Deborah Vanessa’s ‘Uncle Obama’ Video Release Party Set For Friday, 28th September…

Deborah Vanessa, a sister of the controversial but talented musician-WanLov Da Kubolor recently jumped unto the music scene and swept attention with her notorious single-‘UNCLE OBAMA’.

Until Deborah Vanessa’s single, she was known in Ghanaian Showbiz as a Model and TV Presenter.

Sister Deborah is set to release a video for hit single ‘Uncle Obama’ featuring FOKN Bois and produced by Silvastone Beats.

The video which is tipped to take the ‘Uncle Obama’ banana controversy to a different level is produced by Deborah Vanessa herself and directed by filmmaker King Luu (Director of ‘Coz Ov Moni’).

The Uncle Obama video release Party will come kick-off at the Silverbird Lounge in the Accra Mall from 6pm on Friday 28th September 2012…

The video release party will offer fans and guests opportunity to chit-chat with Sister Deborah and meet new friends. It is free for all so you got no reason to miss it.

Join the tall list of celebrities who are expected to be part of the ‘Uncle Obama’ release party to have fun and enjoy the visuals for Sister Deborah’s song…

‘Uncle Obama’ has been played on Citi FM by Jessica, Choice FM by Breadknife, XFM by Kay Ara & Gasmilla, Joy FM by DJ Black and Rainbow Radio (UK) by DJ PM and several top radio stations.

Paul Noble of Monocle FM (UK) says “It’s such a hilarious tune” and Chris Coco of Melodica (UK) says “I need that banana tune for my radio show!”

If you got a spare banana, bring it alone for ‘Uncle Obama’.

Listen to ‘Uncle Obama’ below

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • `madam social

    what the heck? haaaha

    • em

      @`madam social, Pat go sleep

      • `madam social

        @em, ooh chaley na force?

        • em

          @`madam social,lol na force ooo

    • Chelry

      @`madam social, I just sprayed tea all over my key-board laughing…hahaha what a mess!!

    • paa k

      Chaeley dis girl shld stop dis nonsense of singing n give our ears a break.wey kind rubbish is dis one,must evry non talented gal sing?@`madam social,

  • em

    go sleep Pat

  • maka aa maka

    for real?lool..pls stick to ur modelling!

  • lol lameooooo hahahahahaha roftl

  • She-Meyor

    WOW!! Creativity @ its WORST!!! Eiii, Ghanaians and the practice of MEDIOCRITY…Just an

  • nanya martinson

    this patience ozoko will say…..chineeeeekeeeeee…..i see say this girl no have shame at all. what stupid song. i mean like really. oohhh she should be ashamed of herself….kai. i lost respect for her koraa

  • lol

    WTF she a joker stupid song 

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    Girl, u failed..Whoever will lie to u by telling u otherwise is an enemy.What?The fact that u got the resources doesnt man u should use it anyhow..Useless tune…Someday u will listen to it yourself and wonder what u were thinking.

    • B.B

      @Adjoa Nbaaso), “…….someday u will listen to it yourself and wonder what u were thinking” , that got me laughing.  

      I agree with you, she has the resources so she thinks she can just decide to do it. The sad thing is, there are better singers out there but cant get producers.

  • Distasteful song.

  • too cool

    Y niggs be hating on her…if she wants to fly or swim where ur problem at?huh…y’all need a life and a spare. Battery too..

  • @EliMuzik

    Much love to her…her music is cool so expect the video to be much better

  • mrelikem

    chale sister Deborah ur track dey bee pass american anthem saf..the video too will be lyk elclassico..mre vim..we dey ur back like wele.

  • Mr Breezy

    Don’t mind the haters yh.. You doing just great and i love the song.. I gotch ya back sis..ILy

  • Nana

    Just CA̶̲̥̅πƮ ωA̶̲̥̅iƮ

  • Maculate

    She is a joke!

  • Funny how people criticize songs like these that have been deliberately made ‘animated’! We don’t expect Efia, Kaakie or Eazzy to make a song like this because they are professional singers/rappers. Sister Deborah is NOT trying to be a singer or rapper and therefore has nothing to lose. She is having fun with the song! What’s wrong with that? It even sounds better than a lot of songs out there that are supposed to be ‘serious’ songs and I’m sure the video will be even better!!

  • more fun and hope my dreams of taking a picture with u comes to past cuz I have been dreaming of such opportunity for a very long time ………… BANANA ALL THE WAY

  • J.Stone

    I enjoyed the song. Yeah its different and not the type of song you hear everyday. Its controversial so what. Anyone that hasn’t smiled or laughed while listening to this track has no sense of humour. I can’t wait to see the video. I’ve already seen her famous monkey. Its very cute 😛

  • ThickMama

    Me thinks its a cool track. Its fun…

  • yaa

    whoa what is wrong with u ppl, granted everyone has an opinion, u must be really slow to think that this song was made with the intention of being a serious song, it was clearly made for comical purposes.

    It is a fun and bubbly song, loosen up a lil folks

  • Thank the Lord for something better than the trash that passes as gospel music in Ghana! Banana’s all the way! 

  • Esther Kpenaba

    i love this song is so catchy! haters need to shut up i bet half of u cant even sing!

