Ghanaian Celebrities & Weave, And why I Love Becca’s style!



I must say that I am becoming very fond of Becca. She has not been my favorite musician, but I love a couple of her songs.  I feel she is one of the most naturally beautiful Ghanaian celebrities. Why do I say that?  I have seen several pictures of her, and with each of them, I have never seen her with all the hair extensions other Ghanaian celebrities use.

I am not against people who use hair extensions because not everyone is blessed with beautiful natural hair that they can grow. But it is how the weave extensions are used that makes it questionable.  I don’t understand why our Ghanaian celebrities use hair extensions and make it so obvious to the person who stands thousands of feet away to see.

I am aware most celebrities and many women around the world use hair extensions, but sometimes it is difficult to tell when some people have it. Unlike some of our Ghanaian celebrities, other celebrities from other countries make wearing weave an envious experience.

If you choose to wear something, then at least wear it beautifully, so others can be jealous.  If you choose to wear weave, then wear it so it can attract, not distract.

Becca’s fashion style is so unique and so natural. She uses less make-up and she dresses nicely almost always.

The most attractive thing to me about Becca is her hair. I love her hair!  I love the natural look of her hair just as I like that of Lydia Forson’s. I tried to go natural, but unfortunately not everyone can keep a natural hair especially if it coarse and kinky as mine.

Which Ghanaian celebrity do you think wears the weave very bad?

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Nadia says:

Becca’s eye brows look horrible. and pls stop her to stop copying LIRA fron South Africa.

RocklynLove says:

Well becca looks ok with that hair…… but i think the hair on top is a weave too… afro weave… i av got 1 here…

maame ama says:

@jessi, whattttttttttttt?? Are you a christian?? Why cursing someone just on a damn blog?? Damn girl is about high time chris suspend such silly comments from you…I see you comment on every article on here so why dont you also do same by being a responsible mother?? holla at me for more madam.

jessi says:

@maame ama, you see,i dont get fooled easily,am smart enough to know when you come here with one email address using 2 names here or have even more than one email address with different names but still the same person and GC knows that,you are nana ama,maame ama,or miyagi?which one are you?nana ama and maame ama sending me almost the same see thats why you cant put your fotos here.masa fool others but not me.

Esther says:

Hmmm, Syndeytish dearest, that is your opinion and I cannot change it! I just feel sad about it though. You know why? we africans have grown up looking at pictures of white women with long shiny hair on tv and black women with permed hair and weaves to the extent that we consider our own hair ugly. I hope the time comes that we appreciate our own hair. Your natural hair is beautiful Syndeytish, even if you feel that it is ugly. I trust that God did a good job when he made your natural, kinky hair. I pray that one day you come to appreciate it. In the meantime, i wish you all the best my sister!

maame ama says:

@Jessi, Is about high time you show some decency on this blog… woman you full of enkwasiasem enkuaaa… learn to type like a woman with class and not kyeiwaa kinda. peace

Esther says:

Hi Madam Social, i’m glad you’ve gone natural for 3 years. that’s a great choice, well done and keep it up! i notice that the same way that there are special ways to take care of permed hair so it looks good (like wrapping it, using certain products etc) there are special ways to take care of natural hair so it looks good. For example, leave in conditioners are really good for natural hair. I use a lot of cantu shea butter leave in conditioner in my hair and people always comment on how soft my hair is! Natural products are even better so our coconut oil, olive oil and so on are great for hair. Before i shampoo it, i put in coconut oil, put on a shower cap and leave on for some minutes. Also, once a week please try and deep condition it. This website: has really helped me a lot to have soft, long, beautiful natural hair. All the best!

