THE BIG QUESTION: Do You Believe In True Love Or Soul Mates?

A friend of mine just met this hunk of a guy (I am drooling just saying it), what? Can’t I admire the handwork of God or a friend’s boyfriend? Seriously, he is such a hunk but enough about that, now back to the topic.

She just met this guy a couple of months ago and already she’s saying this man is the true love of her life. Now, I cannot tell if this is entirely true because I don’t believe in the concept or the practicalities of true love or soul mates or even anything of that sort. Why do I say this?

Well, honestly speaking I think the true love story makes a great sale and all. Books, Hollywood, even religion has preached this s*xy story for far too long. It sounds so great but in my short life I have witnessed so many people fall in love numerous times (you catch my drift).

I’ve seen people who have married, divorced their “soul mates”, and later on found love (maybe true or unreal love) with someone else. I have seen people fall in love with multiple people at once. I have seen people fall in and out of love with the same person over and over again. Is this true love?

I just think that love is too complex for a simple thing like one true love. Love has to do with the mind and how it works. For example, think how complex the process is for the mind to decide if you like the taste of a certain food. Pretty complex, huh?.

Imagine how complex the mind is when determining if you like a certain person…right. Now, let me paint this scenario for you maybe I might get some of you out there to agree with me on this one.

What happens when you date someone when you’re like 20ish and think you’ve found “the one” only to be dumped and go around for a decade or two afterwards waiting to find someone or “ the one”, “the true love of your life” who makes you feel just as good as you did in that first intense relationship you had and lost?

That’s a really depressing way to go through life. The entire soul mate philosophy might sound really nice to someone who is young and hopeful about finding someone, but if you keep that philosophy throughout your life, life may become more depressing for you.

I believe that we connect with a person or many people on a deep soul level that also means we have many soul mates. But I don’t think that there is any such thing as true love, the one or a single soul mate.

Do you believe that there is one person out there that is perfect for you? Do you believe in soul mates, or do you believe that two people can be destined for each other?

Where do you stand when it comes to this?

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Sir Nart says:

@lola, thanks for the compliment.

Sir Nart says:

True love does not only mean boyfriend girlfriend relationships o it could be girl to girl or guy to guy who means alot to each other; come to think of Jonathan and David in the bible and that is TRUE LOVE i mean Agape Love.(pls not homos*xuals o) It’s no suprise that there’r friends there who define true love more than with their partners. For soul mates, no i don’t beliv it cos it all depend on our affection through the spirit.

lola says:

@Sir Nart, like your interpretation, true love does not mean boyfriend girlfriend relationship.

RocklynLove says:


em says:

@RocklynLove, Well said dear.

lola says:

@RocklynLove, is the man in your picture your true love? You two look good together

RocklynLove says:

TRUE LOVE DO EXIT… I BELIEVE IN IT………but all depends on how u go about it…if u walk in with a fake heart, i dont think u will feel that great feelings behind it… 

KA NE WU says:


lola says:

@KA NE WU, real talk

KA NE WU says:

@lola, tanx

Dr. Miyagi says:

I do believe in true love i think that as long as you love someone … that’s true love… I also think that love can’t be measured… and because everyone is different… you love the people that you love  differently…for example… let’s say u have had 3 bf’s in your life… 2 ex’s and 1 current… just because you may no longer be in love with your ex’s doesn’t mean that you didn’t love them… and they were both different and both of them you did things differently than u did with each one of them, and things you don’t do with ur current bf…because all 3 of them are different people… i believe that the kind of love that you feel for each of them and that you show… is completely different… because each of them have their own personality and therefore… there are going to be things that you love about each one of them, which might be characteristics that the others don’t possess … am i making any sense at all? lol well that’s why i believe any kind of love is true love… even if it’s love that u feel towards friends, family… each person… is different… so you love them in different way.. nevertheless if you truly care about them, and u love them… i believe that’s true love…

As for soul mate… thats one thing i do not believe in…i think that a relationship is a lot of work… if you want to have a successful relationship.. u need to work on it… if u treat ur bf/gf like a piece of crap… do u think they’ll put up with u? and u know what? even people who have been together for months/years, and they may get along pretty well with their significant other… but there may come a day where they feel like they just aren’t meant to be.. they may still love each other… but they might not be in love anymore… and they end up breaking up… does that make sense? for me to believe in soul mate… then something extraordinary should happen between soul mates… like they share a psychic link or something of the sort…like if one of them dies then that very second so does the other…and not because of the shock of losing the person they love… but because their soul has passed on to the other world…

well… i think  that every relationship should be treasured, and i believe that whether you are with someone for a day, a week, a month, a year, or 100 years… i think that as long as you are with that person, you should cherish each moment… and i believe that everyone has to walk on their own paths… so if there comes a day where a couple decides that it’s best to break up… that’s because they are no longer walking the same path.. but they both need to move on, and hopefully they will still remember and cherish those precious memories that they made while they were still walking on the same path.. that’s why… relationships are hard to maintain and they need to be worked on in order for them to last longer… some relationships do last till death do them apart… but there can be different circumstances… for example many people are together for years, but they may get bored of the relationship and might not be all that into the person they are with.. but they stay in the relationshp simply because they have gotten used to that monotone life… they don’t know anything else… and most importantly, if they have reached a certain age, they might be afraid of dying alone and that no one else would be interested in them

lola says:

@Dr. Miyagi, well said but I don’t think this kind of love is realistic oo.

Dr. Miyagi says:

@lola,lol you do have a point but let me give you this scenario, don’t you think being in love with your partner and settling down with him based On the communication and honesty build in a relationship you can be come true lovers and soul mates 
As well imagine you been in love (true love) an your ex or your best ends up being your soulmate and one 
Day you have an big argument with your lover the one you truly love and you get out of the house and think 
Like you need to clear your head somewhere but this is not the first time you guys had an big argument 
So you end up at your “ex”/ best friend house to lean on his shoulder an he knows about or your problems 
Your facing don’t you think your soulmate might get jealous one day and take advantage of you because 
Your soulmate ends up having feelings for you but because its becoming to much for him and dislike your man 
How would you cope with that 

lola says:

@Dr. Miyagi, you also have a point there oo but I am trying to decipher your example there oo. please can you be clear with it

Dr. Miyagi says:

@lola,which one let me break it down for you, and I got a feeling that you don’t believe in love at all 

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