Does Menaye Donkor Deserve To Win The ‘Most Fashionable Celebrity Icon’ At The Ghana Fashion Awards?

Rita Ora And  Menaye Muntari in Beatrice K Newman

Rita Ora And Menaye Muntari in Beatrice K Newman

Ahead of Ghana Fashion Awards slated for November, 2012, Model/Former Beauty Queen/Philanthropist-Menaye Donkor Muntari has been tipped to win the all important ‘Most Fashionable Celebrity Icon’ award…

Even though fashionable celebrities like Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Joselyn Dumas and Yvonne Nelson are Menaye Donkor’s strong contenders, it seems Menaye Donkor has over the years managed to place herself a little a head of these stars with her expensive, classy and well packaged style.

As we wait to see who will take home the award in November as the ‘Most Fashionable Celebrity Icon’, let’s  look back at some of Menaye Donkor’s best looks and other international celebrities who have worn the same outfits…

Does she deserve to win the ‘Most Fashionable Celebrity Icon’ in Ghana? If no, who do you think deserves it?

Scarlet and Menaye in Dolce and Gabbana

Scarlet and Menaye in Dolce and Gabbana

Menaye Donkor And Kim-Kardashian in Gucci

Menaye Donkor And Kim-Kardashian in Gucci

Rita Ora And Menaye Muntari in Beatrice K Newman

Rita Ora And Menaye Muntari in Beatrice K Newman

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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  • B.B

    Did you really include Jackie as a fashion icon? What has she been wearing? Those shiny shiny things? 😛 LOL

    Mrs Muntari really deserve it.  She’s almost always flawless fashion-wise. 

    • Chelry

      @B.B, True tho’ Jackie should be out of the list. Chris paa Ad3n?

    • nanya martinson

      @B.B, thank u thank u. aaah jackie should be out koraa. facial beauty yes but thats all she has. she cant dress one bit. if jackie wins then Ghanaian dont know fashion at all

    • honey

      @B.B, lmaaaooooo i swear ur comment killed me hahahhahahahha true tho…daaaaaaaamn jackie a fashion icon??? chile puh-leeaaase

    • ato


  • Dr Miyagi

    Now i know you dont no nothing about fashion mr writer lol or is it because she is your favourite how in the name did you include that Fat Bimbo aka jackie appiah miss yaw legs with her confused shiny dressing like BB stated in her comment

    • Dr Miyagi

      @Dr Miyagi,*yam

      • abena

        @Dr Miyagi, hahaha ask again. but she has been nominated along side the other ladies mentioned so he couldn’t have left her out. 

        • Dr Miyagi

          @abena,you feel me with her circus dressing

      • honey

        @Dr Miyagi, hehehedhehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe ooooooooooo Jesus

        • Dr Miyagi


    • `madam social

      @Dr Miyagi, lmao exactly my sentiments…did he write jackie appiah smh

      • Dr Miyagi

        @`madam social,lol chris is funny 

    • ato

      @Dr Miyagi, HEY HOPE YOU GOOD.

      • Dr Miyagi

        @ato,im good bro

    • SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch)

      @Dr Miyagi, your monkey face ok. She look better than ur sister. Fu cking idiot. 

      • Dr Miyagi

        @SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch),lol you cant stand the truth Miss Banku Belly aka Fat bimbo does not know how to dress period with those yam legs on high heels kaaai not nice kroaaaaaa  one more thing its either you reply me normal and leave those insult out or you will see Ofui

        • SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch)

          @Dr Miyagi,Stfu u a ss. She looks better than ur ugly fat sister

  • Ash babe

    Mrs. Muntari deserves it

  • cristalblack


  • lilyy

    if it was nadia, she would’ve been called a wannabe…hmmmmmmm

  • against kim and rita, menaye did it for me, but i love it on scarlet more.

  • the ish cray

    Nadia a fashion icon, since when, all the cheap dresses n shoes makes her fashion icon, very laughable. I think menaye deserves it shes been on point most time a few misses here n there but i expect more from her since shes in the fashion biz,  dont ever put nadia n fashion icon in the same sentence, its crazy

    • Dr Miyagi

      @the ish cray,do you buy her clothes to no its cheap

      • SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch)

        @Dr Miyagi,Look at dis midget in everybody’s as s. get a life loser. 

        • Dr. Miyagi

          Midget? Seriously you need some check up all your comments are. Baseless if its attention you need than do continue your not in me clasa I don’t expect animals to join when humans are talking get that@SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch),

  • nanya martinson

    i know right

  • nafi

    whoever thinks Jackie is fashionable is totaly blind. All that girl got is prety face.

  • patricia

    How did yvonne get into dat list wit her fake fake wanabe stuff,jacky n nadia too wear cheap stuff n don’t make the cut too

  • Rocklyn Love

    heyyy ghana fuo hmmmmm……………….. well DONKOR deserve it……. i love jackie buh Nadia dresses better than her… but i dont consider both as a fashionable icon…. maybe Yvonne dey try kakra

  • Kukie

    yess Nadia is good. i dont like Menyakor or whatever her name is. she acts like she better than ghanain celebs.Girl be yaself

  • henry

    hhh,,mm such wahala comments guys……jacky is wack wen its cum to fashion…nadia mabe though she wears cheap cloths she still knows how to put them together yvonne naaaa… much make-up all de time so i tink mrs mutari deserves it……..