PHOTO OF THE DAY: Celebrity Fashion Or Celebrity Madness…Do You See The Tinted Boobs?

Look at the photos with an eagle eye…Concentrate on Deborah Vanessa and Lousika (Ghana’s Nicki Minaj) and tell us what you see…

Look close else you will miss it…I am sure this not wardrobe malfunction but intentional…(#Someone has done Raquel at her upper body)

if fame kills, I am sure a lot of these girls would have been dead by now…Geez!

Tinted Boobs 🙂

Deborah Vanessa And Lousika

Deborah Vanessa And Lousika


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  • Smooth criminal

    Na waaa oooo. Damn! Chris you are very observant. But why would she go bra-less with boobs like that?

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Smooth criminal, She is just desperate and lack home manners.Every girl in Ghana is trying to do something outrageous just so she will be noticed but at the end it will come bk to hit their faces.Guys dnt fall for things like this, they will use and dump u but will never wan to keep u.And she is doing that cuz Ghanians got time to be hyping her. Kuraseni girl

  • ticia

    hmmmmmmmmmmm asem oooooo..she 4got her bra @ home lol….what was she thinking

  • Dior Cherie

    Louisika whatever she calls herself __________ratchet, where do these people come from, bish go home n put on a bra.

    • say wah blud?!

      @Dior Cherie, lmao i soo agree witchu dior..tht girl is f*cked up ankasa,dunno wht she was thinkn..madam lousika aka spot d breast lol

  • RocklynLove

    hahahahaha becos she has small boobs… She was thinkin nobody will see it since she has a black dress on……chai

  • KA NE WU

    Yea, I see the nippies, a fashion felony, they look tight though. Lol

    • Dr. Miyagi

      Hmmmmm you been to france and u know how they dress over there @KA NE WU,

  • paa kwesi

    Why go out without a bra when ur breast is fallen,these gh girls every musician too dey carry something hideous for de ma head top.looollss

  • Dr. Miyagi

    Nipples or no nippils your still looking s*xy and I understand the reason for wearing that Sexy L

    • christine

      @Dr. Miyagi, why do u keep scaring me with pictures like

      • Dr. Miyagi

        Hahahahaha Loool I keep coming across those funny pictures on some dutch website@christine,

  • C

    Her face is lighter than her arms due to the makeup!!!!

    • Opanin

      @C, so what?????

  • christine

    Shameless Nicky Minaj wannabe.infact u’re a disgrace to womanhood.what the hell were u thinking? Gosh, this is madness at it’s peak!!!!!!

  • KA NE WU

    U see, am not saying she did the right thing, but how many of women her age have such firm and tight nipples, if she had a sagging breast, I would have complained.Her beautyiful breasts has overshadowed her fashion crime. Am not saying people should wear clothes to expose their ” NIPPLEGATES”

    • pat

      U must be kidding me,u call dis sagging falled breast great?are u dat blind or u don’t know wot bobbi stand looks like,it doesn’t look flat n nipples don’t point downwards either,her sagging breast looks disguisting n she shld neva step out of the house witout bra cos she’s a disgrace to women,who does dat these days kurasenii girl @KA NE WU,

    • S3m3nhyia

      @KA NE WU, firm breasts nkor? the breast pointing east and west? abegii

      • Opanin

        @S3m3nhyia, what about ur own???? i guess they are just pointing south….downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • jane

    u said we should concentrate on the two girls but we can only see the fault with one so what she we look for with debora?

  • Semi-Cartermatic

    Seriously i need to get my eyes check paaaa. It seems im missing on a  lot of things. What are you guys seeing? Is it the saggy boobs or sumthing else? What about the other one?

  • gosh

    ghanaian r too hypocrite. these breast are nice and beautiful

  • iCurse

    Helloooooo, ever been in France?? Y’all just don’t be insulting someone for this.. That’s some bullshit yo. You claim she wasn’t brought up well and u insulting?? I guess you both were not brought up well.. FOH!!!

    • Dr. Miyagi

      Thank you, if they ever did and knew about fashion or. How some french people dress than they would know that there is nothing madness about what she is wearing @iCurse,

  • Opanin

    she looks great to me….maybe cos i’m Opanin…….lol