PHOTOS OF THE DAY: NanaHemaa Of Afia Schwarzenegger & Adom Fm Fame

Few months ago, NanaHemaa in a controversial switch took over the title ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ as the lead character of popular TV series-Afia Schwarzenegger…

After the lead character switch which many said it was going would affect the ratings of the hit TV series, NanaHemaa Nhyira Acheampong who is also the host of Adom Fm’s Entertainment Show got married in a grand style…

How better can life get for a girl?

And we are told, not only is she a showbiz personality, she also works full time with an Engineering company in Accra…


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bright says:

@the royal, am telling you what i know. why are you related the her husband to know if he is rich or not.

The royal says:

dont say what you dont know, who told you her husband is rich? plzzzz talk of something else

bright says:

@the royal, hey you would be taken aback when you her cute, rich and handsome husband. the guy is damn hot. jessssssssss

yayra says:

nanahemaa and his husby are still married, n she takes her ring off only whn she is shooting not like some celebs who are married yet dont put on thier rings. kumasiano papapa. hw3 tableeee no so.

felix@ says:

@dr. miyagi. u dont have anything better to do with your life. nipafo n ka asem foo. get a life. nana, al the best in your career.

ama says:

at least nanahemaa is not a smoker like the old afia schwarzeneger(valentina). obaa keep on been cool ok,

serwaa says:

tgis picture was taken on location, cos i saw her in this dress last week on afia schwarzeneger series. even jackie, omotola, ini and mercy who got married before nanahemaa dont wear their rings when shooting cos they aint playing the role as a married woman. nana, all the best and hey you have relly improved in your acting paa.

ted says:

nanahemaa papabi i dont know you in person but i was soo happy when i heard some girls talking about your humble character. how many people in the showbiz are soo cool as you. all the best and enjoy your marriage. i beg protect your marriage o.

anony says:

Chris o there’s dis Delay show soon to be aired on tv (viasat1) and †ђξ advert listen 2her (delay) “people say i can’t speak good english, dey also say i can’t host my own show blah blah……”u knw how she lyks 2brag alrdy?
And †ђξ Qtn i ask myself weneva i see dat silly advert is hell does she really think she speaks good english? Hahahhaha dat local champ called DELAY. Is jst tryin too hard abeg….kai!!
Wonder wat †ђξ stupid Delay show is all about sef mtcheeew!

The royal says:

I can see your ring mark,why have you taking it off? We havent seen you and your husband ever since you got married,where is he?

florence Osei says:

@The royal, he is at where he is. get a life pls! 

florence Osei says:

Some ppl need to get a life and stop hating on the blessed ones! ohemaa mind the royal! probably the prince of bush canteen! 

jeff says:

I Just love this girl, just because shes a Keep it up !!!

sheila says:

this has nuffin to do wit how messy she luks u guys……keep up da gud work gal

TheChuckylee says:

Dis Afia Shwarzneggar thing is just not doing it for me.The original Afia set a very high standard dat Nana Hemaa is struggling to get der.In my own view Nana Hemaa shd try and stick to radio which it seems she’s good at instead of trying too hard to fit into the shoes of the then Afia Shwarzneggar.Anyway she’s pretty.

27calibre (O_0) says:


Dr. Miyagi says:

Fin? She looks messed up@27calibre (O_0),

27calibre (O_0) says:

@Dr. Miyagi, ahahah you this guy ahaha

Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahahah you know I will never keep my mouth shut I say it like it is blue eye liner blue nails and a clown outfit its a no no she is MESSED UP and look at her skin I guess her bleaching went totally wrong@27calibre (O_0),

florence Osei says:

 @Dr. Miyagi, u are a fool! wat has her talent got to do with her lok? Nana u look fine ok and God will continue to bless u! any hater should get a job of their own! keep it up odo 

Dr. Miyagi says:

Look what the cat has dragged in first learn how to write look than learn how to read and understand a sentence before you address me where. Did you see me talking about her talent?@florence Osei,

maame says:

@Dr. Miyagi, AGREE….. n where is her wedding ring?…eeiii ghana celes very interesting…

Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahaha say that again they always hiding it and chasing fresh blood@maame,

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