LIFESTYLE: Would You Date A Guy Who Plays For Both Teams? A Pal’s Dilemma…

My friend Kiki is into this online dating thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a lot of good friends through the social media but I’m a bit overprotective when it comes to meeting guys through the internet.

Anyway, so though I found her excitement at meeting a cute guy she had met intriguing, I kept asking her to be cautious. She had met this guy online a few months ago and after chatting almost every day, they agreed to meet in person. The first, second and third dates were so great that my girl began to say how she really liked him and could see herself in a steady relationship.

However, last night she dropped a bombshell after having a dinner date with the guy. Our dear guy had looked into Kiki’s eyes and said “K, I have something to tell you” My friend, thinking he was about to tell her he was in love with her and all the romance yada yada that usually follows excitedly went like “What is it J”? Then he said “I play for both teams.”

It took my girl a couple of seconds to realize what he meant by “playing for both teams.” “Jesus H. Christ! You are bi —-bi— she stammered.” He smiled and then nodded. Then he proceeded to tell her that he really liked her and would like to be in a relationship with her.

Now, Kiki loves to get it on in the bedroom but, she says she can’t stop thinking about J doing it with another “he.” She likes the guy but, she is also worried about the chances of him cheating on her with or even worse, dumping her for another “he”. I can’t seem to know what to tell Kiki who by the look on her face, is really smitten by this guy.

Dear GhanaCelebrities.Com readers, what would you do if you were Kiki? Would you date a bis*xual? The floor is open…..

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