Who Is The Queen Of Natural Beauty-Genevieve Nnaji Vrs Jackie Appiah

Few days ago, Nollywood super star Genenieve Nnaji posted a photo highlighting her natural beauty…When we talk about natural beauty, we mean our ‘inherent attractiveness’-raw beauty, not enriched by all the enhancements such as weaves, make-ups and others…

After seeing the photo (above), I said to myself; this woman is naturally beautiful…

When It comes to our Ghanaian Movie Industry Celebrities, the only person touted as naturally beautiful even by those who loathe her is Jackie Appiah…

I am yet to find any woman in the Ghanaian Movie Industry who can match Jackie Appiah’s natural attractiveness…

With her as the most beautiful (natural) Ghanaian Celebrities ( I am not just saying this, it was confirmed by our readers during a poll held on GhanaCelebrities.Com),  we have decided to compare her to the woman who can also be said to be the most beautiful (natural) Nigerian Celebrity-Genevieve Nnaji…

Who do you think is the Queen of Natural Beauty… Genevieve Nnaji  Or Jackie Appiah?

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  • 27calibre (O_0)

    Jackie have a beautiful face ,good BADONKA following her ,s*xy eyes she is attractive than Genevive hands down

  • Nana Benz

    Your topic is NATURAL BEAUTY, yet look at the pictures you’re comparing.  Genevieve is without weave or makeup and Jackie has weave and makeup on.  I said Genevieve.  Now, if it had been Genevieve and Becca, it would be better comparison.  Movie or Music, they’re all entertainment industry…

    • Ago

      @Nana Benz, I will pick Jackie appiah, I saw Jackie at the shell station and Jackie is much prettier in person than in pictures and video. Jackie is really beautiful and she smells so good .

    • Agyeiwaa

      @Nana Benz, I do agree with you. Anyways, I’ll go with Genevieve.

  • g

    jakie with or without make up still look Good!!!! they both got the natural beauty in their own ways…

  • Lauren

    Jackie is beautiful. Black beauty

  • akosuaghana


    • SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch)

      @akosuaghana,welcome back girl. MiGAyi thinks he run this s.h.i.t

      • Charles

        It’s my jackie baby. You are right she is more beautiful in person than in this picture you are using. Very beautiful girl, God took his time to make Jackie appiah.  But Jackie and Genny  represent the black race and have open up doors for the wannabe actresses who have started bleaching and has the impudence to praise her lanky legs on her twitter page and recently premiered her movie, also they paved the way for okoro Martha Lydia. Before Ghana producers liked only fair people

        • @Charles, oh awurade ekutiabor n3m n3 wura paaa lol ahahahaha easy bro lol

  • GHjust

    I really lyk gals who go natural;-), i will go for GN on this one

  • Dr. Miyagi

    I will give this one to Jackie even though its painful to admit cause genevieve looks like a goat but yet its not fair to put an old pic of genevieve and and nice foto of that laptop eyes

    • edyonce

      @Dr. Miyagi, ARE U VERY SURE?

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @edyonce,lol I’m not hahaa

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Dr. Miyagi, Eiiiii, U hate to admit the girl is fine.Where from the laptop eye..hahahaha..eiiii, I feel like u get turned on anytime u see those eyes.I lie?(take a deep breathe and be honest)

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @Adjoa Nbaaso), hahahaha never not this koala beer girl

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Dr. Miyagi, Oho, if goats had Genevive’s looks, am sure most men will be marrying all the goats in the animal kingdom.Miyagiiiiii, heeee..hmmm

      • Dr. Miyagi

        Hmmm you make sense, but what I am trying to say is that Genevieve got better picture why cheat?@Adjoa Nbaaso),

    • @Dr. Miyagi,
      you are simply an idiot. no two ways about that. an imbecile. you need to enrol at Dzorwulu school for the retard. you are that vincent whose penis is dead. nkwasiafo ne nkwasiafuo bi mba.

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @gina,Hahahhahaha lol all that becauseim not supporting your jackie hahahaha thanks for the laugh 

  • Dela

    I will go for jackie even though I love the both of them

  • edyonce


    • Dr. Miyagi


      • edyonce


        • SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch)

          @edyonce,pancake wow haven’t heard dat in a looooonnnnggg time. U must b krasenii paaaoo

          • Dr. Miyagi

            @SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch),listen you need to stop coming here and insulting 
            People any how you want yeah cant you just comment without insulting Someone 

        • Dr. Miyagi

          @edyonce,well I don’t see the fairness on this anyway 

    • @edyonce,

      your eye open waa. thanks.

  • Pat

    Jackie Appiah all the way

  • Lloyd

    Well well am for the both of them, but will take Jackie

  • Really!1

    “Natural beauty means no make-up, but from the pictures presented, one person is in makeup and the other is not. I know both are beauty, but you do injustice when you present one picture in makeup and the other without makeup. Nevertheless, Gene is still beautiful and so is Jackie, but the comparison at this point is inappropriate.

  • ama

    Geny is naturally beautiful no 2 ways abt it

    • @ama,
      well done ama. you know whatz up. the writer after this write up does another story that says he likes becca for his natural hair. he is sto so stttupppid i cannot understand. Genevieve is naturally beautiful. i dont see what human beinngs see in that dwarf kapuepue called jackie. i would rather go for a woman who has a banging body with a huhudious face than someone who has a nice face and a horrible dwarflike fat body like that of jackie. who i think comes from teh family of aki and pawpaw

  • I concur. They’re both beautiful but Jackie clearly has weave and make-up on. Genevieve no the other hand, does not. Why are you guys comparing the two any ways? Genevieve is older and they both look beautifully different in their own ways. You guys should stop this comparing nonsense.

