Photos From ‘Back In The Day’ Concert + The Side Attractions & Distractions…

The ‘Back In The Day’ music bash finally rolled by yesterday at the dome.  Before we bring you our in-depth review of the event,  let me take you through some of the side attractions I spotted…

Well for me, I have honestly never danced as much at any contemporary music concert.

Was so hard to stay in my seat while the good old sounds came hitting me. We were on fire last night!

Sadly, although the Dome was almost fully packed, not as many Ghanaians came out as they usually would on a regular concert day. Are Ghanaians really not too enthused about old music?

Because the Back in The Day artistes gave us so much passion and appreciation last night it was unbelievable. It’s unfair how these artistes worked so hard for so little. Bled my heart just seeing them come out with so much love for their music.

I have to say congratulations and thanks to Empire Entertainment and Media GH. That show was well planned and executed!

But hopefully Ghanaians will soon come to realize the importance of showing up at the set time for programs? Annoying to have to sit till 10 for things to start instead of 7pm which was advertised.

Bottom-line though? We had a lot of fun!!!  Right from the MC of the night, Azigiza Junior who surprised us with fantastic MC’ing skills and dance moves-LoL. Man, Azigiza still got it all under control.

Then came Ded Body with his smooth ladies style. Every boy was on their feet for him…well until he decided to show us his ‘six pack’. Ebei Ded Buddy, We beg next time don’t do any physical teasers for the ladies. Let’s stick to the fine music ok?

The NFL group also took us way back. I am sure those guys will have a good laugh when they watch their old videos. Hahahaha! Our dearest Abrewa Nana also represented and I had such a memory trip explaining who she was to my ‘lost’ date.

But hey, as you know, a concert attracts people and where the people go, they go fully clothed. Well, not too fully clothed for some but clothed all the same. So I decided to as usual, show the absent fans exactly what Ghanaians wore to ‘Back in The Day’.

I was impressed when I saw some women keep in simple and decent in lovely African print. Looks like Ghanaian women are finally paying attention to decency after being rated the most promiscuous women in the world-yes we got rated number one. Taking over from Nigerian women who topped the research list last year-Google it. That’s another story.

But you know the ‘madams’ still represented in their skimpy, commotion dresses. I am beginning to think special force police men should be at the gates of these concerts just to arrest people who dress to cause fear and panic.

Anyway, find pictures below…

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