Actress Juliet Ibrahim Robbed on Arrival from the United States14 Comments

GC Staff
Posted on 04 Oct 2012 at 12:47pm
Actress Juliet Ibrahim And Husband

Actress Juliet Ibrahim And Husband

As you read this, Screen Diva Juliet Ibrahim is still distraught after robbers attacked her and her husband last night.

The actress who had been in the States for the past few weeks, got back into the country on Tuesday only to fall victim to the unfortunate incident.

At about 11 pm last night the actress updated her status in panic asking friends to send her direct lines to the police.

When GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted the 4-Play star, she was still shaken and couldn’t speak much.

Yesterday, she stepped out with her husband earlier during the night and it is believed the robbers trailed them from there and followed them home to rob them, making away with their phones, Ipads and some cash. Fortunately no one was hurt in the process.

She and her husband are both safe and trying to get over the unfortunate incident.

We are hoping the police can track down the brain behind this incident and will keep you posted concerning the outcome of their investigations.

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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Vince

    91 Total Comments

    What a shame! Sorry they had to go through this ordeal. They must be traumatized. I know someone who went through the same thing years ago. They were chased all the way home from the airport. They realised they were being followed and tried to get help but no one did anything to help them. The robbers fired warning shots and all. They eventually got what they wanted. It’s only in Africa that robbers have such nerve. Smh. 


    Vote -1 Vote +1pat Reply:

    @Vince, like seriously?don’t dey hv security at home,dis wld never happened to a hollywood celeb,get security for ur house n robbery will be a thing of da past,ghanaians r soo stingy n don’t employ competent ppl to guard their homes,


  2. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Amma

    13 Total Comments

    So sorry to hear that. Robbery is getting worse in Ghana these days. It is really worrying. The Goverment need to do something about this mess in the Country.


  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Dior Cherie

    1363 Total Comments

    Asem nie, most of the guys at the airport are thieves anyway, they always act like they wanna help you but monitoring you at the same time


  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Shina

    13 Total Comments

    Lolz Ghana boiz are not smiling


  5. Vote -1 Vote +1em

    164 Total Comments

    SMH only in GH..I thank God they are ok.


  6. Vote -1 Vote +1KA NE WU

    1054 Total Comments



  7. Vote -1 Vote +1Mason peters

    2 Total Comments

    Wow so sorry to hear this .. What is happening in Ghana these days? What are the police doin about it


  8. Vote -1 Vote +1Nanaama

    20 Total Comments

    awwww this is sad,,, but most important thing is they both doing great….as for our ghana armed robbers May God expose you all.


  9. Vote -1 Vote +1Erl

    2 Total Comments

    “At about 11 pm last night the actress updated her status in panic asking friends to send her direct lines to the police.” Sorry but who doesn’t know 911? since when did we start using Facebook or twitter to call the police.

    Very unfortunate though. Hope those robbers are caught. Wish her and her husband all the best.


    Vote -1 Vote +1Ama Reply:

    @Erl,does Ghana have 911?? I don’t think so…911 is not every where FYI!  There is an equivalent of 911 i suppose in Ghana but i doubt the IGP himself knows the number!


    Vote -1 Vote +1Nanaama Reply:

    @Ama,hahahaha they dont even show up lol on time maybe next monday smh


  10. Vote -1 Vote +1RocklynLove

    640 Total Comments

    This is very bad gosh… sorry dear….. they were lucky dey didnt shoot them heyaa.. hmmm


  11. Vote -1 Vote +1cristalblack

    126 Total Comments

    ohhhh sorry about that. hopefully the police can get this ppl if not you av ur lives which is more important and thank God for that


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