  • Dior Cherie

    Hands up and down, Jackie, with or without makeup and weave,, aint no competition here

    • Dior Cherie

      @Dior Cherie, Your negative opinion n hate of this girl dont matter, it is what is, shes a beautiful girl not only on the outside but inside too, if u dont get it, i dare you to burn the atlantic ocean.wtf, yeah am a fan but you know that already

      • Gina

        @Dior Cherie,Jackie all the way. Jackie is even prettier in person than in pictures.

  • TheChuckylee

    Dis comparison is not even ryt.Jackie has her make up on in dis picture whilst Genevieve doesn’t.Genevieve is obviously the pretty one here.Nonetheless they’re all beautiful in their own ways.

  • hey

    Lydia Gordon has a natural beauty n I think she can compete with Jackie #JS

  • RocklynLove

    They all look good i beg

  • B.B

    It’s definitely Genevieve! I dont define natural beauty just by the face. It’s obvious Jackie has a very beautiful face but what else? Genevieve has a beautiful face too and a nice body. 

    And just look at the picture of both ladies. There’s nothing natural about Jackie’s own, i mean not with that horsehair & all that makeup.

    Makaa maka, if there’s any Jackie’s fan who doesnt get it, just BRING IT ON, I’ll be waiting.

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @B.B,that’s my girl Hahahhahaha B.B in the building you couldn’t have said it better thumps up my sister

    • @B.B,
      i second you big time. thumbs up

  • B.B

    It’s definitely Genevieve! I dont define natural beauty just by the face. It’s obvious Jackie has a very beautiful face but what else? Genevieve has a beautiful face too and a nice body. 

    And just look at the picture of both ladies. There’s nothing natural about Jackie’s own, i mean not with that horsehair & all that makeup.

    Makaa maka, if there’s any Jackie’s fan who doesnt get it, just BRING IT ON, I’ll be waiting. 

    • @B.B,
      it is you i am seconding all M scopio. thumbs up thumbs up thubs up

  • David

    Jackie Appiah is the thing

  • Ethel

    When is beauty than I pick Jackie

  • Shela

    Jackie Appiah is too prety I saw her picture you posted the last time without makeup with just a cloth you should have used that one

    • jessi

      @Shela, i agree,that would have been th best picture to use to compare

  • Joy Bless

    Genevieve is beautiful, Jackie is also beautiful wit big big teeth.hahahahahaha…….big big teeth, genny is as dry as panla, hahahahaha….,panla.

  • shao khan

    she’s so beautiful,genevieve has got it,she even looks more stunning without ‘decorations’

  • Semi-Cartermatic

    GC staff i don’t agree with this comparison a bit. Although i know Jackie to be beautiful Ghanaian woman i still believe when comparing 2 stuffs they got to have the same value. Thus this comparison  imo is unjustifiable.  Think about your audience (especially the new ones) when pending your articles. Anyway am admirer of both Actress they beautiful. Unnecessary comparison. 

  • cici

    its definitely Genevieve..no 2 ways about that..shes very beautiful n charming..both naturally and artificially

  • genevive all de way

  • Ama

    Obviously the author of the article needs a dictionary so he can look up the word “Natural”. How do you compare two people in pictures one with face sans make up and the other fully made up and wearing a weave? It is like comparing an apple to an orange! It defies reasoning and logic to even suggest such a comparison when using pictures of one person  with  her face enhanced with make up and the other with no make up?
     Sometimes i wonder about this writer ,because  errors like this raises pertinent questions about his credibility and credentials in general…..

  • waw jacy is the best…waw let me do same for tanzania movie star with ….

  • maame nyarko

    ppl it luks lyk we are all wasting our time, we cannot compare Jackie and Gene. Gene is very very beautiful why am i saying this

    first of all in terms of age she is far gone compare to jackie who is still young and should be more beautiful than her grand mom, but she is not her grand mom gene is prettier than her. we shouldn’t forget when we ask of beauty we should as of age as well.

    second gene has not makeup and no artificial hair on so ppl plssssssssssssssssssssss dont compare them cos gene is much much more beautiful than our jackie

    • @maame nyarko,

      well done

  • ThickMama

    genevieve i luv u..mwaah mwaah

    • ato

      @ThickMama, and she is of class.

  • lu

    First, What is Natural Beauty?? Chris if u wanna talk natural Beauty, put a photo of Jackie with out make-up. Secondly, I have seem both ladies in person,,, I met jackie in ATL, she got pretty face and very good manner 2, I met Genny twice, first when she came 2 my country [liberia] in 04 and at a movie premiere in NYC. Both ladies are very beautiful but Genevieve is way way beautiful, and as for the people who calling Jackie short, Genny is short 2, just like jackie. But I love jackie more cuz she was very very nice 2 me and my sisters in ATL.

    • @lu, hmmm very wrong jackie’s facial beauty is priceless genevive is s*xier wouldn’t use the word beautiful to describe her but thumps up to where you said they both looks good in their own way.

  • pradah

    pls pls and pls genny has dis one naa, wht nonsense. genny all d way a, jacky with short limbs i hate

  • Maureen

    Jackie Appiah is number one

  • Jacky appiah is more beautiful than Genenieve