`madam social says:

ooh yes me love Becca too. i’ve been natural for 3 years now and to tell u the truth i struggle w/my hair. like the writer said my hair too coarse and kinky but i’ve no desire to permit it though. so i alternate between braid and twist out

Nana Ama says:

@`madam social, congrats,…been growing natural hair for 5 years,..the truth it wasn’t easy @first,but with time i got use to,there’s tones of ways to manage ur natural hair & some really good products like olive oil products, Shea butter,coconut oil etc……i love my natural hair,i braid sometimes for a change & a weave as well…..jst find the right products & u’ll c a change……

Esther says:

@ SynDetish: Natural hair is not ugly. The hair that God created you with and which grows out of your scalp can never be ugly if only you know how to take care of it. Unfortunately, for us black women, our mothers ‘perm’ our hair even when we’re young so we never learn how to take care of or manage our own natural hair. If natural hair was ugly then some styles like afro kinky twist, cornrow and afro puff (cornrow in front with afro at back) which are based on natural hair would not be so popular! If you go natural and you cant take care of the hair, just see a stylist so they help you. Thank you.

C says:

@Esther, I couldn’t agree with you more.

syndeytish (dats not my real email biatch) says:

@Esther, dont care its ugly and looks messy.

akua says:

@syndeytish (dats not my real email biatch),

 that is because you don’t know how to take care of it. here are some pretty natural girls on YouTube

B.B says:

There have been a number of times that i have looked at Becca’s hair in pictures and wished my hair was like that.  I simply love her hair and i agree with the writer, Becca has a unique style.

realmummy says:

Inasmuch as I like and love natural look. Its sometimes good to go with weaves also and why not some good braids. Its about changing your looks dear. Am sure Becca will change it one day. If not gdluck to her. She s a Ghanaian celebrity I admire so much. And as for those reigning insults. I think some people really nid to grow up.

jessi says:

The writer of this article couldnt have been chris because at the last sentence it say:I tried to go natural, but unfortunately not everyone can keep a natural hair especially if it coarse and kinky as mine.So why the insults on chris here?why has chris become a woman now?

TiffanyBabe says:

@jessi, Sister that should tell you the level of ignorance of the people who are insulting. They cannot even read and understand and they want to comment and insult. 

Chris can you ban that ignorant person just insulting here? 🙂

jessi says:

@TiffanyBabe, yes i agree with you dear,chris ban them from here period.

SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch) says:

U guys have nothing to talk abt again huh?

maka aa maka says:

Not having hair extentions dosent make you natural..Becca uses make up, eyelash, eye pencil and all of the other stuffs to enhance her beauty. that isnt natural is it? what of people who do not put on make up or anything but wear hair extentions?are they not natural then?kmt!let them live their lives!

abena says:

@maka aa maka, i totally agree with what you are saying. it seems like whenever someone is using their natural hair we don’t mind how much make up they have on their faces we still consider them natural beauties. Not to say that becca isn’t beautiful but until i see her with her natural hair n no make up thats when we can really tell coz there are girls who have gone natural and don’t use make up, dats what i call natural.

gina says:

who cares if you like natural or weave. who are you in the first. a nonentiy trying to entity himself. you are a nobody. if you think you are somebody forget it. aboataaa. let human beings like John Dumelo and Van vicker thems talk. they have money, command respect, very very handsome guys, known worldwide and loved by all. so shut that smelly mouth of yours. our boyfriends who we love love our weaves. so who are you. boola.

ThickMama says:

@gina, geez relax gf..we all knw chris is against weave 4 reasns knwn 2 him..dnt get so pissd dear..jst pity d galfriend of chris who got 2 buy her weave n try 2 luk gud in it.

Dr. Miyagi says:

@gina,even though you insulted me I will say I have to agree with you in this one but try and drop your comment 
Without insulting okay and by the way I forgive you for insulting me lol 

jessi says:

@Dr. Miyagi, and you,even though you insulted me i will say i have to agree with you in this one,you forgive her for insulting you but you congratulate her for insulting a fellow man,listen to dont seems to surprise me at all,little by little you have proven how deep the gutters that you come from,as far as am concern you are like salt droped into water,soon you will be chasing your own shadows on this blog,mr folo folo,busy body,guys your age are out there dey run things big time,while you keep sleeping here on GC.Now any insults for me?and please dont use chimpanzee this time,give me some new wordsooooooo?

