual citizenship so why they receive awards for nigerians doing well in ghana?you should read the article in a sensible manner before arguing.Zinedine zidane won the world footballer of the year award a a french player even though he is from algeria.

jessi says:

@LadyBlunt, God bless you dear,you have said it all,i mean you say the truth and they say you are haten or being racist,i know soo many nigerians,soo many i cant even count both in Europe and Africa.My kid sister; our last born is currentely married to a nigerian,they got connected through me,i eat more nigerian food than Ghanaian cos i love the food,expecially the bitter leave,the person living in my house as at now in Ghana is a nigerian,so how can i be discribed as racist?i know you guys enough to know that this cannot happen in nigeria,you see the problem in Ghana?say the truth and you given all sort of names,okoro is not a Ghanaian name so i agree with you that she should go to naija and battle it out with her sisters there and please feel free to speak your mindoooo?no body has the right to push you around on this site,nothing dey happen.

Kwame says:

@jessi, racist says the same things u just said. I have black friends, I gave a black person a job and so on. 

Joseph says:

Since the Okoro’s are africans, i guess the entire Okoro family are eligible to contest any pageant/ public position anywhere in Africa. How ridiculous can Yvonne be, than she already have. The organisers better sit up and stop wasting company’s money on sponsoring programs they have no idea how to run by just facing the reality on the ground.

jessi says:

@Joseph, exactely,saying am african was not good enough,i would have shut up if she had simply say am a Ghanaian but to say am african,what does that mean,she has complecated her own case by that statement.

dericka says:

@Joseph, dat was exactly wat i was thinking too, dat being african statement didnt make sense at all. so wat she meant was dat: she can go to kenya, sudan, egypt, cameroon etc and represent there too?? its unfortunate they bi-national they must actually define who they are period.

If I painted the Ghanaian flag and had an Eagle in it, the visual discordance would not appeal to the sensibilities of  most Ghanaians.  This is largely attributable to the fact that all nations have emblems, constitutive cultural systems and shared aspirations that define them. 

Our fore fathers fought for us to defend  and protect these values that have come to shape the common destiny we all share.

Any human being representing Ghana must uphold the virtues  of this indelible, inalienable image that makes us who we are.  They should be devoid of any questionable affiliations to the lineage of other countries.  
My questions are: Are the Okoros blue or red? Are they hot or cold?  Are they Ghanaians or Nigerians?
The moment these distinctive questions of who we are become elusive, we lose the defining element of what makes one Ghanaian.

Our Ghanaian heritage shines with its own beacon of transparency and must not be marred by ambiguity or contradictions.

Our flag have the colours Red, Gold, Green and Black Star.   
Now picture Red, Gold, Green and The Eagle.
Does it still feel Ghanaian?
You Judge.

Dr Miyagi says:

@Joseph Midnight,hmmmmm thats deep

TiffanyBabe says:

@Joseph Midnight, I like this, if it is twitter,I would have retweeted it 1000 times

edward brown says:

@Joseph Midnight, so are u suggesting that being bi-national makes you less this era of glolbalisation when people are marrying across cultures and countries wont we be limiting the human pool from which we can tap into as a nation if we want to adopt the concept of , for want of a better word, “pure Ghanaian”  
how different is Adam kwarasey from rosaline Okoro . they are both bi-national and are both seeking to represent Ghana at a World event yet i dont see anybody complain  about kwarasey’s dilluted “ghanainess”. are we being hypocritical?….i honestly think we should be very liberal about the concept of citizenship especially in this era of globalisation…people sit in ghana and talk about Hollywood actors idris alba and boris kudjoe’s ghanaian heritage , although they have never lived in ghana. yet the okoros who were born and breed in ghana to a ghanaian mother  are constastantly being reminded of being half ghanaian status ……looks like the problem with the okoro’s is their nigerian heritage and not their bi-nationality per-say…..

edward brown says:

so are u suggesting that being bi-national makes you less this era of glolbalisation when people are marrying across cultures and countries wont we be limiting the human pool from which we can tap into as a nation. If we want to adopt the concept of , for want of a better word, “pure Ghanaian”  
how different is Adam kwarasey from roseline Okoro . they are both bi-national and are both seeking to represent Ghana at a World event yet i dont see anybody complain  about kwarasey’s dilluted “ghanainess”. are we being hypocritical?….i honestly think we should be very liberal about the concept of citizenship especially in this era of globalisation…people sit in ghana and talk about Hollywood actors idris alba and boris kudjoe’s ghanaian heritage , although they have never lived in ghana. yet the okoros who were born and breed in ghana to a ghanaian mother  are constastantly being reminded of being half ghanaian status ……looks like the problem with the okoro’s is their nigerian heritage and not their bi-nationality per-say…..

