Plus Size Fashion: The Do’s and the Don’ts for Curvy Women

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Every woman wants to look attractive and dress in trendy apparel. Plus sized women are no exception to the rule. However, in their bid to follow the trends, many plus sized women do what I like to call a faux pas.  As plus-sized women, here are a few do’s and don’ts that can save you from disapproving stares and snarls when you walk down the street.

The Do’s

  • DO look for clothing that’s tailored to fit

Shapeless clothes do a curvy body no good. When you pick up a shapeless garment that hangs onto your body it adds about ten to thirty pounds to your appearance (and we don’t want that!). Instead, you can go for empire waists or clothing that cinches at the smallest part of your waist or under your bust and, highlights your body’s best features.

  •  DO dress to highlight your best attributes

Many plus sized ladies like to hide under baggy trousers and big t-shirts to hide their shapes but, it is important to play up your best body features. This way you can take attention away from your flaws. For instance, a great bust would go with a blouse that shows a little cleavage. Great arms could work sleeveless dresses etc.

  •  DO visit stores that meet your clothing needs

Visit shops that carry clothes to meet the needs of voluptuous darlings like you.  The people in these shops understand your body and usually save you the time it takes to guess what size of clothing would fit your body.

  •  DO alter clothes when it’s necessary

You love the blouse or skirt but it’s too big. Just send it to your seamstress and after a few alterations you’d look like a goddess instead of an unattractive lady.

The Don’ts

  •  DON’T wear clothes that cling to your body.

The worst thing that can happen to a plus sized lady is when everyone can see every bump, lump and love handle on her body. Please stay away from outfits that hug your body as they are extremely unflattering. However, if you really have to go for such clothes then make sure you have a body shaper on.

  •  DON’T highlight the negative parts of your body.

If you have a very wide waist, try to steer clear of a belt over a shirt or sweater. It causes the eye to focus on the largest part of your body. If you have very big breasts don’t go for too tight or too baggy tops and stay away from high neck tops. They do more harm than good.

So there you have it, you can be one heck of a s*xy plus size diva if you follow these tips.

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