  • auka

    Relax people she did this for fun. Most Ghanaian song’s have the same concept, let me mention the songs the thing, taste my apples, your pu**y good etc. or they say stupid things in the songs that do not make sense. So stop being rude about this, before talk about this song think about the other ones you listen to that are s*xually. 

  • Sharon

    Goo Debbbiiiiieee…. keep doing what ur doing. da song is fun to listen to. haterz can go drink acid for all i XoXo

  • zena

    this old woman Deborah koraa what be her problem self? The first time I saw her she was a designer show-casing her clothes! Then I saw her in several mucic videos of renowned artists. Then I heard she was modelling and then a presenter. Now she is a musician IMAO. Dedorah now you will be called ‘Jackass of all trades”. Wonders shall never end. Madam witha football age! Try and find one profession and stick to it. You want to be all over the place! Are you the only Ghanaian girl aaaba! adzen? Sit your flat ass down and do something better with your life!

    • ThickMama

      @zena, dats wat she is doin hater, doin SUMTIN BETTER WIT HER LYF..r u tryna tell us dat wat she is doin is trash? U got jealous hate written all ova ur face..get ova it wai

  • Rita

    I love it ! Haha! Debbie ! You are gorgeous omg. Girl, continue making awesome music !
    Your family defffff has talent !


  • sarah

    WTH, i like the size of your banana, can i give it to my monkey? Deborah like seriously stick to being a pretty face but you dont have talent

  • dericka

    hahahahahahaha lol asem ooooo whose idea is this?? gurl u failed big time….lol

  • Freddy snitch

    coming over to support you sis!!

  • george

    d song is cool..i will b thr 4 d party….no size….

  • eyered

    Deborah is vry funny by de way nice try bt I love de tune

  • Tina

    hahaha this is my song, i cant wait for the video

  • C.

    Really? No really?? What crap song is this?? This song is so childish. She should stick to doing what she can do best instead singing this stupid song. Doesn’t she have any shame???

  • missme

    stpd lyrics

  • Kay-Ara

    This song is fantastic…sad thing is people delve on the superficial too much..have you asked yourself what the subtext is?? Shes way better than a lot of these musicians out there propagating their useless music. Cheers to Sister Deborah! Your metaphors wont be understood by idle minds!

  • uu

    concentrate on ur modeling hun………….and stop this attention sloring…

  • Kay-Ara

    i don’t even understand why yall are making noise about this.if u do not understand the lyrics of a song do not ridicule it.. its an amazing song and a lot of people are failing to identify the subtext.. you go on and play all these useless songs that  most of these gh artistes are playing and u dare diss this? once again the hypocrites win! sister deborah u be gee!!!

  • Dr Miyagi

    Like brother like sister absolutely useless 

    • B.B

      @Dr Miyagi, EXACTLY!!!

    • m/s

      @Dr Miyagi,lol koborlor family.. lol miyagi, i just scroll down to see ur message first after listening to the song…

      • Dr. Miyagi

        Hahahahaha lol@m/s,

  • Stupid stupid stupid song. They are people more talented in Ghana that could use that studio time she wasted

  • SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch)

    Sister DERBY lol. I honestly hate ur name combo “deborah Vanessa” like seriously. Girl pls sit ur skinny self somewhere and take ur idiot brother wit u. 

  • stupid song . madam pls stop sending your pictures to the footballers they will only use u like the rest.

  • ekua

    im going to be honest and im saying the word HONEST because i dont want people to be calling me a hater, this is the most ridiculous song i have ever heard, i didnt even bother to listen to it to the end, derby , deborah, vanessa or whatever your name is on your birth certificate please please please stick to the modelling just because your bored and u dont have a secure day job please dont waste studio time and make a dumb song, obama should sue you for even using his name

  • 27calibre (O_0)

    where is this all hate from???
    a Ghanain will try as much as possible to bring his or her own brother or sister Ghanain DOWN…

  • ekua

    @calibre do u know the difference between hating and an opinion…….i dont understand why when people simply give their opinion it is considered hating, nobody is hating on the song, i just feel really sorry for her because she has some serious fake ass friends telling her that this song is good,

    • 27calibre (O_0)

      @ekua, i understand what you mean ekua ,but some people are just insulting and attacking her instead of advising her …peace

  • ekua

    @calibre you i know some comments are abit harsh i have to admit, i know she is just having fun and all but that doesnt mean she should abuse studio time, its true there are more talented people who need the studio to produce go music, sista berby please as a human being to human being please do not continue with the music

  • syndeytish (dats not my real email biatch)

    Romanian trash

  • People will always hate even if there’s nothing hate on. #JustDoYouDebie #BigUps @TeamSistaDebie

  • Naana

    lol…i guess this song was not meant to be serious! my advice to debbie -- Dont use your brother’s method. Aspire to do things that will take you far not things tht are not serious (like exposing genitals on tv or singing abt ur monkey in this case). As a woman, aim higher for yourself. You are slim but you are also short so no serious designer will use you on the catwalk but you can be a very good picture model or you can try acting in the local film industry, since it is popularity you want. a word to the wise….

  • Mimi

    Its a fun bubbly song & it’s very catchy.

  • Mr4son

    debbie iz gne be dhe best nu female artist of the cumn GMA, hehheehhe