Aba says:

Chris, im sooooooooo impressed with your article.. anyone who sees something wrong with ur opinion on this “okoro saga” is just being myopic…… as a country, we’v taking things for granted and allowed foreigners to take over every aspect of our lives…… just finding a beautiful girl in Ghana too, we have to look to the foreigners?? aaaaabaa!!!! this Miss Ghana thing is quickly loosing its credibility

TiffanyBabe says:

@Aba, The whole Miss Ghana thing has been a scam. some of us thought this new management was going to make some improvement. I guess it is even worse, they are the bigger evil. EXPOSE THEM CHRIS

jessi says:

great job chris,you see people like you will always have problems because you are not afraid to say it as its surpose to be said,thats the problem we have as Ghanaians,too much hypocracy and two faced atitude is what is killing us,keep the fire burning, people like you are rare to come by.thumps up.

Jtoni says:

@jessi, Ugly woman, You that is a greater Ghanian why not contest. Are you intimidated by a fellow Ghanian’s beauty? For a woman I pity you. It was German Nazi’s that built the American and Russian space programs. Read your history well. She can be Nigerian but more Ghanian, see lives there, pays tax there. There are Nigerians fighting for American Marines. There are Ghanian and Nigerian mayors in London. Next time you reincarnate try and be beautiful. Don’t reject your sister because of your hatred for Nigerians. Maybe a Nigerian boyfriend jilted you in the past. Hate only Nigerians, don’t extend it to your sisters. And lastly, nobody should tell me He has been sleeping or having s*x with nigerian vagina. Libido and lust do not know those who don’t want to hear Nigeria mentioned anywhere. For example RAPISTS don’t care where you come from.

Nana Akua says:

@Jtoni, Well said!!

Dr. Miyagi says:

I’m proud of you, you spoke well thumps up@Jtoni,

jessi says:

@Jtoni, ugly woman?hahahahah and what are you faceless human being?who ever you are put your own face here and let me tell you what you look like,you are not qualified to tell who is nice or ugly here since you are faceless and please take your stupid preaching somewhere else,am not interested and pity yourself,as for you nana akua,you dont have to hide,you know you are not nana akua so stop faking and come out clean madam okoro,people like you dont fool me,i will never want to see a name like okoro representing Ghana as miss Ghana period.Go tell your other sisters and if you have a problem with my comment,please,please take it to the lord in prayers or beat it as micheal jackson for the so called cyber bullies and trash talkers,i dont have your time so keep sleeping here on GC and ofcause continue with your folo folo habit since you have nothing else to do,when you are tired go to iroko tv and watch movies for 5 pounds and be happy.

Sandra says:

Chris I have fallen in love with you LOL. You go for it and you proof it well. So Yvonne Okoro was in this year honoured as a Nigerian citizen, taking awards as a Nigerian, then she and her sister turn around to blind us to say they are Ghanaians and want to contest for Miss Ghana too?

WTF is going on in Ghana? We need people like you in the entertainment industry to unveil these things. I didnt know she has gone to take awards as  Nigerian

Shut Up Okoro says:

The Yvonne Okoro shd sharrap, u she be lucky that u have been accepted to act movies owing to the fact that Ghanaians aren’t interested in acting. You yvonne were u not @ ur (nigeria)ambassador’s reidence dis yr during the indece celebration with other nigerians to receive awards meant for nigerians who have excel? wat the f*ck are u talking abt? i pity those u patronise plays that u stir in.

Ball so hard miss dior says:

@Shut Up Okoro, Very interesting, in this case its convenient for them to be ghanaians, its only in ghana that we tolerate these things, will never ever happen in the United States, as much as shes not ghanaian enough in my opinion to win, her last name winning miss ghana bothers me period. And for those ghanaians who support anything/everything, next time put your country people first before you think about others, i believe the other girls in the pageant names needs to published, this girl has gotten too much publicity for nothing.

