FOR THE LADIES: Why You Shouldn’t Douche… Shouldn’t Clean Down There!

I know some of you are curious to know what douching is and some would rather we don’t discuss it at all but I will.

Douching is a woman thing (I can actually see the expressionless faces of GC male readers right now). So let me do readers some justice by elucidating on this.

It is a common ritual amongst minority groups like Africans, African Americans and Latinos. It is the practice of cleaning the vagina with some type of solution, be it plain water, a homemade mixture such as water and vinegar, or a product bought in a store, huh-uh! But regardless of the liquid used, does douching ever make sense?

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At this point, I know some of you readers might be thinking, “Oh but this is an age long ritual practiced by our mothers and our mother’s mothers. It didn’t kill or harm them, why would it harm us?” Well, that is where many are wrong.

According to professional groups, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Office on Women’s Health, douching can be detrimental to a woman’s well-being. Well, if you don’t believe me.

Below is a compilation of reasons why health professionals discourage this age long practice by women folk.

The Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Douche

1) Douching can make odor and discharge worse. Ironic, since these are the most common reasons women douche in the first place. If you have an infection, douching promotes even more bacterial growth, so you wind up feeling worse than when you started.

2) Douching can’t prevent STDs. It doesn’t clean out the harmful bacteria, just washes away the good ones, which actually increases your risk of infection.

3) Douching may cause pelvic inflammatory disease. It pushes the bacteria into your uterus, where they can travel to your tubes and wreck great havoc. Women who douche have over a 70% greater risk of PID compared with women who don’t.

4) Douching is not effective birth control. In fact, it just let more sperm surf their way into your cervix. But, I don’t have to tell YOU that, right?

5) Douching may cause ectopic pregnancy. And while the sperm are surfing north, they’ve got a straight shot for your tubes, giving you a 75% higher chance of having a pregnancy land there.

So please, don’t get swayed by product-pushers who imply that you need their chemicals up your vajay jay to be healthy.

Guys you can also do your part by telling your girlfriends, sisters and mothers to stay off douching products.

Just remember that the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, when left alone to do her thing.

Some douche materials you should avoid….

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Lmao…the author said, “This is a ritual practiced mainly by African, African-American and Latino women.” ….Uhhhh, somebody might want to tell her that Latinos don’t douche…that would be Latinas! (Or maybe they do? LOL)

and I know this post is old but I felt compelled to say that… Thank you

Very interesting topic… but I am wondering why is everyone ashamed to say the word VAGINA… It’s not a curse… be proud.. we have VAGINAS and it’s ok for us to talk about the health of our VAGINAS. That is a part of Vaginal health… is not shunning it or thinking of it as a dirty word.. Mind power is strong.. if you think badly of your VAGINA it will think badly of you and you will see the results by having Vaginal problems… Lets show her some love ppl.. ok I’m done.. Cool sight btw

there’s never a time that douching is right.. be it once a month or whenever..the vagina produces acid that keeps it clean and healthy.. douching just kills the healthy bacteria in the vagina causing yeast overgrowth(what most people call white). even washing the external genitalia (which isn’t douching) with soap(esp. scented soaps) can cause bacterial vaginosis or candidiasis..  for best results just wash with water!! coming from a doctor

Ok thanks a lot for this insight. if we shouldn’t douche, can we clean it with a clean towel? please tell us what we should do then leaving us without anything to do. We bath and definitely water will pass there and it will be wet, and when it is wet, trust me, you’ll not feel comfortable. What should we do, dear writer.

@2pm, just use water to wash down not any other concocted solution. also you can read Dr.Miyagi’s comments for direction. I can see we have ourselves a gynaecologist in the house..LOL

@2pm, I think you should use plain water and soup that is enough nothing else should go down there.

@Akata,soup or soap I’m sure your inside is not clean at all that’s the last thing you want to use 

Hmmm dear writer you know what the deal is even though its nothing to do with me i love the this topic. since some girls can smell like…………Basically, douching is bad for your health because it disturbs the normal chemical and microbial balance of the vagina possibly leading to BV or other bacterial infections. Douching also may force pathogens up through the cervix causing uterine infections, as well. A woman should really only douch 1 time a month if really needed after her cycle but soap and water is all you need douching causes yeast infections and takes away all your natural moisture which is not good for you, your natural moisture is what keeps bacteria away and helps you to not get pid  it is not good for the body and will be facing alot of problems in th near can use plain (no flavor yogurt) put that in some disposable gloves 

@Dr miyagi, the doctor, the doctor nah you be that you know dey carry last. I hail you. Comeooo how you know all this. I want to ask u this question the yogurt do put it around the verggg you know what I mean or you drink it.

