PHOTOS: Fantasies Becoming Realities For Miss Malaika @ 10 Delegates


Every little girl has once dreamed of becoming a beauty queen especially if they are pretty and intelligent.  For most little girls, it is their family members that make them dream or fantasize about becoming a beauty queen because they are given “beauty queen” as  pet names.

The ten delegates for this year’s Miss Malaika@10 all had fantasies of becoming a beauty queen as little girls but were waiting for the right platform to make their fantasies become reality.

For most of the delegates watching past seasons of Miss Malaika heightened their fantasies because they saw the past delegates to be goddesses and wondered if that could be them one day. Some delegates’ fantasies were created by their families but were scared to give it a try for fear of failure.

When Miss Malaika@10 was launched this year, all ten delegates wanted to see if their fantasies could be a reality.  They were tired of having fantasies and knew that this was time to put their fears aside and make it a reality.

All delegates were confident they would be picked and even get this far in the competition, although it’s not been a jolly ride for these delegates they say it’s worth it because they get to see their fantasies come true.

All delegates are currently in the tertiary institutions pursuing different degree programs.

According to the ten beautiful damsels they thought beauty pageant was just making up and dressing to pose for the camera as they saw on television. They were not fully aware of what goes on behind the scenes, some of them now have to skip lectures just to make it for their weekly tasks and other shoots.

However this has not made them give up on their fantasies but has rather made them appreciate beauty queens more than they used to. Again the positive side of Miss Malaika is worth fighting especially with the winner becoming a malaria ambassador and giving back to society and the 3c’s that’s the crown, car and cash.

Miss Malaika beauty pageant has for the ten delegates improved their public appearance, public speech, boosted their confidence and courage and are now ready to take up any unexpected challenges as the competition progresses.

The red carpet experience, the fame and recognition to these ten delegates is awesome and would not trade it for anything else in the world. They have had so much fun from the time the competition started, met celebrities that they only saw on their television sets which is a dream come true for these delegates.

The ten delegates were taken through catwalk lessons; this has motivated some delegates who have confirmed to start modeling professionally after the competition.  For some delegates you only get to die once so this beauty pageant is a do and die affair for them and will not try any other beauty pageant again if given the chance. Other delegates said they will love to compete on a bigger platform perhaps outside the boarders of Ghana.

Their fantasies are gradually becoming a reality but come October 27th, only one delegate will be crowned Miss Malaika@10 2012, only one delegate will have her fantasy become reality though they are all winners for making it this far in the competition.

To make a delegate’s fantasy become reality viewers are to power their favorites to victory by texting her name to 1757 across all networks. The delegate with the highest votes gets an automatic top 5 spot at the grand finale and one step away from winning the 3C’s that’s the crown, car and the cash on October 27TH .




















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RocklynLove says:

Wowww Infact they all look good……… i choose the 2n gurl with de red dress,,,,,, or even de last 1 with de yellow dress

Dr. Miyagi says:

Bad make up all of them look like clowns of my future wife ever put something like that I would divorce her strait away kaii so what happen to he remaining two antelopes 

jsexy says:

@Dr. Miyagi, is that ur childhood pic??? awwww, i miss confess u were a cute boy. no wonder u don’t want ur future wife to put on make up.ROTFL

Dr. Miyagi says:

Hahahahhahaha looooool your not serious you got jokes lol my future can put make up but not that type of clown make they putting on@js*xy,

27calibre (O_0) says:

are their pictures photoshopedor what it soo unreal—

Vince says:

Beautiful ladies. Better than most of the miss Ghana contestants.

abena says:

@Vince, don’t be fooled. its just photoshop. go n check their photo’s on facebook n you will see the difference

`madam social says:

@Vince, i second that. these girls r more beautiful

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