Dr. Miyagi says:

@jessi,first of all marking your self green is pathetic, I want even insult you neither give you the attention 
Your looking for if you read my comment very well than you wouldn’t be writing all the rubbish
you just posted seems like you either got reading problem or problem with understanding things I told that person that 
I agree with her but she needs to drop her comment without insulting what part of that did you not get 
Huh Miss high tension I have told you and will tell you again mind your own business when you see my comment 
Or name fast forward it and move on cause everything you just wrote is pure rubbish how common is your sense 
A little bit of advise “Be original Copies fade too fast”

jessi says:

@Dr. Miyagi, oh no more insults?i was expecting your usual,the insults for me,my father and mother as you normally do,why you run out of words?you are the very last person to advice me,infact you are not even qualified for that job,you think about being what you call original here and stop changing fotos here all the time,you are miyagi and the next day you are Dr miyagi,man are you that confused?get busy with something meaningful,life is too short to waste it by sleeping here all the time.

Dr. Miyagi says:

Do you know ignorance can be educated and crazy can be medicated, but there is no cure for being stupid, don’t let your stupidity aggravate your intelligence waii if your having a miserable day today take it on someone else but don’t come to me I will never ever. Run out of insult trust me take your attention seeking behaviour somewhere else okay is it your problem if I change pictures lol your funny like I said if u aint got nothing to do or say than shut it and move on don’t have time for your high school drama@jessi,

maame ama says:

@Dr. MiyagI hahahaha good one…

Dr. Miyagi says:

Thanks my dear@maame ama,

Nana ama says:

@jessi, whattttttttttttt?? Are you a christian?? Why cursing someone just on a damn blog?? Damn girl is about high time chris suspend such silly comments from you…I see you comment on every article on here so why dont you also do same by being a responsible mother?? holla at me for more.

Dr. Miyagi says:

Don’t mind her she is not realising that at all, one minute she is so called flying to turkye of a meeting, next minute she is a mother, or think she knows everything what does that tell you to me she is confused. Yet she got the nerves to come and tell me to do something with my life like she knows me she claim to be smart but only nonesense comes out of. Her she hgas been trying this for a long time yet. Always failed she is lucky GC don’t want insults on her or she would have seen now wait and see the long paragraph she will write and interfear with peoples life like she own them but nothing will make sense@Nana ama,

jessi says:

@Nana ama, get lost

jessi says:

@gina, we all have our issues now and then with chris but you have no right to come here and talk the way you have just done.If he is a nobody,this is his website so why are you here?Dumelo and van are humans than chris?what do you mean by that?do they have 2 penis and 4 legs or what?girl you have not been fair at all.

syndeytish (dats not my real email biatch) says:

@jessi, Go girl. i cant stand that midget called miGAYi.

Dr. Miyagi says:

Lol, you can’t stand me really? You must be really pathetic to drop a comment like that. While u don’t even know me. Right@syndeytish (dats not my real email biatch),

jessi says:

@syndeytish (dats not my real email biatch), you and i are not the only ones that cant stand him,he has more enemies here than friends and he knows that,he calls himself a cyber bully,a trash talker and that his job is to come here and make people angry,what kind of a guy who knows what he is about will call himself a cyber bully and a trash talker,he has managed to chase some few people out of here with insults and acting like the kingkong here,well not with me.

B.B says:

@gina, huh? whats your problem my dear? Are you sure everything is ok with you?

ghanaba says:

so mr advice your kapuepue the dwarf jackie appiah to stop wearing those huhudious weave ons. you should have added her picture to this story. iddddioooot of a fuoooouooll

nanya says:

@ghanaba, say it again ooo

SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch) says:

@ghanaba, lol. Dis sensitive guy will block u ooooo. LMAO

em says:

@SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch), lol true

SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch) says:

Oooo if its natural and looks ugly y do it? To be honest natural hair is sooo ugle and not manageable. I know cos I was natural for 10 yrs and didn’t know wat to do wit it except wear braids and weaves. 

akua says:

@SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch),

there are a lot natural hair videos on YouTube.  those videos teaches you how to manage it and styles you can do.

nana aba says:

yes, i agree with u Becca is naturally beautiful n looks great in her natural hair

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