Songs: Unification Of Old Hip Life Artistes On ‘Back In The Day’ Concert On September 21


On Friday September 21, the world would join Ghanaians to celebrate the birth of one of the biggest Africans of all times and Ghana’s first president; Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

With the day declared as a statutory public holiday in Ghana, Ghanaians would experience a show that brings back memories when the genre Hip Life was introduced by Reggie Rockstone.

Empire Entertainment, the company behind the ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ musical concert led by broadcaster Bola Ray and Media GH would assemble the very best of Hip Life artistes who started the genre in early 1990s and still continued when the going gets tough.

As you may know, this is the reunion of the guys who started the genre and now Ghana can boast of a BET award with the genre.

On September 21, the likes of Reggie Rockstone, VIP, Buk Bak, Tic Tac, Akyeame, Obrafour, Keteke, Kontihene, Ex-Doe, Chicago, Lord Kenya, Ded Buddy (now Quesi), Akatakyie, Abrewanana, Sass Squad which became TH4Kwages, TBlaze, Batman now Samini, Sony Achiba and the likes.

Let’s take you down memory with hits back in the day. I know some of you have forgotten about some of these hits but a good song is a good song no matter how old it is.

Here we go.


Rana Sanla: [audio:]

Obaa Sweetie: [audio:]

Kuzi Muyi Wasa: [audio:]

Besin: [audio:]


Philomena: [audio:]

Kwani Kwani: [audio:]

Fefenefe featuring Toni Tetuilla: [audio:


Pae Mu Ka: [audio:]

Yaanom: [audio:]

Oye Ohene Remix Featuring Tinny: [audio:]

Aden: [audio:]

Agoro No Aso: [audio:]


Ya Bounce Wo Visa: [audio:]

Plan Ben: [audio:]

Keep Your Eyez On the Road: [audio:]


Kome Ke Kena: [audio:]

Akwesi Broni: [audio:]

Kelewele: [audio:]

Trotro: [audio:]

Kluu Blofo: [audio:]


Wosisi: [audio:]

Feeling Nu Ye Deep: [audio:]


Masan Aba: [audio:]

Menko  Meda: [audio:]


Fameko: [audio:]

Medo: [audio:]

Mr Pop: [audio:]

Sika: [audio:]


Migizigi: [audio:]

Aketesia: [audio:]


Nana Esi: [audio:]

Semameta: [audio:]

Manu Mehu: [audio:]


Odo  Sisi Me: [audio:]


Chio Chio: [audio:….CHIO-CHIO.mp3]


Linda: [audio:]


Yebesa: [audio:….YEBESA.mp3]


Deeba: [audio:…DEEBA_.mp3]

Ahuofe Hemaa: [audio:]


Odo Fella: [audio:]


Maba: [audio:]

Comfort: [audio:]


Wobeko:  [audio:]


Bone AyeFoo

Imagine watching musicians perform all these songs and more? Just grab your tickets for the concert are set to be released soon and will be selling at GHC50 regular and GHC100 for VIP seating.

The BACK IN THE DAY Concert is powered by Empire Entertainment and Media GH with support from,,, Rainbow radio, YFM, Weekend Finder, Graphic Showbiz, 4Syte TV, JOY FM, Hitz Fm, OK Fm and Peace Fm.

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This is hip life… Memories coming back. I remember when Deeba was on, I was in JSS…I remember Aketesia too,  I think I was in first year at Adisadel College…I use to chase some girl at Holy Child and she used to love that song like hell

Good post Eben! 

love it says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

27calibre (O_0) says:

my big bro use to listen to this songs wayback and i realy enjoy it as well(:

B.B says:

hmmmm, gone are the days! too bad, i have forgotten most of the lyrics of most  songs now.

27calibre (O_0) says:

@B.B, try to remember it then lol

B.B says:

@27calibre (O_0), LOL.

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