Lel says:

@Ball so hard miss dior, Actually this happens in the US all the time.  Did you watch the olympics this summer?  Many of the athletes were born in the US but come from different ethnicities.  There are Africans, Caribbeans, Asians, Europeans and others that represent US and its apparent in their last names.  Bernard Lagat ran for US, and was born in Kenya. His name is clearly not a typical American/English last name.  His victory was just as sweet as Michael Phelps.  It really doesn’t matter where you are from or where your parents are from, just as long as you represent and make the country proud, that is all that matters.  Thats the beauty of the US and other countries that accept the diversity in their culture, the face of the country will constantly change due the changes that occur in the population.

Grace says:






Akata says:

@Lel, The problem is the Olympics have accepted this kind of naturalization for a long time, what Chris is trying to say is that, let the organizers come out and let us know what kind of citizenship can stand the Miss Ghana Pageant, that is all, I dont think he has any hate for the Okoro’s, some Ghanains are just not bold to address sensitive issues, I think this is the right path, I am married to a half Nigerian and Half Ghanian and I will wish to know if one day my daughter can stand for Miss Ghana, she was born in the USA and I am full blooded Ghanaian my husband Dad is a Nigrian and Mother is from Ghana…can my daughter stand for miss Ghana in the future…..?

Nana Akua says:

@Shut Up Okoro, u are very stupid to begin with!!! of course she has every damn right to celebrate with the nigerians. Gosh u are so00000…damn ignorant i think yall shud prolly travel outside Ghana to learn more things and also gain civilisation.
             If you go to Ghana right now, in terms of ethnicity/tribalism, there is a lot of pple who are half /half. for instance if ur mum is a Ga and ur dad is an Ashanti, are u trying to tell me u can’t celebrate Homowo or celebrate wit the Ga pple in any of their victories!!!!

    In this case Her dad is Nigerian n mum is Ghanaian, n so of course she can celebrate with nigerians anyhow @ anytime as much as she wants n feel like. Wow u guyz are so shallow minded!!

Maame Yaa says:

@Nana Akua, National identiy is bigger than a tribal identity. I think people are doing some ridiculous comparisons to prove their points. A half Ga and a half Ashanti is a full blooded Ghanaian. Is that too much of a logic for you? She claims nobody has appointed Chris as the mouthpiece of Ghana; who the heck appointed Yvonne as the mouthpiece of her sister in the first place. She is taking advantage of her publicity and it irritating. can’t roseline talk?! She can celebrate with Nigerians??? wow, awesome!!! That’s why she should not win because no freaking body knows why her loyalty lies. I believe chew and pour education in Ghana did some of you no good cos your brains can’t do no critical thinking. She was ignorantly citing Obama, Jackie Appiah and the rest to prove her point but what she forgot is that, all these people are loyal to their country of citizenship. I won’t dream of Obama wearing a Kenyan jessey in a match between America and Kenya, neither will I imagine Jackie wearing a canadian jessey in a match between Canada and Ghana (ask the Okoros if they have ever worn a Nigerian Jessey in a match btw GH and Nigeria). True Ghanaians wear Ghana jesseys when Ghana plays against Nigeria or any other nation! In addition, Obama has never said that he is a dual citizen, (Okoro said that). J J Rawlings has never claim no damn scottish citizenship anywhere. To make matters worst, she said it doesn’t matter whether Ghana or Nigerian, she is an African. Excuse me, do we have a United States of Africa? This is not miss Africa, it’s is miss Ghana!!!

I watched a movie of Yvonne on irokotv and commented that she is such a good Ghanaian actress, a nigerian replied that Yvonne is no Ghanaian. She proudly said that, Yvonne is an Ibo and can’t be a Ghanaian. We are all going to see a repetition of this during the miss Universe should Roseline win. Chris makes a lot of sense, readers should read again and connect the points and stop stripping some particular points out of the whole piece (It makes the piece looks like a human with head). Crowns like these takes more consideration than a just a constitutional definition of a citizen!!! Those insulting Chris must shut up!!!