@mercy, Hahahahaha mercy you made me laugh but i will answer tour question Some girls spread it around the vaginal area and some girls use a thee spoon and put it inside or a tampon tube. cause the bacteria in the yogurt would help to reset the normal bacteria levels in the vagina by overpowering the bad bacteria then being washed away with your daily baths. The best yogurt is “Greek Yogurt” contains live bacteria (but you should look for a container that says “live active cultures”). those bacteria are good bacteria that help you with your digestion and they live in your digestive system. Everyone has them. Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria causing your infection, but they also kill the good bacteria that help with digestion and eat the yeast that naturally lives in your vaginal area. This means that the yeast grows quickly and you get a yeast infection. So if you eat yogurt, you will be able to replace the good bacteria that has been killed. That will hopefully prevent a yeast infection. It’s about time some girls really start taking care of them self 

@Dr miyagi,thank you. tell them. but I thought you are a guy how come you know so much? Are you are gynaecologist as well.

@Dr miyagi, was wondering where the real Gc Doctor was when quacks were making noise,,, welcome Doc!!!!!

@Dr miyagi, maybe i shld reduce the lemon douching to once a week but cannot stop totally…as for the douching chemicals it is never advisable…my mom just read the article and couldn’t help but shout when she saw the bottles displaced here…its really scary to even hold dat close to ur precious vijay…lol  

@Dr. Miyagi, You already got a ticket cuz u drove pass so many stop signs and speed limit.Dnt worry, we are enjoying the ride.

@Dr miyagi, Eiiii, Agya I ve been missing tinsssssss…..ayeeeee!!Wonono, wo si road aa, na car biaaaa hide..eiiii

Heyaaaaa wat is dis… to b frank i av neva seen such a thin be4 lol……. Mone is totaly diff from this lol

Gc staff na waa 4 u oo,, which levels now???? can u imagine a woman staying like 3days without washing ur …. i guess sydney will make ”scent no” remix

@js*xy, The vagina is a naturally self-cleansing body part, so douching isn’t necessary to keep the vagina clean.We can mild douch with water only….a good sit in bath is also great as our mothers been doing… My gynecologist recommended water is the only cure we need there lol and not scented stuffs…Most girls chose to use a vinegar and water douche after the end of their period, but this is not necessary, because at the end washes
all the good bacteria out with the bad and causing it to be suseptible to infections.

@GC Staff, well i will try nd see if it really works, hope my hubby won’t be uncomfortable?????? if u know wat i mean…. lol and thanks Nana ama

@GC Staff, you always welcome i signed on with my other account because the gravator was messing up lol but is still me…Trust me he will love it papa lol daily sitting on water is great.

well… black woman thing is far different frm white woman thing …so douching is good only if u use the nature stuff like lemon or loose salt in water n many more…but is farmful if u do it daily…

@GC Staff,What she is trying to say is that a black girls vagina should look like a corned-beef sandwich. Tight and juicy “Big and meaty.  and white girls vagina should look like Freddy Krueger coming through the wall” not to tight an looking nasty By far, black women taste the best (delicious), but that’s just my experiences. It easily could’ve been just those particular women I’ve tasted, and not the entire black community of women. I still haven’t tasted everything yet though, but from Hispanics, Whites and Blacks. Blacks taste the best. Again, speaking my experiences only. Lol

@Dr. Miyagi, i was taught by my mother to douche with lemon, as little as 5 years old , three times a week and i have been doing it since then till now ….my *palace* is very tidy, healthy and sweet. The lemon juice i use as water to douche makes the place very tight, even after douching, my little finger cannot enter….there’s absolutely no smell from there and guess what….my man tells me how he enjoys it…..i agree with the writer because too much of everything is bad and these chemical douching products are not helpful….i dont think i can ever stop because it makes me feel very fresh, especially after menstruation. Even when i have a little cut somewhere around there and i use the lemon, it heals almost immediately….if i should say all the things douching with lemon juice three times a week does me since age 5 till now, i might not get enough words so lets end it here…

@Eaglebabe,god bless your mum she taught you well and your hubby must be one lucky man he is tasting something good that will never make him cheat, you must be having some good bedroom bully hahahaha

Well thanx for educating us will learn from this 5 reasons… Please bring more of these on the blog so we can educate our selves.. thank you


@KA NE WU, well our old natural ways is great but i feel we shouldn’t do it daily to cause complications….Sometimes doctors and scientist cant be 100% right on stuffs, yet is up to us to to lead our lives with caution… I do the old natural ways but not often..douching is good, but too much of it could be dangerous. 

thank you for educating us on stuffs like this… i feel you should bring more of this so we all can learn from… thanx