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Posted on 28 Sep 2012 at 5:17pm

Most of us in tropical Africa consume coconuts on hot sunny days to cool our bodies but, do we really know the health benefits of consuming this amazing fruit? Here are five reasons why you should drink fresh coconut juice.

Reason 1: Coconut Juice Hydrates the Body

Coconut juice replaces the fluids and minerals that the body loses during physical activities. For this reason, many athletes and persons who work out regularly are advised to drink coconut juice to replace all the minerals and fluid that they lose while working out.

Reason 2: Coconut Juice Prevents and Relieves Vomiting

Ever noticed that a lot of coconut vendors park their trucks either in front of or near hospitals? Coconut juice may be helpful for reducing vomiting and nausea, according to research. It is especially helpful in replacing fluids lost during vomiting in illnesses such as typhoid, malaria and severe diarrhea.

Reason 3: Coconut Juice Helps You Drop the Kilos

Drinking pure coconut juice helps your weight loss efforts as it has been revealed to increase metabolic rate. In this way, drinking coconut juice can help you shed those pounds because it raises your metabolic rate and makes the body less likely to store fat.

Reason 4: Coconut Juice Has Disinfecting Properties

Because coconut juice is sterile when it comes out of the coconut, it can be used to disinfect wounds, according to research.

Reason 5: A Natural De-wormer, Coconut Juice Kills Intestinal Worms

Coconut juice is sterile and can be used to eliminate parasites and worms in the intestines. Drinking coconut water with one teaspoon of olive oil for three days will kill intestinal worms and clear the stomach of worms, which makes for better digestion.

So, next time you see a coconut stand or truck in your neighborhood, take advantage of the benefits that this affordable fruit has to offer.

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  • ThickMama

    too bad i cnt get any close 2 my wrkplace


  • jessi

    hmmmmmmm fresh coconut,how i miss that.


  • `madam social

    no wonder i lost weight when i returned from gh cos i was drinking coconut water evryday