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Posted on 01 Oct 2012 at 9:23am


Celebrated Ghanaian Playwright, Marriage Counselor and Motivational Speaker James Ebo Whyte, affectionately called Uncle Ebo Whyte has held a day’s motivational and counseling session with finalists of this year’s Miss Ghana beauty pageant.

Held at the Imperial Perking Restaurant in Airport, Accra, the renowned Playwright who continues to be a blessing to millions of households the world over, took time off his busy schedule to interact with the finalists, some of whom were meeting him for the first time.

The hour long session was engaging and intellectually stimulating.

Touching on two main topics: Sexuality and Spirituality, Uncle Ebo Whyte tasked the finalists to take both aspects of their lives seriously as it could be useful armors that can guide them through life’s rather tough journey.

Spirituality, he told them, should teach them the ability to have a relationship with the unseen (spiritual) world, and also “gives you a sense of purpose”.

“Spirituality brings out the confident urge in our lives. You must however love the qualities you posses to be appreciated by others”.

Most humans, he said, are likely to look down upon themselves, allowing others to tell them how unique they are. This he said, was wrong and doesn’t help in boosting one’s confidence.

“If you are confident, you won’t be threatened by what people think of you”.

After an extensive elaboration on the topics of Spirituality and Sexuality, he advised the finalists to look beyond the platform the Miss Ghana brand offers, think outside the box, and be their own masters beyond the finals.

“There should be life after Miss Ghana. The world isn’t going to come to an end if you don’t win so make that conscious effort to be yourself, knowing that this platform is giving you a stepping stone onto greater things”.

Enlightened by the depth of the presentation, the finalists took turns to ask questions bothering on the two topics to which Uncle Ebo perfectly answered, much to their satisfaction.

The session with Uncle Ebo is one of several encounters the organizers have put in place for the finalists.

Instituted over five decades ago, the Miss Ghana pageant continues to provide hope to millions of Ghana’s young ladies.

It remains the biggest and most respected beauty pageant in Ghana.

This year’s event is powered by Exclusive Events Ghana.












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