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OBS: Sperm Business Booming In Ghana. Are You Selling Yours Too?


Selling of sperms in the Western world is nothing new but trust Ghanaians to take advantage of everything especially now that sperm business is booming in Ghana.

If the story below reported by Economy Tribune is something to go by then most Ghanaians would be smiling to the bank now. Like seriously?

“Isn’t it cool to help a brother who is in need? So why can’t I donate to help some women to experience motherhood and get paid for it?” I know most of you will be thinking along that line.

Guys when are you selling yours too?


Sperm has become one of the hottest commodities being sold in Ghana and many parts of the world. The target market for this new booming venture are couples suffering from male infertility, lesbian couples, and single women who pay huge amounts of money to access it.

“Selling of sperm is gradually becoming the new business frontier booming in Ghana because it has many uses in today’s society: making babies, sperm banks, and putting volume in limp hair in order to make it long,” a medical student at the University of Ghana Medical School, who sold sperm five times to a Fertility Centre in Accra for GH¢10, 000, told Economic Tribune (ET).

The medical student, who gave his name only as Mensah, said even though selling of sperm was a risky business, it was also rewarding as well.

“I use the proceeds from this business to pay my fees and also support my close pals. Who knows how long I will continue? But whatever happens, I know I can look back on many happy families that I have helped to create,” he stated.

Mrs Naomi Suame, a shop owner at East Legon and many parts of Accra, has been married for 15 years and has two children, none of whom biologically belongs to her husband.

“I discovered my husband was infertile when we got married after two years. But I wanted to experience motherhood. I decided to have artificial insemination. I have never cheated on him. I just got sperm from a willing seller and got two healthy babies. Is that not wonderful?” she asked. In the case of Naomi, she got a young man from the University of Cape Coast, paid him GH¢12,000 and took his sperm, which she used twice to get the babies.

“Sperm is one of the scared commodities for many of us. There is a high demand for it and many young men are going into this venture selling their sperm to help others, who needs it for one reason or the other,” Naomi explained.

Investigations conducted by ET revealed that due to the huge capital outlay of the process, women have now devised a way of beating the system by getting donors (sperm sellers) whom they take to the Fertility Centres for harvesting at a cheaper cost and then having the sperm induced in their uteruses.

Outside Ghana

Sperm selling is booming in many parts of the world as well. Recently, a San Francisco man has been named by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for selling his sperm over the internet after helping 14 women become pregnant. The 36-year-old man claims he’s simply providing a free service to women who want to become mothers without going through typical sperm donation process but authorities say he’s a public health hazard. According to media report, Mr Trent Arsenault generously donates his sperm to women he meets on his website, which features multiple pictures of the slender man acting genetically valuable.

The FDA claims that Arsenault is running a business that’s in violation of regulations that require sperm banks to have their donors tested for STIs within seven days of donating sperm. Some fertility experts warn that a man who anonymously fathers 14 or more children could be putting those kids at risk for genetic defects as well as one day meeting and having super grossaccidental sibling s*x with each other.


In a related development, two men from Reading in UK have been sentenced to nine months imprisonment for illegally selling sperm over the internet. Ricky Gage, 49, and Nigel Woodforth, 43, pocketed £250,000 between October 2007 and November 2008 through their unlicensed website, known as Fertility 1st.

Southwark Crown Court jurors said the culprits were able to charge clients £380 for each sample from anonymous donors. The pair, who ran their website from the basement of Woodforth’s Reading home, promised to ‘fulfill the dreams’ of childless couples, charging them an initial £380 to provide contact details from a list of men on their database. These included descriptions of their ‘height, eye colour, ethnic origin, hobbies and education.’

After selecting a would-be father, the woman would then pay £150 for sperm to be collected and delivered by an independent courier firm. From this payment, the anonymous donor would receive £50. Hundreds of women seeking to conceive used the service in a year-long period between late 2007 and 2008, with police finding a list of 792 sperm deliveries.

