Whose Style Are You Feeling: Becca, Eazzy And Nana Ama McBrown At ‘Legends & Legacy Ball’

Last Saturday’s  ‘Legends & Legacy Ball’ was not only full of musical display…Fashion was also very important to the artistes/celebrities.

When I thought Eazzy had nailed it  and deserves to be crowned the best of the night, Ghanaian songstress Becca came flying with those curves in her well tailored shorts…I love how she rocked it! Geez!

And oh yeah, Nana McBrown wouldn’t let them win the race easily…She came pushing too.

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From the photos below, whose style are you feeling?  Becca, Nana Ama McBrown or Eazzy?

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

Nana Ama looks good, Eazzy throw those shoes away not only is the shoe ugly but looks cheap

loved nana ama’s style n eazzy’s, ba come on becca? she tried so hard to look ladylike and stylish, she came out looking pretty stiff n rigid, didnt do it 4 me at all

wowwwww… i love Nana Ama oufit… i want some…. but does she sing now….this woman dey try ooo… i love her though,,,, 2nd becca she looks good too… love that natural hair…… n 3rd Eazzy.. she is ok… but her pencil bi too much…. look at Kietta head n face lol…. aaba

Well, Nana Ama takes the cake, she was looking fingerlickingly sweet!!!!!!! Becca was ok but 4 d stockings…. and as 4 Eazzy……..hmmm the dressing was ok, i luv the african print but the kaagikaagi was too much. My Kietta was looking hot as usual!!!!! 

I jst hate †ђξ site of dis keitta boy aaaaah! Wats he doing near eazy in †ђξ pic mtcheeew Rubbish and as 4who.is lookin good its most defintly becca and NanaAma aka Mrs 26yrs *wink* eazy me idk wat yu are wearing over der O°˚˚˚ plus abeg stop makin ds ur toy boy follown U̶̲̥̅̊ Ǻƪƪ ova †ђξ place we are alrdy tired of seein dat 22yr old boy pwew!

Becca needs to fire her make up artist, Whats with the thick eye brows. Those stocking do not work for me.

I love Becca’s outfit first, then MC brown. Ever since Eazzy came back from BBA, I dnt find her beautiful anymore. Something is off about her.

i like Becca’s style but Nana Ama is flying with her style this lady looks so much better than now than she did few years ago. she is rocking it. GHANAIAN LADIES ROCK

eazzy’s shoes do not look bad from afar….but when close/zoomed in……..iiiillllll!!!!!!!! and she should come of that thick eye lining……..its ugly!!!!!

i hear nana ama did great….more power to her elbow.

becca looks amazing!!!!!

Definitely Nana fom head to toe. Becca doing too much print but I’m digging the natural hair my friend want me to join the natural bandwagon too. Ezzay would have been iight if he hair was did

haters go hug a transformer n leave eazzy alone…shes lookin splendid,classy ….a real african woman

And becca shows navel at a show like this?oh where is decency?nana ama looks good!eazzy looks too decent but well is for the right show guess

Why is becca wearing stockings?who she deceiving that her  legs are smooth.fake girl.nana ama too sings? eazzy dump this keitta boy jorr!

First tme seeing eazzy wearing african print ad like it.heard h niled the sow!anyway they all look cool

Becca is gorgeous and looked amazing. Love her curves. Nana Ama looked good too. Don’t know what Eazzy was thinkinf.

idky some of u guys re surprised tht Nana Ama McBrown sings, shes bn singing ever since she started her acting career, she just doesnt hve any track or album out and the fact tht one doesnt hve any track or album out doesnt mean he or she cannot sing. BTW, Becca & Nana Ama lkd Good, dk abt Eazzy

@C., she has a song with 2 toff which will be out soon,she is trying to get expects to hear the song first and tell her where she has gone wrong,make some changes if necessary then it will be out.the title hmmm i think i will keep that for now but its in english,i mean the title.

@jessi, i seee , madam u work in da entertainment sector too ? 🙂 Becca and Nana ama was looking good any way ….

Ok,first off. Becca you one hella gorgoeus girl, please stop Bleaching your skin. #blackdontcrack.

Eassy, gurl you need to tone it down on the racoon look. It sure aint cute, plus it makes you look sleezy! And do me a favor, will you? HIRE A STYLIST! Thank uuu!

Nana Ama? Who is she? Next!

@Melan, dont you know the difference between the complexion stage light gives, and natural complexion? You people are always accusing people of bleaching why?

anywayz chris,can u pls start following these stories with videos??pls..daaamn africa!!!! if it were tmz or any of these famous blogs,they’ll follow this with a video..shoooot!! those of us in the west that cant get the chance to see these shows live,are tired of watching photos all the daamn time.lool videos plsss.

@honey,check ameyaw debrahs blog, all the videos are there, including meiway zoblazos performance. ameyawdebrah.com

wait a minute,whoever wrote this article clearly has noo taste in fashion…u aint know sh*t,nada,foko about fashion. are u kidding me?? eazzy’s look aint noo celebrity look chile…..and u loved that cheap ass looking shoes soo much soo that u had to zoom it out,shame on u!!! this is how nigerians are ahead of us,because they wil not make a big deal out of eazzy’s look,cos clearly,it aint aall lah…….with that said,nana ama nailed the best dressed,and how she reminds me of fantasia lol when fantasia goes crazy on stage,she takes her shoes of,like the legendry ms patty labelle..becca,chile u look faoiiine as heeell!!! luv this fashion steps these ladies are taking.

@Celebrity, Eazzy is a hot mess. Too much fake cheap colour and blink .She looks like a junkie on meds and low sleep.
She doesn’t look like a muslim. Muslims look fine please.

@Betty(Miss Ghana), 

i love how everyone is totally loving becca……..does anyone really think her flowery top and those shorts go together (last time i checked it was a major fashion sin to wear 2 different patterns, especially the one she’s wearing together at the same time) i actually think she should burn the outfit. no sane person should have either items in their wardrobe. atrocious is not even the word. And also the overly emphasised eyebrows are not looking good either. Gosh ghanaian fashion sense smh.