PHOTOS: Beautiful Voice Stephanie Benson Steps Out In Glam At The Launch Of Okyeame Kwame’s Versatile Show

She celebrated her 45 years birthday a month ago. Even at 45 years, singer Stephenie Benson is looking all beautiful and s*xy.

For better want of a word, most people prefer to call her ‘Beautiful voice’ because she has the beauty and the voice.

The beautiful singer stepped out confidently in all straight dress looking rather yellowish at the launch of Okyeame Kwame’s Versatile Show on Wednesday.

Check out the pictures GhanaCelebrities.Com got for you.

Beautiful right?

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Nobody says:

My dear Aladdin is looking for his missing pants…and outfit….lol

Nadia says:

This woman loves fashion and you can’t take that away from her. I love what she’s wearing. Nothing wrong with it.

syndeytish (dats not my real email biatch) says:

pls pls pls, take de contact lenses out. its not cute anymore

zena says:

yes I think its intheir genes! They dont age that family cuz Akosua Adjapong too looks really young!. This woman is very beautiful even at 45! I wish to look like her when I am her age>anyway she even looks younger than most young women i know

27calibre (O_0) says:

@zena, if you want to look like her ,have s*x frequently and enjoy it ,that the secret !

Dr. Miyagi says:

HmMmm allow your husband to pound that yaw very gOod stay away from fufu and banku and all those stuff and you will get there Dr. Calibre is the experet he can tell you anything about it@27calibre (O_0),

vince says:

She’s gorgeous! Obviously runs in the family because Akosua Agyapong is also beautiful.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

She is pretty and I love her outfit except the shoes.

Dior Cherie says:

Wow for a 45yr old shes really pretty, black dont crack is really true, i also think she doesnt need the contact lenses shes beautiful without it.

naa says:

Ei dis woman will kill us…..adzen!

jessi says:

yes beautiful but was it her show or that of okyeame kwame,i mean there is not a single photo of kwame here,all about her,i think thats not fair.

koby says:

what kind of dressing be this one too. basket or what……..very soon our celebrities will be wearing t.v on their head.eeeeeeeeh copy copy…….

27calibre (O_0) says:

@koby, ahahaha lol

koby says:

@27calibre (O_0), chale this is true ooooo.plasma tv.

27calibre (O_0) says:

@koby, you are definatly right …nika boka

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@koby, LOL!u soo funny.

RocklynLove says:


RocklynLove says:

Hmmmmmmm me i dont feel her style….. beautiful yes……

27calibre (O_0) says:

this woman is beautiful for real ! eiii but what is she wearing ???

jsexy says:

@27calibre (O_0), u don’t know fashion koraaa,,,, this is mordern day ”nika boka” lol

27calibre (O_0) says:

@js*xy, ahahaha thanks for educating me on fashion lol

biz says:

@27calibre (O_0), i like hiow she portrays ghana with no fear.. she rocked it confidently. this is not gucci or pradda or shit.. its ghana ba

Dr. Miyagi says:

@27calibre (O_0),you want to marry her, I’m going to report you it’s about time we start putting CCTV on you lol she is beautiful indeed a real eye catcher 

27calibre (O_0) says:

@Dr. Miyagi, ahahaha i just said my eyes saw and what my mind let my mouth say ,simlpy i just said what i saw lol…
dont report me bro cos i have the most jelouse woman on earth lol

Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahahhahaha looool@27calibre (O_0),

Dr. Miyagi says:

Is she promoting for MTN or what 

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