Good summary…It takes a lot of critical thinking and analysis to understand issues like this…Cross border citizenship is a dicey subject which must be tackled with intellect and effective analytically skills.

As you mentioned, the Obama and Rawlings comparison are the most ridiculousness of all the arguments. When did Obama ever say he is a Kenyan? When did he go to Kenya to accept awards meant for Kenyan citizens as a kenyan? When did he ever claim to have dual citizenship? He has always asserted and affirmed that he is an American and Obama will not hesitate to send troops to invade Kenya today if America foreign policy demands so. His allegiance, loyalty and association lies with America.

The Rawlings argument is simply silly. The constitution of Ghana allows ONLY a person with a single citizenship to become a president so the fact that Rawlings was the president means that, he has only a single citizenship and that is Ghanaian citizenship…PERIOD. Where and when did Rawlings ever say, legally he is a Scottish and Ghanaian?

So are people saying, Obama can now decide to go to Kenya, set up a political party and become a president there too? After all, he is a Kenyan they claim right? Absolute baloney!

The truth is difficult to accept for Africans and that is our problem.

This is not about what is fair or unfair, it is about the truth, the law and the necessary principles. Do you think it is fair that an illegal Ghanaian who has struggled through Libya to come to Europe just to better his life be arrested and deported? No it is not fair…But who cares about fairness when it comes to issues of legality, truth and principles?

Akata says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, You are sooooo good, these are the of topics we need, continue to do your job, and dont mind those haters, I pray that God will give you more wisdom and understanding, but I need to know..I am married to a half Nigerian and Half Ghanian and I will wish to know if one day my daughter can stand for Miss Ghana, she was born in the USA and I am full blooded Ghanaian, my husband Dad is a Nigrian and Mother is from Ghana…can my daughter stand for miss Ghana in the future….Could u please ask the organizers of Miss Ghana Pageant for me…..have a good day.

liz says:

@Maame Yaa, mmm well said.couldn’t have said it better.all my thoughts placed are wise and intelligent too.leave these hypocrites to say what pleases them. Chris’ article enlightens us on what rightfully belongs to true Ghanaians and God bless you (Chris ),for that.

Grace says:

and you see the Okoro’s hypocrisy. why would Yvonne Okoro say she is AFRICAN? very stupid of her. why can’t she state where she thinks she belongs? her nationality? what university did she go? is African a nationality?

Betty(Miss Ghana) says:

@Grace, Exactky. she is trying to play both countries and still look good. how nonsensical.
why couldnt she say she is ghanaian. 
by the way yvonne attended university of ghana legon.
but she thinks she is so smart by her answers.
abegg, do europeans say they are from europe when they get asked where they are from?
we are all west africans but we all come from a particular country. if you cannot point where you are from then you have a major problem. some titles belong to natives. you cannot bring an ibo man to become an ashanti chief.
i dont mean to cause tribalism. just making a point so you understand.

watzup says:

@Grace, I agree with you Grace we all belong to a country not a continent, being European doesn’t mean you don’t belong to a country so people should be wise and face the truth at stake and stop being God knows what. The name Okoro is a nigerian name and shouldn’t have even been selected in the first place. Gosh! I don’t know what is wrong with Ghanaians

Nana Akua says:

@Grace, Oh hussshhhh!! reading ur comments make me tired!! Am guessing u didn’t understand wat she said. 
Yvonne has been interviewed soo many times n she has clarified that she is half Ghanaian n half nigerian. Yvonne is human jus like all of us!! N we as human hate been repetitive. N of course she wud get tired of repeating herself. i presume this is the millionth times she is been asked of her nationality. N @ the end of the day she is an African indeed.N that’s all that matters for real.
       Lemme give u a scenario, lets say ur mum is Ga n ur dad is Ewe. n the media keeps questioning u abt ur ethnicity, all the time. u keep saying u half Ga n half Ewe. at some point u get tired n  fed up of answering the same damn questions.  after all, all that matters is that u Ghanaian!! Point-blank-Period!!!
Honestly, Yall shud let her BE!! After all is not dat serious! she is doing a lot for the Ghana movie industry n there by contributing to Ghana as a whole!!!  N she is doing other stuff as well. in case you dunno. go do research abt her n get ur facts right.
  U know wat?? u shud sit down n also think,”What can i do to contribute to my country as a whole”. SO STOP GETTING ON HER CASE FOR REAL. She is living a happy n successful life after all!!