Economic Tribune


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  • Dr. Miyagi

    Well you can donate some sperm bro… but guess what. You might make a few cedis now but in the end when you have kids all over Ghana which you don’t even know about…..That’s sad man. You could have 20 kids across GH who only got a mom and there in school and there’s a “daddy’s” day or something…. and then they are like wheres my daddy, how do you think they are going to feel?….You might be getting something in return but in the end your messing up a lot of lives….lets say you become president or anything sometime in the future and some strange lady pops up…..and claim she had a child with you….some decades ago how would you react or would you be in denial because you can’t remember…. And your happily married with kids from your current wife remember Michael Jackson and allot more of people went through that as well to me it’s a bad idea 

    • Frog

      @Dr. Miyagi, i will gladly donate my sperms provided lesbians dont get it(if they want children they shd get together with a man) but the disturbing reality will be having one of my children marrying my sperm.All said and done the money is too gud to resist and will help take my plans of the ground.

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @Frog,I see where your coming from but let me ask you this the money is good but how long will it last and would you go to the extend to trace your child and fake care of your. Child as well 

        • Frog

          @Dr. Miyagi, but the thing is i wont gave anything to do with that child cos i wld take all the necessay steps to make sure i dont know him/her

          • Dr. Miyagi

            I understand you but on the other hand do you know how painful. It is for the child not to have. A male figure in his or her life. Cause I know some men don’t realize know how importany a father is to a child. Especially if that child is a female one thing I have notice is that it seems like a lot of men are terrified when they think they won’t be able to relate to her cause most men think they just assume she won’t need him like she’ll need her mother and “frog” why would u want to put your self in a situation like that while you could have your own wife and children and live with do you know this is main reason why allot of children end up being adopted of end up being parentless to be honest I don’t see myself in that sitaution and can’t imagine not being a father and not caring about my child. Any man that doesn’t love their child is to me a devil and selfish because of money and greed aren’t you putting your child into fear than? Cause ypur given me the impression now that money goes before anything what about your responsibility and as a ghanaian how would your family think about you doing this like that? Fill me in on that@Frog,

    • jsexy

      @Dr. Miyagi, ain’t u selling urs???? considering how handsome u re….. just saying..

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @js*xy,Hahahhahaha lol I will never do that lol, I’m good with financial and not that sad to do such a thing

  • Shina

    Ghanians see na life…. If this article was for Nigerians na go don Holla

    Stupid people

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @Shina,gerr out from here if you don’t have no say or nothing to contribute 

  • Sir Nart

    Awww business nie! I’ll easily do this but not and never on earth will i donate to a lesbian. Thats obnoxious lol. Guys get me any suitable link

  • 27calibre(O_0)

    How will you feel when you know that your sperms has grown to be a child in someones arms…hmmmm

    • Dr. Miyagi

      Tell them@27calibre(O_0),

    • dericka

      @27calibre(O_0), hmmmn tell them dear, dat experience hurt ooooooo luk at that batole or watever his name is, sperm is life n can nver be sold nt even for the entire wealth on earth. so ppl be wise. am happy the dr. himself has rejected this, miyagi

      • 27calibre(O_0)

        @dericka, am not gonna sale my child nor my sperms I respect them. As. My self sperms are innocent humans who don’t know who is gonna handle them .
        If you don’t support human trading then don’t support this

  • Bunderro

    I am ready to donate my sperm to anyone who really,I mean really really need it to make her happy n put a smile on her face,waiting…..get in touch

    • nat

      @Bunderro, how can i get in touch then

      • Bunderro

        @nat, you can reach me on 0202225513 waiting

  • RocklynLove

    Heyaaaa God forbid…… i want sell ma babies lol…… wat if he or she grows n reseamble me…. i will bad to see my look alike child in sm1s hands……..  Infact i may even steal am… naaaa….. they should pray for God to give dem babies…….. God will give dem babies onli if they havent damage their womb with abortionsss

  • Sir Nart

    Oh i see, so Rocklynlove is now a guy eh? This question is for libidos ok? Hehe or you’r a guy with a lady’s account.

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    why wont i…………

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