PHOTOS: Miss Ghana 2012 Finalists At Work

Last week, GhanaCelebrities.Com brought you photos of the Miss Ghana 2012 finalists when they visited he luxurious three-bedroom house known as the “Miss Ghana Official House”, located at the gated plush Manet Ville community off the Spintex road in Accra-donated by a leading real estate company, Manet Properties.

Today, we’ve obtained more behind the scene photos of what the young girls did during their tour of the house..

Check out the photos below

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • Dr Miyagi

    I am going to say this again do you call these antelopes beautiful some of them look like man, vampires, chimps they not even working just faking the whole thing bunch of junkies look at one of the girls teeth sticking out i bet she struggles to keep that wide mouth shut

    • GHBabe

      @Dr Miyagi, LOL. i heard a lotta girls didnt wanna participate because Miss World 2012 is already over. come to think of it, why did they wait too long to do Miss Ghana 2012. i dont get it.

      • Dr Miyagi

        @GHBabe,lol thats a good question

    • Nana Akua

      @Dr Miyagi, “Wow, you’re an adult!”Urm….Pardon their beauty n swag b4 u say anything stupid!! God forgive u for disrespecting His beautiful creation!!

      • Dr Miyagi

        @Nana Akua,and you are all you have been doing is moaning and moaning did i address you in the first place if not skip the song and move forward and leave God out of this okay stop writing crap on move on 

  • Kojokwei

    What is wrong with these estate  developers. When will  the roads be  fixed in  the so called  plush manet villa .

    • visiter

      @Kojokwei, do u no how expensive it is to fixed roads? anyways your right!

  • zena

    @miyagiis that inside your room? OMG! No comments