Jackie Appiah Meets Miss Malaika @10 Contestants As They Rock Hair Styles Of Their Favourite Celebrities

Jackie Appiah Meets Miss Malaika@10 Contestants As They Rock Hair Styles Of Their Favourite Celebrities

Martin Luther King once said a woman’s most treasured possession is the hair. This does not come as a surprise; recently ladies spend money on their hair just to look good some even try to look like their favorite celebrities either in Ghana or across the shores of Ghana.

Every person be it a male or female has a favorite celebrity that he or she wants to look like, it can be through clothes, hair styles, perfumes, and way of speaking and so on. The delegates for Miss Malaika@10 were tasked to get photos of their favorite celebrities and do the exact hair style of these celebrities to be presented in a hair show which was sponsored by UB hair relaxer.

On the night of the hair show, the delegates looked amazing some really looked like their favourite celebrities whiles others came close to looking like their celebrities. The delegates had hair style from Efya, Miss Bee Arthur, Genevive Nnaji, Beyonce, Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Erika Badu, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

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They chose the hair styles of these celebrities not only because they are their favorite celebrities but because of close resemblance they have with them also. The judges for the hair show was Deborah Vanessa of Uncle Obama fame and Mark Melvin Ohene Boateng a beautician with Spa 216.

The judges were looking out for creativity, how best the hair styles suites their face structure and how well they rocked it. Some delegates had exact face structure with their chosen celebrities; other delegates also came close to nailing the hair styles though there were slight differences in the hair colour, hair length or texture of the hair.

It was a girl’s night affair as the s*xy and sassy Louisika performed songs from her anglofrancophone album. The audience loved her and moved to ‘pagyawosa’ hit song.

The judges were impressed with the delegates especially the way they rocked the hair, the winner of the hair show will be announced on next week’s show.

Viewers are to power their favorites to victory by texting her name to 1757 across all networks. The delegate with the highest votes gets an automatic top 5 spot at the grand finale and one step away from winning the 3C’s that’s the crown, car and the cash on October 27TH .





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  • Dr. Miyagi

    Jackie jackie finally meets the remaining antelopes but seriously did you really wear that? Look at your yam legs sticking out of your dress as for those 12 antelopes lol where you girls posing for a circus or what none of you is on point at all but as for yam legs your face is okay but your dress code is a big no no 

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      @Dr. Miyagi, jealousy,, u go wound ooo!!! lol

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      where re the J.A fans??????? Dr nd co re on her case so come to her rescue!!

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      @Dr. Miyagi,how could u insult what God has created? never ever say bad words to what God has created. she is perfect and gorgeous in the eyes of the lord…..:-)

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      @Dr. Miyagi, God created us as his own image so if u say they r antelope, that means God too is an antelope. may God have mercy on u and forgive u too…

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @m/s,eeey please okay don’t take everything personal what’s wrong with you nonsense 

    • Shela

      @Dr. Miyagi, Jackie Appiah you are a very beautiful lady and we all love you. 99percent love you the 1 percent does not matter.

      • Dr miyagi

        @Shela,herd that before yet the 1% causes allot of chaos my question is why reply  

  • koby

    mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew ……. and so what… who cares

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    Jackie Appiah friend of everyone. I so love her. carry go gurl. love the outfit.

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    this miyagi guy, bro stop hating

  • lily

    jackie, i am proud of you, you’re able to drop some pounds, you still have a long way to go. you’re always pretty. i love your dress.

  • nanaama943

    Awww this is very cute… she brighten the picture.

  • lulu

    @m/s pls sunday is not very far away from now. I can borrow u my bible. But for now let’s have some fun. And jeeeeez stop crashing people head with that of God and stop being such a religios gossip, konkonsa is done here not with God.

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    Jackie you are prety

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    Jackie Appiah all the way. The Queen of the industry

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