Dr Miyagi says:

@Nana Akua,my dear dont waist your time seems to me that the writer wrote this article based on previous comments and did a little bit of research so all his die hard fans will stand behind him no matter if he is right or wrong you gave a great example

HENRY says:


Kwame says:

@HENRY, come on, y’all can’t be his stupid. First off in Ghanaian culture we take after our mom and not our dad. Since her mom is Ghanaian, not to add that she was Bon in Ghana, grew up in Ghana. If that’s the case then Barack wouldn’t be American president, and so many African descent wouldn’t be able to represent western countries. Wonder why Africans are so far behind others with mind set such as yours. Why should Ghana be follower why can’t Ghanaians lead. Must Nigeria do something for Ghana to follow. She is Ghanaian and not Nigerian. She knows nothing about Nigeria. I am ashamed of some of you.  Y’all shouldn’t call yourself Ghanaian. 

Maame Yaa says:

@Kwame, are you serious? I think some Ghanaians are very ignorant about their own culture. Not every culture in Ghana takes after the mum!!! do some research please!!!

rose says:

@Kwame, u said she is a ghanaian right? so why did she accept the award the nigerian give?dat award was meant for ONLY NIGERANS…………..

baah says:

@rose, thank you very much for saying that.If she does not see herself as a Nigerian,why accept the award in the first place and come back later to tell us something else ..

lone wolf says:

@Grace, u big dummy. such confident ignorance. she went to university of Ghana for your limited information. she also attended sec school here and so did roseline. think small before you touch your keyboard.

Grace says:

Thanks Chris, you have really shown that you know what you are talking about. You have well addressed the issue and I hope the organizers will come out to state their stand. Things are done anyhow in Ghana and the people will not complain or say it. When you complain, they say you are too known. Great article

Cecelia Enima says:

Honestly why will any bother to comment as you only  tend to publish comments only in favor of your veiws regardless wheather insults were use or not. I think is time this issue stopped being of paramount importance to any one. What has beauty pagents contributed to the general well being of planet earth ? . Is the most vain thing mankind ever invented and as far as am concerned it time we move away from this topic. After all none of this beauty pageants ladies do not put food tables. Do they ? . Next controversial topic please !!!!

Nana Akua says:

@Cecelia Enima, thnx for saying!!!.. Dunno y he still on this though. He jus hate the Okoro’s period!

Dr. Miyagi says:

@Cecelia Enima, I so agree with you my question to chris is why attack the girl and not the organisation, and if there where truly beautiful girls out there with Ghanaian name, why didn’t they come out to parcipitate?

nat says:

@Dr. Miyagi, very very very good point you have made there. i thing the organizers should be the ones to question. i will do the same thing and apply if i live in ghana and my dad is a ghanaian. BUT if the organisers specifically STATE that it is only open to FULL GHANAIANS, i will gladly take a back seat. i’m with u 100% on this. my jollof rice is ready, i’m off

Dr. Miyagi says:

Eeeeish anti Nat your Jollof is ready and your not even inviting me hahaha why aren’t you at Ghana party in the park its full of fun @nat,

nat says:

@Dr. Miyagi, chop time no friend, eaten finish, there is miyagi. came to visit my mom and bro in bristol. really not up for it this year.

Dr. Miyagi says:

I see well enjoying your visit@nat,

rose says:

@Dr. Miyagi, he is nt attacking anybody, wat he is trying to say is dat…if roseline okoro win miss ghana n represent ghana at the miss world n nigeria also qualify to represent at the miss will be like two(2) nigerians at the competition n moreover the sound of her name doesnt sound like a ghanaian name…..for example boateng,owusu,danquah and a whole lot doesnt sound like a nigerian name….

Dr. Miyagi says:

Well rose technically his article and way of writting it has made allot of people insult the poor girl which to me shouldn’t have happened in the first place I mean if the organisation allow her to enter than what has she done wrong also why was this topic never brought forward when GC started writing articles about the whole miss ghana peagant and had to wait till the last 12 this tells me that this is not only about she shouldn’t be under fire but the organisation but understand where your coming from@rose,

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